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View Hitchcock/Truffaut
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Hitchcock/Truffaut 2015 12

Kent Jones’ excellent documentary about a historic encounter between two cinema greats.

80 mins France Director. Kent Jones

View Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures
Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures
Watch from £8.50

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures 2016 18

An unflinching and sometimes graphic account of the life, art and legacy of the legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

108 mins USA Director. Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey

View Black Mountain Poets
Black Mountain Poets
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Black Mountain Poets 2015 15

Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells play criminal sisters who steal the identity of two poets, only to be charmed by the world of competition poetry.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Jamie Adams


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View Straight to Hell
Straight to Hell

Straight to Hell 1987 15

Alex Cox’s anarchic homage to the spaghetti western, with arguably cinema’s wildest cast: Dennis Hopper, Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, Grace Jones and Shane MacGowan.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Alex Cox

View The Fall of the House of Usher
The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher 1982

The first of Švankmajer's 'tactile experiments', the subject chosen partly because the title was on an official list of 'approved' texts. In this version there are no humans, just a brief glimpse of a live raven as the camera roams around an eerie derelict house.

15 mins Czechoslovakia Director. Jan Svankmajer

View Mark Kermode introduces The Fall of the House of Usher (1982)
Mark Kermode introduces The Fall of the House of Usher (1982)
Watch for free 2 mins

Mark Kermode introduces The Fall of the House of Usher (1982) 2016

Jan Švankmajer's take on Edgar Allan Poe's gothic tale comes into focus for Mark Kermode, who examines the influence the American writer had on the work of the Czech animator.

2 mins United Kingdom Director. Nick Freand Jones


View Carol
Watch from £3.83

Carol 2014 15

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara illuminate Todd Haynes’ intoxicating adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s beloved novel.

119 mins United Kingdom Director. Todd Haynes

View Court
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Court 2014 PG

Hailed as a modern classic channelling the spirit of Satyajit Ray, Chaitanya Tamhane's film is an absurdist portrait of injustice in contemporary India.

116 mins India Director. Chaitanya Tamhane

View Eisenstein in Guanajuato
Eisenstein in Guanajuato
Watch from £5.10

Eisenstein in Guanajuato 2015 18

One of Britain’s most inventive filmmakers, Peter Greenaway, tackles the story of arguably the most influential filmmaker in cinema history, Sergei Eisenstein.

106 mins Netherlands Director. Peter Greenaway

View Symptoms
Watch from £5.10

Symptoms 1974 15

The official British Palme d'Or entry at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival, Symptoms is a sophisticated modern gothic horror film exploring the themes of sexual repression and psychosis.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. José R. Larraz

View Richard III
Richard III
Watch from £2.98

Richard III 1995 15

Ian McKellen and Richard Loncraine’s bold restaging transplants Shakespeare’s play to an imagined 1930s fascist Britain.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Richard Loncraine

View The Reflecting Skin
The Reflecting Skin
Watch from £2.98

The Reflecting Skin 1990 15

Stunningly photographed drama about a young American boy caught up in the nightmare of a sinister rural community.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Philip Ridley

View The Lobster
The Lobster
Watch from £3.83

The Lobster 2014 15

Colin Farrell, Ben Whishaw and Rachel Weisz star in this bleakly hilarious dystopian drama from Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth).

112 mins Ireland Director. Yorgos Lanthimos

View Nasty Baby
Nasty Baby
Watch from £8.50

Nasty Baby 2015 15

Kristen Wiig plays a woman trying to start family with a gay couple, in this biting black comedy set among a diverse Brooklyn community.

101 mins USA Director. Sebastián Silva

View I Am Belfast
I Am Belfast
Watch from £8.50

I Am Belfast 2015 15

Mark Cousins’ dreamlike evocation of his home city discovers a capital of rich history and startling beauty.

84 mins United Kingdom Director. Mark Cousins

View Sunset Song
Sunset Song
Watch from £3.83

Sunset Song 2015 15

Agyness Deyn stars in Terence Davies’ moving drama about a strong young woman facing many adversities in the run up to WWI.

135 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View Welcome to Leith
Welcome to Leith
Watch from £3.83

Welcome to Leith 2015 15

What would you do if a Nazi moved next door? This chilling documentary follows the white supremacist takeover of a tiny Dakotan town.

85 mins USA Director. Christopher K. Walker, Michael Beach Nichols

View Chemsex
Watch from £3.83

Chemsex 2015 18

A hard-hitting and often graphic documentary about the 'chemsex' sub-scene in London’s gay community.

