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View The Handmaiden
The Handmaiden
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The Handmaiden 2016 18

Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Stoker) channels Sarah Waters’ novel Fingersmith, to create a sumptuous twisty psychological thriller full of erotic intrigue.

144 mins Korea, Republic of Director. Park Chan-wook

View Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland
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Tom of Finland 2017 18

The story of a gay icon is brought to life in Dome Karukoski’s handsome biopic of Touko Laaksonen, the artist whose homoerotic drawings gave visual expression to a growing gay culture.

115 mins Finland Director. Dome Karukoski

View Viceroy's House
Viceroy's House
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Viceroy's House 2016 12

Gurinder Chadha channels David Lean for this sweeping romance set during the last days of the Raj, with Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson as Lord and Lady Mountbatten.

106 mins France Director. Gurinder Chadha


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View The Reflecting Skin
The Reflecting Skin

The Reflecting Skin 1990 15

Stunningly photographed drama about a young American boy caught up in the nightmare of a sinister rural community.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Philip Ridley

View Mark Kermode introduces The Reflecting Skin
Mark Kermode introduces The Reflecting Skin
Watch for free 2 mins

Mark Kermode introduces The Reflecting Skin 2017

Mark revisits the long-unavailable Gothic drama from Philip Ridley, which he describes as "a beautiful and disturbing masterpiece."

2 mins United Kingdom Director. Nick Freand Jones

View Prick Up Your Ears
Prick Up Your Ears

Prick Up Your Ears 1987 15

A celebration of outrageous British playwright Joe Orton’s irreverent and charismatic talent, starring Gary Oldman and Alfred Molina.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Stephen Frears


View Free Fire
Free Fire
Watch from £3.83

Free Fire 2016 15

Ben Wheatley’s (High-Rise, Sightseers) all-guns-blazing bullet opera, starring Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy and Armie Hammer.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View The Transfiguration
The Transfiguration
Watch from £3.83

The Transfiguration 2016 15

Milo isn't your usual introverted, strange teenager; he also believes he's a vampire. Michael O'Shea's dark drama presents a transgressive twist on the teen vampire tale.

97 mins USA Director. Michael O’Shea

View Clash
Watch from £3.83

Clash 2016 15

Mohamed Diab’s Clash is an unforgettable portrait of Egypt on the brink as rival protesters find themselves locked up in a police van.

97 mins Egypt Director. Mohamed Diab

View Girls on Film 2: Before Dawn
Girls on Film 2: Before Dawn
Watch from £3.83

Girls on Film 2: Before Dawn 2017 18

An electric collection of 11 award-winning, lesbian and feminist short films exploring fantasies, dreams, desires, love and transgression.

109 mins USA

View Entertaining Mr Sloane
Entertaining Mr Sloane
Watch from £2.98

Entertaining Mr Sloane 1970 15

Joe Orton’s delicious slice of suburban perversity, in which Beryl Reid’s lascivious landlady and her gay brother attempt to seduce their psychopathic tenant.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Douglas Hickox

View Elle
Watch from £3.83

Elle 2015 18

Isabelle Huppert gives an unforgettable performance in Paul Verhoeven’s provocative thriller about one woman’s response to a violent attack.

130 mins France Director. Paul Verhoeven

View Boys on Film 16: Possession
Boys on Film 16: Possession
Watch from £3.83

Boys on Film 16: Possession 2017 18

Golden boys, teenage lust, self-conscious dolls, chance encounters and a vengeful creature - in the latest gay shorts compilation from Peccadillo Pictures.

126 mins Germany

View A Date For Mad Mary
A Date For Mad Mary
Watch from £2.98

A Date For Mad Mary 2016 15

Dry, sarcastic, maddening Mary must find a date for her best friend’s wedding in this Irish feel-good hit for misfits everywhere.

82 mins Great Britain Director. Darren Thornton

View Real Boy
Real Boy
Watch from £3.83

Real Boy 2016 12

A 19-year-old trans man navigates family, friendships, and the challenges of young adulthood.

72 mins Director. Shaleece Haas

View Get Out
Get Out
Watch from £3.83

Get Out 2017 15

Satirical horror and astute social commentary combine in Jordan Peele’s seat-gripping suspense thriller, starring Daniel Kaaluuya.

104 mins USA Director. Jordan Peele

View The Ghoul
The Ghoul
Watch from £3.83

The Ghoul 2016 15

A British indie crime film of great style and ingenuity, executive produced by Ben Wheatley and starring Tom Meeten and Alice Lowe.

81 mins United Kingdom Director. Gareth Tunley

View A Quiet Passion
A Quiet Passion
Watch from £3.83

A Quiet Passion 2016 12

Terence Davies' elegant and deeply moving biopic of poet Emily Dickinson, played with sensitivity and rebellious spirit by Cynthia Nixon.

125 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View Moonlight
Watch from £3.83

Moonlight 2016 15

Winner of the 2017 Oscar for Best Picture, Barry Jenkins’ intoxicating drama follows the furtive life of a young boy through 80s Miami.

