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View American Honey
American Honey
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American Honey 2016 15

Andrea Arnold dazzles with a sun-soaked and tune-filled epic about door-to-door teenage magazine sellers (led by Shia LeBeouf) traversing the American highways.

163 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrea Arnold

View I Am Not a Serial Killer
I Am Not a Serial Killer
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I Am Not a Serial Killer 2016 15

A teenage sociopath comes face to face with an evil force in this chilling and darkly humorous adaptation of Dan Wells’ acclaimed cult novel.

104 mins Ireland Director. Billy O'Brien

View Hell or High Water
Hell or High Water
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Hell or High Water 2016 15

Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine star in David Mackenzie’s acclaimed crime drama about two brothers who rob the banks that seized their ranch, and the sheriff on their heels.

102 mins USA Director. David Mackenzie

View The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train
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The Girl on the Train 2016 15

Emily Blunt stars in the adaptation of the best-seller about a divorcee who entangles herself in the investigation of a missing young woman.

112 mins USA Director. Tate Taylor

View The Childhood of a Leader
The Childhood of a Leader
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The Childhood of a Leader 2015 12

Brady Corbet’s brilliantly ominous study of evolving evil follows a small boy as he grows into a fascist despot.

115 mins United Kingdom Director. Brady Corbet

View The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers
The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers
Watch from £3.83

The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers 2015 12

Britain’s brilliant experimental filmmaker Ben Rivers (Two Years at Sea) presents this haunting desert parable which follows a filmmaker’s abduction and ritual humiliation.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Rivers

View Deepwater Horizon
Deepwater Horizon
Watch from £3.83

Deepwater Horizon 2016 12

Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and John Malkovich bring to life the devastating oil-rig disaster in this intelligent and incendiary thriller.

104 mins USA Director. Peter Berg

View Urban Hymn
Urban Hymn
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Urban Hymn 2015 15

In the wake of the London riots, teenager Jamie (Letitia Wright) finds herself at a crossroads; until music offers an unexpected path to salvation.

114 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Caton-Jones

View The Keeping Room
The Keeping Room
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The Keeping Room 2016 15

On the American frontier a young woman is forced to go to any means to defend her kin from the ravages of the barbaric outside world.

95 mins USA Director. Daniel Barber

View Jeune & jolie
Jeune & jolie
Watch from £2.98

Jeune & jolie 2013 18

Francois Ozon’s sly and seductive account of teenage girl’s dalliance with high-class prostitution.

95 mins France Director. François Ozon

View Southside with You
Southside with You
Watch from £3.83

Southside with You 2016 12

This smart, sophisticated, Sundance-nominated romance follows the first date of a couple who would go on to change the world – Barack and Michelle Obama.

84 mins USA Director. Richard Tanne

View The Weekend
The Weekend
Watch from £3.83

The Weekend 2016 15

Street-smart Hackney comedy about three friends whose unexpected cash windfall funds the mother of all parties; from the talents behind YouTube hit Mandem on the Wall.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Sheridan De Myers

View Chevalier
Watch from £2.98

Chevalier 2015 15

Athina Rachel Tsangari's biting and hilarious dissection of the male ego was awarded Best Film at the 2015 BFI London Film Festival.

105 mins Greece Director. Athina Rachel Tsangari

View Julieta
Watch from £3.83

Julieta 2016 15

A ravishing study of love and loss from Pedro Almodóvar, one of contemporary cinema’s great auteurs.

95 mins Spain Director. Pedro Almodóvar

View My Scientology Movie
My Scientology Movie
Watch from £3.83

My Scientology Movie 2015 15

Louis Theroux investigates the secretive world of the Church of Scientology, armed with his characteristic deadpan wit.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. John Dower

View On the Road
On the Road
Watch from £2.98

On the Road 2012 15

Walter Salles’ vibrant adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel follows three youths from the beat generation as they traverse America.

124 mins France Director. Walter Salles

View A Royal Night Out
A Royal Night Out
Watch from £2.98

A Royal Night Out 2014 12

Julian Jarrold’s charming historical drama recreates Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret’s night of celebrations on V.E. Day 1945.

97 mins United Kingdom

View China Girl
China Girl
Watch from £2.13

China Girl 1987 18

Abel Ferrara creates a modern day Romeo & Juliet in gritty New York City, centring on the doom relationship between an Italian boy and Chinese girl.

