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View High-Rise
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High-Rise 2015 15

Ben Wheatley's savage and brilliant adaptation of JG Ballard's dystopian satire, starring Tom Hiddleston.

120 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View Disorder
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Disorder 2015 15

Taut, stylish thriller with Matthias Schoenaerts as a suspended soldier who’s plagued with paranoia in his new role as a bodyguard.

France Director. Alice Winocour

View The Girl King
The Girl King
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The Girl King 2015 15

Lush retelling of the story of lesbian monarch Queen Christina of Sweden, combining period drama with a deeply personal love story.

106 mins Finland Director. Mika Kaurismäki


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View Tulpan

Tulpan 2008 12

Sergei Dvortsevoy's multi-award winning feature debut is a deliciously tale of a Kazakh sailor out to win a wife and set himself up as a shepherd on the steppes.

103 mins Germany Director. Sergey Dvortsevoy

View Mark Kermode introduces The Ipcress File
Mark Kermode introduces The Ipcress File
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Mark Kermode introduces The Ipcress File 2016

Mark Kermode takes a fresh look at Sydney J. Furie’s 1965 spy thriller, recounting its reputation as tougher, grittier alternative to the flashier thrills of James Bond.

2 mins United Kingdom Director. Nick Freand Jones

View The Ipcress File
The Ipcress File

The Ipcress File 1965 PG

The coolest spy of all – Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer – makes his brilliant big screen debut in this landmark British spy thriller.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Sidney J. Furie


View Embrace of the Serpent
Embrace of the Serpent
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Embrace of the Serpent 2015 12

The spirit of Werner Herzog and Apocalypse Now imbue this majestic Oscar-nominated odyssey through the heart of the Amazon.

125 mins Colombia Director. Ciro Guerra

View Remainder
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Remainder 2015 15

Omer Fast’s gripping puzzle-box thriller about an amnesiac reconstructing his elusive past.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Omer Fast

View The Here After
The Here After
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The Here After 2015 15

A teenager attempts to integrate back into society following a spell in prison, but the community is unwilling to forgive him.

114 mins Poland Director. Magnus von Horn

View Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)
Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)
Watch from £3.83

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) 2015 18

High-school students start a private orgy society in Eva Husson’s dazzlingly shot, no-holds-barred drama.

98 mins France Director. Eva Husson

View Akenfield
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Akenfield 1974 12

Peter Hall’s extraordinary, long-unseen work of sublime poetic realism traces three generations of one Suffolk family and their lives in the farming industry.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Hall

View Pierrot le Fou
Pierrot le Fou
Watch from £2.13

Pierrot le Fou 1965 15

Godard’s stunning, colour widescreen account of the wild journey of ‘the last romantic couple’, Pierrot (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his lover Marianne (Karina).

110 mins France Director. Jean-Luc Godard

View Notes on Blindness
Notes on Blindness
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Notes on Blindness 2015 U

James Spinney and Peter Middleton's highly original documentary uses cinematic interpretations and textured sound design to express a ‘world beyond sight.’

90 mins United Kingdom Director. James Spinney, Peter Middleton

View The Lobster
The Lobster
Watch from £3.83

The Lobster 2014 15

Colin Farrell, Ben Whishaw and Rachel Weisz star in this bleakly hilarious dystopian drama from Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth).

112 mins Ireland Director. Yorgos Lanthimos

View Extremes
Watch from £2.98

Extremes 1971 Not Rated

In-your-face 70s documentary exploring the lives of Hell's Angels, hippies, skinheads, rudeboys, mods and drug addicts.

82 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Lytton, Anthony Klinger

View The Chambermaid Lynn
The Chambermaid Lynn
Watch from £3.83

The Chambermaid Lynn 2014 18

An obsessive-compulsive hotel cleaner who harbours a fetishistic fascination with her hotel's guests meets an enigmatic dominatrix who changes her world.

105 mins Germany Director. Ingo Haeb

View Triple 9
Triple 9
Watch from £3.83

Triple 9 2015 15

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson make up the heavyweight cast for John Hillcoat’s (The Proposition) stunning heist thriller.

115 mins USA Director. John Hillcoat

View Trumbo
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Trumbo 2015 15

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Argo) gives a cracking performance as Dalton Trumbo, the Oscar-winning screenwriter who became a Hollywood outcast.

124 mins USA Director. Jay Roach

View Carol
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Carol 2014 15

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara illuminate Todd Haynes’ intoxicating adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s beloved novel.

