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Poppy Field

Based on a true story, Eugen Jebeleanu’s probing Bucharest-set drama weighs up the professional demands on a closeted police officer when his work clashes with his personal life.

Drama 2020 81 mins Not rated

Director: Eugen Jebeleanu


Cristi’s lover Hadi is visiting from Paris. Their reunion is passionate, but Cristi’s life as a police officer is proving increasingly problematic. A religious group of homophobic protestors interrupt the screening of a gay film festival. Cristi’s dogged determination to maintain his straight facade reaches crisis point in front of his colleagues when a former lover tries to engage him in conversation. In this tightly constructed drama we feel the unbearable tension of Cristi’s predicament, trapped by a combination of threats from protestors, his colleagues and ex-lover. This rare but welcome LGBTIQ+ feature from Romania is a revealing insight into the pressures of the closet.

Screened as part of the Minds strand.