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View Altman
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Altman 2014 15

An illuminating documentary about American cinema’s maverick genius Robert Altman, featuring unseen home movies and extensive interviews.

96 mins Canada Director. Ron Mann

View What We Do in the Shadows
What We Do in the Shadows
Watch from £3.83

What We Do in the Shadows 2014 15

An achingly funny mockumentary about New Zealand’s hitherto unknown vampire (and werewolf) communities, from the creators of Flight of the Conchords.

86 mins Director. Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi

View Lost River
Lost River
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Lost River 2013 15

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut is a disturbing, visually experimental fairytale about a single mother drawn into a nightmarish netherworld.

95 mins USA Director. Ryan Gosling

View 'All the Winners' - And the Losers!
'All the Winners' - And the Losers!
Watch for free 10 mins

'All the Winners' - And the Losers! 1923

No fewer than five once or future prime ministers on show at the momentous 1923 election.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Vote for Froglet
Vote for Froglet
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Vote for Froglet 1974

Election fever grips the Clangers on a small blue planet far away.

7 mins United Kingdom Director. Oliver Postgate

View Socialist Car of State
Socialist Car of State
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Socialist Car of State 1930

Party-political hyperbole meets Wacky Races in this spirited cartoon produced for the Conservative Party.

7 mins United Kingdom


View Wild Tales
Wild Tales
Watch from £8.50

Wild Tales 2014 15

This Oscar-nominated, Almodóvar-produced anthology of six tales of ordinary madness is the most riotously enjoyable portmanteau film since Pulp Fiction.

122 mins Director. Damian Szifron

View The Duke of Burgundy
The Duke of Burgundy
Watch from £8.50

The Duke of Burgundy 2014 18

Peter Strickland’s visually and aurally intoxicating tale of sadomasochistic power-play is a daringly erotic sensory feast.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Strickland

View Dior and I
Dior and I
Watch from £3.83

Dior and I 2014 12A

An astonishing behind-the-scenes documentary following the famed fashion house’s new artistic director as he prepares his first collection.

90 mins France Director. Frederic Tcheng

View Paddington
Watch from £3.83

Paddington 2014 PG

The marmalade-loving bear from Peru returns to the screens in a new incarnation that will enrapture children and adults alike.

95 mins France Director. Paul King

View Suspiria
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Suspiria 1977 18

Dario Argento’s phantasmagoric gothic nightmare blends operatic violence, disorienting dream logic and hyper-real visual to create a horror classic.

98 mins Italy Director. Dario Argento

View The Grandmaster
The Grandmaster
Watch from £3.83

The Grandmaster 2013 15

Wong Kar-Wai’s lavish martial arts biopic tells the story of Ip Man, the legendary trainer who became Bruce Lee’s mentor.

130 mins People's Republic of China Director. Wong Kar-wai

View Plan 9 from Outer Space
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Watch from £2.13

Plan 9 from Outer Space 1958 PG

Notoriously dubbed one of the worst films ever made, this deranged 50s sci-fi remains a hilarious and extraordinary example of outsider cinema.

79 mins USA Director. Edward D. Wood Jr

View I Vitelloni
I Vitelloni
Watch from £2.13

I Vitelloni 1953 PG

Federico Fellini’s influential drama follows five young Italian men and their different attempts to disrupt the drudgery of provincial life.

108 mins Italy Director. Federico Fellini

View Umberto D.
Umberto D.
Watch from £2.98

Umberto D. 1952 PG

Vittorio De Sica’s heartbreaking classic about a destitute old man in Rome, trying to survive with only his faithful dog Flike for company.

91 mins Italy Director. Vittorio De Sica

View The Imitation Game
The Imitation Game
Watch from £3.83

The Imitation Game 2014 12

Benedict Cumberbatch’s roundly acclaimed performance anchors the incredible, Oscar-winning story of code-breaker Alan Turing.

114 mins USA Director. Morten Tyldum

View '71
Watch from £3.83

'71 2014 15

A young British squaddie is caught behind enemy lines in bomb-torn Belfast, in Yann Demange’s riveting suspense thriller.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Yann Demange

View Mr. Turner
Mr. Turner
Watch from £3.83

Mr. Turner 2014 12A

Mike Leigh’s Cannes-winning account of the later years of J. M. W. Turner, brilliantly played by Timothy Spall.