111 mins USA Director. Barry Jenkins

View Toni Erdmann
Toni Erdmann
Watch from £3.83

Toni Erdmann 2016 15

The riotous comedy about a lonely prankster who tries to upend the precision life of his high-powered consultant daughter; winner of a Cannes prize and Oscar-nominated.

162 mins Germany Director. Maren Ade

View Land of Mine
Land of Mine
Watch from £6.80

Land of Mine 2015 15

The brutal and morally complex story of young German POWs faced with the deadly task of landmine clearance in postwar Denmark.

101 mins Denmark Director. Martin Zandvliet

Britain On Film

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View Oriental Atmosphere
Oriental Atmosphere
Watch for free 1 mins

Oriental Atmosphere 1928

Britain's oldest mosque welcomes a vast crowd of worshippers, visitors, curious onlookers and the odd newsreel camera!

1 mins United Kingdom

View Sean Connery's Edinburgh
Sean Connery's Edinburgh
Watch for free

Sean Connery's Edinburgh 1982

The screen legend conducts a personal tour of the great city that shaped him.

28 mins Scotland Director. Murray Grigor

View Britain On Film Trailer
Britain On Film Trailer
Watch for free 2 mins

Britain On Film Trailer 2015

1,000s of beautifully preserved films, capturing 120 years of Britain on Film

2 mins

View Sport in Northern Ireland
Sport in Northern Ireland
Watch for free

Sport in Northern Ireland 1971

Celebrate sports of all seasons from the Ulster Grand Prix to homespun horseshoe throwing. There is plenty for all tastes and a few surprises to stretch any definition of ‘sport’.

26 mins Northern Ireland

View David is Homosexual
David is Homosexual
Watch for free

David is Homosexual 1976

A lonely gay man discovers friends, love and activism in this educational film made by the Campaign for Homosexual Equality

38 mins United Kingdom Director. Wilf Avery

View Swansea Reconstruction
Swansea Reconstruction
Watch for free

Swansea Reconstruction 1950

Photos from a pre-blitzed Swansea are shown along with modern images that show how times have changed since the city has been rebuilt.

22 mins United Kingdom


View Delhi, Great Capital of India
Delhi, Great Capital of India
Watch for free 4 mins

Delhi, Great Capital of India 1909

Rare stencil-coloured images of early 20th century Delhi during a Muslim festival

4 mins France

View New Ways
New Ways
Watch for free 12 mins

New Ways 1978

South Asian? Just moved to England? This pithy documentary will give you the basics on how to get by in the UK

12 mins United Kingdom

View Off the Map
Off the Map
Watch for free

Off the Map 1958

Cruise on the steamer 'Meteor' for a magical 1950s journey to the wild and remote islands of Fair Isle, Shetland, Papa Stour, Foula, North Rona, St Kilda, Mingulay, Barra and Iona.

26 mins Scotland

View Villenour
Watch for free 5 mins

Villenour 1914

Gorgeously dreamlike colour images of (then) French India – present-day Puducherry

5 mins France

View A Holiday in the Lake District 1951
A Holiday in the Lake District 1951
Watch for free 20 mins

A Holiday in the Lake District 1951 1951

Picture-perfect 1950s holiday home movie, brimful of idyllic scenes of the magnificent Lake District.

20 mins United Kingdom Director. William James Tigg

View Trev's 21st 1963
Trev's 21st 1963
Watch for free 2 mins

Trev's 21st 1963 1963

It's twistin' time! Wander in and celebrate Trev's 21st birthday in this fly-on-the-wall film.

2 mins United Kingdom

Recently Added

View 20th Century Women
20th Century Women
Watch from £3.83

20th Century Women 2016 15

Annette Bening shines as the hipster mum who enlists two young friends (Greta Gerwig and Ellie Fanning) to help her son navigate adolescence in this Oscar nominated comedy-drama.

119 mins USA Director. Mike Mills

View A Man Called Ove
A Man Called Ove
Watch from £6.80

A Man Called Ove 2015 15

A curmudgeon turns over a new leaf in this heart-warming comedy that became one of Swedish cinema’s biggest hits.

116 mins Sweden Director. Hannes Holm

View David Lynch: The Art Life
David Lynch: The Art Life
Watch from £6.80

David Lynch: The Art Life 2016 15

An exquisitely textured and reflective documentary about Lynch as a visual artist.

90 mins USA Director. Jon Nguyen, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Rick Barnes

View Manchester by the Sea
Manchester by the Sea
Watch from £3.83

Manchester by the Sea 2016 15

Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams shine in this devastating, Oscar-winning drama from Kenneth Lonergan about a man’s painful hometown return.

137 mins USA Director. Kenneth Lonergan

View The Age of Shadows
The Age of Shadows
Watch from £3.83

The Age of Shadows 2016 15

Kim Jee-woon’s stunning, seductive and serpentine action thriller set during Japan’s occupation of Korea.

140 mins Korea, Republic of Director. Kim Jee-woon

View The Levelling
The Levelling
Watch from £3.83

The Levelling 2016 15

Hope Dickson Leach's hugely impressive first feature about a middle class farming family’s crisis, set against the backdrop of the Somerset floods.

83 mins United Kingdom Director. Hope Dickson Leach


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