119 mins United Kingdom Director. Todd Haynes

View The Violators
The Violators
Watch from £3.83

The Violators 2015 15

In this spiky and stylish debut from novelist Helen Walsh, two girls from different backgrounds form an unlikely bond, setting off on a dangerous course.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Helen Walsh

View Spotlight
Watch from £3.83

Spotlight 2015 15

The Best Picture winner at the 2016 Oscars is a searing account of Boston Globe journalists' uncovering of the Catholic Church child abuse scandal.

129 mins USA Director. Thomas McCarthy

Britain On Film

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View The Wheelchair Olympians
The Wheelchair Olympians
Watch for free

The Wheelchair Olympians 1983

With the Paralympics even more marginalised than today, these athletes show great determination, dedication, camaraderie and humility.

26 mins United Kingdom

View Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Môn - Amlwch
Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Môn - Amlwch
Watch for free 6 mins

Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Môn - Amlwch 1961

People come on foot, by bus and by train to the regional eisteddfod held, this year, in Amlwch and presided over by Anglesey’s Arch-druid Llew Llwydiarth (W Charles Owen).

6 mins Wales

View Britain On Film Trailer
Britain On Film Trailer
Watch for free 2 mins

Britain On Film Trailer 2015

1,000s of beautifully preserved films, capturing 120 years of Britain on Film

2 mins

View Wenlock Olympics
Wenlock Olympics
Watch for free 4 mins

Wenlock Olympics 1980

Much Wenlock has a special place in the history of the modern Olympic games - and perhaps it could help to resolve a potential crisis in Moscow.

4 mins United Kingdom

View The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales 1958
The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales 1958
Watch for free 17 mins

The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales 1958 1958

RTB, the Ebbw Vale steel company, records a town highlight, preparations for which have been in train a year, involving organisers, competitors, quarrymen and steel workers.

17 mins United Kingdom


View Women's Olympiad
Women's Olympiad
Watch for free 2 mins

Women's Olympiad 1924

British "girl athletes" prove themselves in competition with women from around the world at Stamford Bridge.

2 mins United Kingdom

View Diving and Swimming
Diving and Swimming
Watch for free 10 mins

Diving and Swimming 1926

Special effects galore in this demonstration of fancy swimming and diving, featuring Olympic medallist Belle White.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. John Betts

View Australia v East Anglia Women's Cricket
Australia v East Anglia Women's Cricket
Watch for free 4 mins

Australia v East Anglia Women's Cricket 1976

Women cricketers are just as tough as the men, and no, despite rumours, they don’t wear coconut shells to protect themselves during matchplay!

4 mins United Kingdom

View The Olympic Flame
The Olympic Flame
Watch for free 7 mins

The Olympic Flame 1932

Is it a food or drink? Ovaltine takes the Gold at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

7 mins United Kingdom

View Six Days in Romandie
Six Days in Romandie
Watch for free

Six Days in Romandie 1983

Six days of punishing wheel-to-wheel action as the TI Raleigh racing team competes against the best European squads.

30 mins United Kingdom Director. Lindsey Clennell

Recently Added

View I Am Not He... She
I Am Not He... She
Watch from £5.10

I Am Not He... She 2015

Lingadevaru’s unforgettable drama, based on an empowering true story a young boy who travels to Bangalore to follow his dream of becoming a woman.

115 mins India Director. B.S. Lingadevaru

View Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch
Watch from £2.98

Donkey Punch 2007 18

Nichola Burley and Jamie Winstone star in the yacht-set shocker, in which a teen sex party turns into a deadly fight for survival.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Olly Blackburn

View Couple in a Hole
Couple in a Hole
Watch from £3.83

Couple in a Hole 2015 12

One of the most original British features in recent years follows a Scottish couple’s bizarre underground existence in a French forest.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Tom Geens

View Holding the Man
Holding the Man
Watch from £5.10

Holding the Man 2015 15

A sweepingly romantic adaptation of Timothy Conigrave’s best-selling memoir, an impassioned love letter to his partner, John Caleo.

127 mins Australia Director. Neil Armfield

View Kill List
Kill List
Watch from £2.98

Kill List 2011 18

Ben Wheatley’s ultra-violent second feature, invoking both The Wicker Man and Apocalypse Now.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View I Am Belfast
I Am Belfast
Watch from £3.83

I Am Belfast 2015 15

Mark Cousins’ dreamlike evocation of his home city discovers a capital of rich history and startling beauty.

84 mins United Kingdom Director. Mark Cousins


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