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View Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge
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Hacksaw Ridge 2016 15

Andrew Garfield stars in Mel Gibson’s visceral war film, telling the extraordinary story of the soldier who saved 75 lives in one of WWII’s bloodiest battles.

139 mins Australia Director. Mel Gibson

View Manchester by the Sea
Manchester by the Sea
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Manchester by the Sea 2016 15

Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams shine in this devastating, Oscar-winning drama from Kenneth Lonergan about a man’s painful hometown return.

137 mins USA Director. Kenneth Lonergan

View La La Land
La La Land
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La La Land 2016 12

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone channel old-school Hollywood glamour in this bright and playful romantic musical from director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash).

128 mins USA Director. Damien Chazelle

View The Levelling
The Levelling
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The Levelling 2016 15

Hope Dickson Leach's hugely impressive first feature about a middle class farming family’s crisis, set against the backdrop of the Somerset floods.

83 mins United Kingdom Director. Hope Dickson Leach

View Spaceship
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Spaceship 2016 15

British teen cinema gets an injection of hallucinogenic imagination, plus a few unicorns and aliens, in Alex Taylor’s unclassifiable debut feature.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Alex Taylor

View Silence
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Silence 2016 15

Scorsese’s epic meditation on spiritual strength, with Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as missionaries on the search for their missing mentor.

161 mins USA Director. Martin Scorsese

View A Monster Calls
A Monster Calls
Watch from £3.83

A Monster Calls 2016 12

JA Bayona's visually inventive and deeply moving story about a boy who draws on his expansive imagination to come to terms with impending loss, adapted from Patrick Ness’ hugely popular book.

108 mins Great Britain Director. J.A. Bayona

View Taekwondo
Watch from £3.83

Taekwondo 2016 18

A gorgeously photographed, teasingly libidinous exercise in latent homoeroticism set over a long hot summer in Buenos Aires.

112 mins Argentina Director. Marco Berger

View Tower
Watch from £3.83

Tower 2016

An emotionally gripping and visually stunning account of the first American mass school shooting, in Texas in 1966, blending archive, animation and contemporary interviews.

96 mins USA Director. Keith Maitland

View The Pass
The Pass
Watch from £3.83

The Pass 2015 15

Russell Tovey stars as a Premier League footballer who shares a fumbled pass (of the sexual kind) with a teammate (Arinzé Kene), changing everything - both on and off the pitch.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben A. Williams

View The Eagle Huntress
The Eagle Huntress
Watch from £3.83

The Eagle Huntress 2016 U

Daisy Ridley narrates this inspiring documentary about a girl who causes a stir in her tribe in Mongolia by embracing the traditionally male role of Eagle Hunter.

101 mins USA Director. Otto Bell

View Paterson
Watch from £3.83

Paterson 2016 15

Adam Driver excels in this effortlessly charming tale of a bus driver poet in New Jersey, filmed with typically groovy elan by Jim Jarmusch.

118 mins USA Director. Jim Jarmusch

View Manila in the Claws of Light
Manila in the Claws of Light
Watch from £3.83

Manila in the Claws of Light 1975 15

Lino Brocka's classic, the most feted film in Filipino cinema, tells the story of a naive 21-year-old fisherman trying to survive in Manila’s corrupt, teeming and polluted urban jungle.

125 mins Philippines Director. Lino Brocka

View Chicken
Watch from £3.83

Chicken 2016 15

Scott Chambers’ superb performance as a boy with learning difficulties anchors this deftly drawn drama about two brothers’ fragile rural existence.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Joe Stephenson

View Arrival
Watch from £3.83

Arrival 2016 12

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner star as the humans who make first contact with extra-terrestrial visitors in this richly textured sci-fi from director Denis Villeneuve.

116 mins USA Director. Denis Villeneuve

View Remembering the Man
Remembering the Man
Watch from £3.83

Remembering the Man 2015 15

Telling the true story of Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo, whose AIDS-afflicted relationship became the basis of bestselling gay memoir, Holding the Man.

83 mins Australia Director. Eleanor Sharpe, Nickolas Bird

View The Edge of Seventeen
The Edge of Seventeen
Watch from £3.83

The Edge of Seventeen 2016 15

Kelly Fremon Craig’s coming-of-age comedy eschews quirkiness for genuine warmth, while boasting a hilarious supporting turn from Woody Harrelson.

