African Odysseys

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The Body BeautifulThe Body Beautiful

Animation & Artists Moving Image199024 mins

Autobiographical account of a mother-daughter relationship, exploring beauty standards and female sexuality.

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Flight of the SwanFlight of the Swan

Drama199212 mins

A young black ballerina rejects prejudice and finds her African spirit in Swan Lake.

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West Indian CarnivalWest Indian Carnival

News19806 mins Location: Leeds

In this celebratory short film, Leeds is transformed with colour and spectacle during the annual West Indian Carnival.

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Grove CarnivalGrove Carnival

Documentary198118 mins Location: Notting Hill

West London echoes to the sound of reggae and steel pans in this kaleidoscopic record of the 1980 Notting Hill Carnival.

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Timbuktu (Q&A)Timbuktu (Q&A)

Inside Film201424 mins

The director of Academy Award-nominated Timbuktu talks about his personal connection to the true story of quite rebellion against religious extremism.

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A Family Called AbrewA Family Called Abrew

Biopic199240 mins

Meet the Abrews, a unique showbiz family whose imprint on British culture began in Scotland in the 19th century

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Caribbean RestaurantCaribbean Restaurant

Magazine and Review show19867 mins Location: West Bromwich

Bringing the tastes of Montego Bay to a wintry West Bromwich.

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Black to FrontBlack to Front

Current affairs197827 mins Location: Brixton

World in Action interviews the residents of Haycroft Road, Brixton as a controversial by-election stokes concerns about race and immigration.

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Liverpool 8Liverpool 8

Current affairs197227 mins Location: Liverpool

Jonathan Dimbleby investigates racial tension on Liverpool's housing estates for This Week.

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Tunde's FilmTunde's Film

Documentary drama197440 mins Location: Stepney

Tired of being hassled by the police and with no job opportunities, a group of teenage East End lads plan to rob a bank.

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London Line No. 113London Line No. 113

Cinemagazine196614 mins Location: Sevenoaks

If your interests happen to include rainwear, concrete in Africa, science in Sevenoaks, and gbedu drum music, then this is your lucky day...

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The Rise and Fall of Nellie BrownThe Rise and Fall of Nellie Brown

Musical196470 mins Location: Liverpool

An incredibly joyous TV musical about a young woman's search for her long-lost cousin.

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Shooting StarsShooting Stars

Comedy193732 mins

Black music hall stars Scott and Whaley perform stereotypical minstrel routines in blackface in this 1937 touring revue.

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Brook Benton - It's Just a Matter of TimeBrook Benton - It's Just a Matter of Time

Performance music video19595 mins

Two pop promos from ace American crooner Brook Benton, including his 1959 crossover hit, 'It's Just a Matter of Time'.

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No East or WestNo East or West

Documentary195422 mins Location: Bayswater

From Africa to Bayswater: international students receive a charitable welcome in 1950s London.

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A World Is TurningA World Is Turning

Documentary194845 mins

A lost chapter in black British film: extraordinary rushes from a documentary showcasing talented members of the black community.

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