90 mins USA Director. Abel Ferrara


View Black Bird Descending: Tense Alignment
Black Bird Descending: Tense Alignment
Watch from £2.98

Black Bird Descending: Tense Alignment 1977

A brilliantly constructed, melancholic ode to the passing of time by Malcolm Le Grice

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Malcolm Le Grice

View England's Shakespeare
England's Shakespeare
Watch for free 17 mins

England's Shakespeare 1939

Have a trip away from the hustle and bustle and travel by rail to take in the sights of Shakespeare country.

17 mins United Kingdom

View Belfast - No Way Out
Belfast - No Way Out
Watch for free

Belfast - No Way Out 1970

What was life really like in 1970s Belfast? Beyond the Troubles, This Week talks to people in poverty struggling to cope in the city.

27 mins United Kingdom Director. David Hart

View State of Emergency
State of Emergency
Watch for free

State of Emergency 1978

Key figures behind the clash between the government and the National Union of Mineworkers speak

52 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Tiffin

View Hugh Porter Interview
Hugh Porter Interview
Watch for free 6 mins

Hugh Porter Interview 1970

A tough training regime for a cycling world champion. Although it helps that he goes home to a fellow Olympian.

6 mins United Kingdom

View Bangor Sedgewick
Bangor Sedgewick
Watch for free 5 mins

Bangor Sedgewick 1910

This film by pioneers Mitchell and Kenyon provokes some questions, including whether this is Wales or Northern Ireland

5 mins United Kingdom

View Aberdeen
Watch for free 18 mins

Aberdeen 1970

Explore the growth of Aberdeen’s sparkling streets in this lively and colourful educational documentary produced by Campbell Harper Films for the 'Cities of Scotland' series.

18 mins Scotland

View Scott and the Flying Scotsman
Scott and the Flying Scotsman
Watch for free 1 mins

Scott and the Flying Scotsman 1931

Record-breaking aviators Jim Mollison and CWA Scott meet at Hanworth Aerodrome.

1 mins United Kingdom

View Milton Keynes and the area
Milton Keynes and the area
Watch for free 10 mins

Milton Keynes and the area 1968

Anglia TV footage of the pre-existing towns and pretty North Bucks hamlets newly incorporated into the New Town Development of Milton Keynes. For TV transmission on 28 June 1968.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Lincolnshire Live
Lincolnshire Live
Watch for free 14 mins

Lincolnshire Live 1984

A promotional film to attract industry to Lincolnshire, focusing on successfully established business in the area.

14 mins United Kingdom

View Chapeltown: One Year On
Chapeltown:  One Year On
Watch for free

Chapeltown: One Year On 1987

A documentary that reveals the gap between the talent and determination of a community, and its lack of control over its own destiny.

United Kingdom

View Grimsby's New Fish Dock
Grimsby's New Fish Dock
Watch for free

Grimsby's New Fish Dock 1930

Lord Farringdon, Deputy Chairman of the LNER, at the opening of a new fish dock in Grimsby

United Kingdom

View Bitterne Traffic Scheme
Bitterne Traffic Scheme
Watch for free 14 mins

Bitterne Traffic Scheme 1974

On the buses in Southampton, as this traffic scheme tried to end commuter misery by prioritising public transport

14 mins United Kingdom

View Southend Goes Gay
Southend Goes Gay
Watch for free

Southend Goes Gay 1930

Festival spirits are high in Southend for the fifth annual Hospital Carnival

United Kingdom

View Their Purpose Served
Their Purpose Served
Watch for free 15 mins

Their Purpose Served 1977

The iron horses of yesteryear, and the railways they ran on, may be down but they are not out. Slate, cattle and coal are still carried as are passengers and restoration is in the air.

15 mins England

View Great Western Road 1980
Great Western Road 1980
Watch for free 14 mins

Great Western Road 1980 1980

Take a virtual stroll down the streets of Glasgow’s iconic Great Western Road in this 1980s Scottish Film Archive remake of two comparable films shot in 1914 and 1922.

14 mins Scotland

View British Rail - Awayday to the Seaside
British Rail - Awayday to the Seaside
Watch for free 1 mins

British Rail - Awayday to the Seaside 1976

See through the eyes of a seagull who bemoans how easy it is for humans to have a day out at 'his' seaside.

1 mins United Kingdom

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