140 mins United Kingdom Director. Mike Leigh


View General Election Vox Pops
General Election Vox Pops
Watch for free 4 mins

General Election Vox Pops 1974

Who won the October 1974 election? Was it Labour or was it the trade unions?

4 mins United Kingdom

View "Topical" Triumphs Again
"Topical" Triumphs Again
Watch for free 2 mins

"Topical" Triumphs Again 1922

Lights, camera, democracy! Eager voters swarm to Trafalgar Square to witness the election results, live on screen.

2 mins United Kingdom

View Coloured Voting - Hidden Issue
Coloured Voting - Hidden Issue
Watch from £0.85 14 mins

Coloured Voting - Hidden Issue 1964

Current affairs programme from Birmingham investigating the possible impact that immigration and racial prejudice may have on the upcoming election.

14 mins United Kingdom

View Thinking about People
Thinking about People
Watch for free 10 mins

Thinking about People 1965

A Liberal dose of electioneering in this unmissable party political broadcast, featuring a youthful David Steel MP.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Britain Belongs to You No. 1
Britain Belongs to You No. 1
Watch for free 20 mins

Britain Belongs to You No. 1 1959

The first in a series of 12 campaign reports from Labour's Radio and TV Operations Room, presented by Tony Benn and featuring Hugh Gaitskell.

20 mins United Kingdom

View Scottish Elections: Statement for Scotland
Scottish Elections: Statement for Scotland
Watch for free 10 mins

Scottish Elections: Statement for Scotland 2003

“If you care, show it” - is the message to encourage voting in the Scottish elections, long before the galvanising independence referendum of 2014.

10 mins Great Britain

BFI FLARE Collection

View Test
Watch from £2.98

Test 2013 15

A wonderfully evocative period drama exploring the telling details of gay life in San Francisco in 1985 with a fantastically upbeat 80s soundtrack.

89 mins USA Director. Chris Mason Johnson

View You and the Night
You and the Night
Watch from £3.83

You and the Night 2013 18

Eric Cantona and Beatrice Dalle star in an outrageous erotic fever dream about a couple who invite four diverse guests to their midnight orgy.

98 mins France Director. Yann Gonzalez

View Uncle David
Uncle David
Watch from £2.98

Uncle David 2009 18

Celebrated cabaret artist David Hoyle’s debut film is a typically acerbic drama about the disturbing relationship between an uncle and his nephew.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. David Hoyle, Mike Nicholls, Gary Reich

View The Way He Looks
The Way He Looks
Watch from £3.83

The Way He Looks 2014 12A

A blind student’s relationship with his best friend is tested when he falls for the new boy in school, in Daniel Ribeiro’s beautifully realised romance.

96 mins Director. Daniel Ribeiro

View Eastern Boys
Eastern Boys
Watch from £3.83

Eastern Boys 2012 15

A gay pick-up turns into a dangerous game of betrayal and violence in this slyly subversive and compelling thriller.

128 mins France Director. Robin Campillo

View Blue is the Warmest Colour
Blue is the Warmest Colour
Watch from £2.98

Blue is the Warmest Colour 2013 18

The epic, passionate and strikingly naturalistic Palme d'Or-winning romance.

179 mins France Director. Abdel Kechiche

Hitchcock Collection

View Psycho
Watch from £2.98

Psycho 1960 15

Blood! Blood! Hitchcock’s masterpiece was his most successful film; a sensation in its time that continues to terrify.

109 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Rear Window
Rear Window
Watch from £2.98

Rear Window 1954 PG

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterly thriller stars James Stewart as an invalided photographer who spots something fishy outside his rear window.

112 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View The Birds
The Birds
Watch from £2.98

The Birds 1963 15

Birds inexplicably turn again man and begin attacking the small community of Bodega Bay, in Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense classic.

119 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Martin Scorsese discusses Vertigo
Martin Scorsese discusses Vertigo
Watch for free

Martin Scorsese discusses Vertigo 2012

Director Martin Scorsese talks about seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo when he was 15, and the profound affect the film had on him.

United Kingdom

View Frenzy
Watch from £2.98

Frenzy 1972 18

Hitchcock returned to London for was his penultimate film, a brutal serial killer drama that proved the veteran still had the edge.

116 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Downhill
Watch from £2.98

Downhill 1927 U

Alfred Hitchcock’s fifth film features an early variation on his fabled ‘wrong man’plot, as Ivor Novello stands accused of getting a girl pregnant.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock


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