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A 16-year-old boy feels a powerful attraction towards his classmate, soon realising that much larger forces are at play, in this captivating reimagining of an ancient Indian myth.

Drama 2022 152 mins Not rated

Director: Rahat Mahajan



Rahat Mahajan takes an audacious and imaginative approach to the notion of reincarnation – a popular theme in Indian mythology, arts and cinema – with this bold fusion of dance, photography and classical storytelling. Jaivardhana and Tarini are two boarding-school students inexplicably drawn to each other. Their blossoming relationship unfolds in the present, but parallels the narratives woven into ancient myth, as evinced by four performers who enact a similar outline through the Indian dance forms of Kathakali, Theyyam and Kuttiyattam. By blending timelines and artistic disciplines, the contemporary and the ancient, Mahajan has created a bold, resonant and visually dazzling cinema whose play with form only adds to the film’s richly satisfying emotional tone.

Screened as part of the Love strand.

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