83 mins USA Director. Max Gogarty, William Fairman

View Couple in a Hole
Couple in a Hole
Watch from £8.50

Couple in a Hole 2015 12

One of the most original British features in recent years follows a Scottish couple’s bizarre underground existence in a French forest.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Tom Geens

View 45 Years
45 Years
Watch from £3.83

45 Years 2014 15

One of the most acclaimed British features of recent years, starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay as a couple rocked by news from the past.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Haigh

View Tangerine
Watch from £3.83

Tangerine 2015 15

A big-hearted film shot on a small phone, this LA tale of two transgender working girls out for vengeance fizzes with wild energy.

88 mins USA Director. Sean Baker


View Bad Lord Byron
Bad Lord Byron
Watch for free

Bad Lord Byron 1949

Ambitious, eccentric and hugely entertaining biopic, with Dennis Price's 'wicked' poet-adventurer defending himself in a celestial court.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. David Macdonald

View Escape from Broadmoor
Escape from Broadmoor
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Escape from Broadmoor 1948

An escaped murderer faces the vengeful spirit of the woman he killed in this 'psychic mystery' British B-movie.

39 mins United Kingdom Director. John Gilling

View Pop Pirates
Pop Pirates
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Pop Pirates 1984

Home taping almost kills music as a schoolboy band's dreams of talent show glory may be scuppered by video piracy.

58 mins United Kingdom Director. Jack Grossman

View May Day Revels
May Day Revels
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May Day Revels 1921

The Kennington May Queen poses shyly for a close-up and performs a perfect maypole dance.

United Kingdom

View Vote for Froglet
Vote for Froglet
Watch for free 7 mins

Vote for Froglet 1974

As the general election is held in the UK, it's polling day for the Clangers on a small blue planet far away.

7 mins United Kingdom Director. Oliver Postgate

View Following in Father's Footsteps
Following in Father's Footsteps
Watch for free 1 mins

Following in Father's Footsteps 1924

Splendid portraits of three hopeful parliamentary candidates, filmed in the run-up to the 1924 general election.

1 mins United Kingdom

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View May Day Celebrations
May Day Celebrations
Watch for free 7 mins

May Day Celebrations 1966

Large crowds are drawn to a traditional English May Day celebrations in Daventry complete with a flower garlanded May Queen and dancing in the town square.

7 mins United Kingdom

View Beating the Bounds at St Albans
Beating the Bounds at St Albans
Watch for free 3 mins

Beating the Bounds at St Albans 1913

An ancient parish custom is revived by twentieth century merrymakers in the historic Hertfordshire market-town.

3 mins United Kingdom

View Britain On Film Trailer
Britain On Film Trailer
Watch for free 2 mins

Britain On Film Trailer 2015

1,000s of beautifully preserved films, capturing 120 years of Britain on Film

2 mins

View Great Hucklow Jubilee Film May 6th 1935
Great Hucklow Jubilee Film May 6th 1935
Watch for free 8 mins

Great Hucklow Jubilee Film May 6th 1935 1935

Gorgeous scenes of the Derbyshire village celebrating King George V's Silver Jubilee.

8 mins United Kingdom Director. L. du Garde Peach

View International Labour Carnival
International Labour Carnival
Watch for free

International Labour Carnival 1924

Child communists from Kentish Town and firebrand female speakers are among the attendees at this May Day march to Hyde Park on a rainy day in 1924.

United Kingdom

View May Day Protest March
May Day Protest March
Watch for free 3 mins

May Day Protest March 1973

They're striking for pay and the Labour moment or they're "bleeding idle". Mixed opinions as workers take to Birmingham's streets to mark May Day in 1973.

3 mins United Kingdom

Recently Added

View Richard III
Richard III
Watch from £2.98

Richard III 1995 15

Ian McKellen and Richard Loncraine’s bold restaging transplants Shakespeare’s play to an imagined 1930s fascist Britain.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Richard Loncraine

View Iona
Watch from £5.10

Iona 2015 15

Scott Graham's follow-up to Shell follows a woman whose return to a Scottish island arouses dormant passions.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Scott Graham

View The Club
The Club
Watch from £5.10

The Club 2015 18

Pablo Larraín’s Berlin prize-winner is a typically stylish, darkly witty tale of corruption, concealment and conspiracy in Chile’s Catholic church.

98 mins Chile Director. Pablo Larraín

View Xenia
Watch from £3.83

Xenia 2014 15

Two brothers journey undertake a hyperreal 21st-century odyssey in this flamboyant gay entry from the Greek Weird Wave.

134 mins Greece Director. Panos H. Koutras

View The Pearl Button
The Pearl Button
Watch from £5.10

The Pearl Button 2015 12

Patricio Guzmán’s lyrical, illuminating follow-up to Nostalgia for the Light explores the fateful role played by water in Chile’s tragic history.

82 mins France Director. Patricio Guzmán

View Rams
Watch from £5.10

Rams 2015 15

Cannes prize-winning Icelandic drama about two estranged sheep-farming brothers who come together following a deadly disease outbreak.

93 mins Iceland Director. Grímur Hákonarson


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