British Sci-Fi

The British can pick and mix their paranoia. In a nation where plague, invasion and tyranny are a constant murmur, science fiction is made with conviction.
The first story - A Message From Mars (1913) – addressed porous borders. One hundred years later, an alien Johannsson wanders Glasgow, stripping victims from their skin. Between them lay a century of invention and ambition, of intent and excess, the milestones of which are collected here.
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Plenty of Time for PlayPlenty of Time for Play

Science Fiction193515 mins

Plastic clothes, video phones, vacuum tube emails - step into the heady, high-tech future world of... 1955!

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Peter and the Moon ManPeter and the Moon Man

Children's192914 minsSilent

The man in the moon learns about hygiene in this 1929 public information short promoting the benefits of all-electric mod cons.

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Fugitive FuturistFugitive Futurist

Science Fiction192412 mins

An on-the-run inventor claims to have invented a camera which looks into the future, showing a grim destiny for London landmarks like Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.

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Ever Been HadEver Been Had

Animation & Artists Moving Image19179 minsSilent

Blackly comic cartoon portrait of an apocalyptic England, destroyed 50 years after signing a premature peace in WWI.

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Automatic MotoristAutomatic Motorist

Comedy19116 minsSilent

A leisurely drive turns into an out-of-this-world adventure for a newlywed couple and their robot chauffeur.

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Aerial Submarine A Startling Forecast. Piracy in Sea and AirAerial Submarine A Startling Forecast. Piracy in Sea and Air

Science Fiction19109 minsSilent

Follow two kidnapped children on a surreal pirate adventure in this 'trick' sci-fi fantasy.

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The Airship DestroyerThe Airship Destroyer

Science Fiction190910 minsSilent

England faces aerial invasion in this entertaining Edwardian science fiction fantasy.

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Rescued in Mid-airRescued in Mid-air

Science Fiction19066 minsSilent

This lively 'trick' film sees an eccentric inventor and his bizarre flying machine save the day when a woman becomes stranded on a church spire.