104 mins USA Director. Kelly Fremon

View Akron
Watch from £3.83

Akron 2015 12

Two young men meet on the sports field and fall in love. But there’s a family secret which resurfaces and threatens to tear them apart.

88 mins USA Director. Sasha King, Brian O'Donnell


View Look Before You Leap
Look Before You Leap
Watch for free 14 mins

Look Before You Leap 1974

The bitter-sweet world of 70s dating for a single guy in search of romance.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Gough

View Swingonometry
Watch for free 18 mins

Swingonometry 1943

Short revue film starring female performers Renara, Irene Cutter and Shirley Lenner, plus Harry Parry and his Band.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Horace Shepherd

View Little Nell: A Melodrama in Rhythm
Little Nell: A Melodrama in Rhythm
Watch for free 4 mins

Little Nell: A Melodrama in Rhythm 1960

Beyond bizarre, this madcap melodrama in rhyme recounts the fate of a fallen village queen.

4 mins United Kingdom Director. George Cummin

View Knees Up, Mother Brown
Knees Up, Mother Brown
Watch for free 12 mins

Knees Up, Mother Brown 1964

70 is definitely the new 20 in this heart-warming 1960s documentary portrait of the Darby and Joan Club for elderly Cockneys

12 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter K. Smith, Luciana Della Mura

View Kiss or Give a Penny!
Kiss or Give a Penny!
Watch for free 1 mins

Kiss or Give a Penny! 1927

Pucker up or pay a forfeit as the Berkshire town of Hungerford enjoys a traditional Hocktide celebration.

1 mins United Kingdom

View Mitcham Fair
Mitcham Fair
Watch for free 1 mins

Mitcham Fair 1913

"The usual three days merriment on Mitcham Common"

1 mins United Kingdom

View Quiz Crimes No. 2
Quiz Crimes No. 2
Watch for free 19 mins

Quiz Crimes No. 2 1944

You too can solve the case of the stolen boy, courtesy of this film from 1944.

19 mins United Kingdom Director. Ronald Haines

View Holiday Horizons
Holiday Horizons
Watch for free 8 mins

Holiday Horizons 1939

See the sights, from the countryside to the capital, with the National Savings Holiday Club.

8 mins United Kingdom

View The Patton Brothers
The Patton Brothers
Watch for free 6 mins

The Patton Brothers 1979

The Patton Brothers make audiences chuckle at the Babbacombe Theatre.

6 mins United Kingdom

View Terry-Thomas returns to the stage
Terry-Thomas returns to the stage
Watch for free 3 mins

Terry-Thomas returns to the stage 1972

Terry-Thomas talks effusively in this interview about his return to the stage. 

3 mins United Kingdom

View Fashion Gazette
Fashion Gazette
Watch for free 3 mins

Fashion Gazette 1928

Damsel’s delight: dainty creations from Paris are here to inspire you in this amusing 1920s cinemagazine.

3 mins United Kingdom

View The Legend of the Good Beasts
The Legend of the Good Beasts
Watch for free

The Legend of the Good Beasts 1956

Fabergé animals in a Russian influenced Easter tale narrated by Peter Ustinov

24 mins United Kingdom Director. Teddy Obolensky

View Hackney Marshes
Hackney Marshes
Watch for free

Hackney Marshes 1978

Tower block life is explored and the documentary form re-imagined by artist John Smith.

35 mins United Kingdom Director. John Smith

View Camwell Personal Film No. 44: August Bank Holiday 1959
Camwell Personal Film No. 44: August Bank Holiday 1959
Watch for free 4 mins

Camwell Personal Film No. 44: August Bank Holiday 1959 1959

A whistle-stop trip along Great Eastern lines as we take in many closed and long-lamented stations.

4 mins United Kingdom Director. William Arthur Camwell

View Roy Hudd in Torquay
Roy Hudd in Torquay
Watch for free 4 mins

Roy Hudd in Torquay 1966

Roy Hudd plays to a sell-out Princess Theatre.

4 mins United Kingdom

View War Over Somers Town
War Over Somers Town
Watch for free 12 mins

War Over Somers Town 1937

Slums are demolished to make way for new homes in Somers Town, central London.

12 mins United Kingdom

View The Sullom Voe Project
The Sullom Voe Project
Watch for free 11 mins

The Sullom Voe Project 1982

How things work at the vast Shetland oil terminal.

11 mins United Kingdom Director. Charles Leigh-bennett

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