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Northern Ireland Highlights

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View Around Northern Ireland
Around Northern Ireland
Watch for free 6 mins

Around Northern Ireland 1957

Enjoying the picturesque landscape of Northern Ireland.

6 mins Northern Ireland

View An Architectural Tour of Belfast
An Architectural Tour of Belfast
Watch for free 13 mins

An Architectural Tour of Belfast 1970

The red brick streets of Belfast are captured for posterity

13 mins Northern Ireland

View Through Ulster 3
Through Ulster 3
Watch for free 13 mins

Through Ulster 3 1957

A delightful expedition to some of Northern Ireland's most iconic and historic tourist locations.

13 mins Northern Ireland

View Skating at Balmoral
Skating at Balmoral
Watch for free 2 mins

Skating at Balmoral 1960

Men, women and children enjoy the thrills and spills of the Belfast ice rink.

2 mins Northern Ireland

View Ulster Trophy, Dundrod
Ulster Trophy, Dundrod
Watch for free 7 mins

Ulster Trophy, Dundrod 1955

Drivers compete in the roads around Dundrod

7 mins Northern Ireland

View Blossom and Birds
Blossom and Birds
Watch for free 11 mins

Blossom and Birds 1958

Ulster plays to the camera in these delightful scenes by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

11 mins Northern Ireland

Wales Highlights

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View Fishing at St Dogmaels
Fishing at St Dogmaels
Watch for free 1 mins

Fishing at St Dogmaels 1922

A tantalising fragment, showing fishermen at St Dogmaels whose livelihoods were on brink of extinction after being a vital part of the local economy for centuries.

1 mins Wales

View Come with Me to Cardiff
Come with Me to Cardiff
Watch for free 18 mins

Come with Me to Cardiff 1954

Richard Dimbleby tours Cardiff a year before it became Wales' capital city.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Norman Hemsley, Norman Cobb

View Home From Home
Home From Home
Watch for free

Home From Home 1976

Iraqi coffee, Welsh songs, the hokey-cokey: ingredients of a multicultural church social, Newport but Yousaf Ali from Pakistan still has to choose to be “western” or “eastern”.

22 mins Wales

View Babs Recovery 1927-1969
Babs Recovery 1927-1969
Watch for free 4 mins

Babs Recovery 1927-1969 1969

Exhumation of car – ‘Babs’ – which killed John Godfrey Parry Thomas 3/3/1927 when he attempted to beat the land speed record set by Malcolm Campbell in ‘Bluebird’ a month earlier.

4 mins Wales

Scotland Highlights

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View Out for Value
Out for Value
Watch for free 17 mins

Out for Value 1931

Join the ladies who lunch for a spot of 1920s-style retail therapy at Aberdeen's premier department store.

17 mins United Kingdom Director. Isaac Benzie

View The Skimsters
The Skimsters
Watch for free 11 mins

The Skimsters 1959

Pull on your red trunks for this award-winning amateur film; water-skiing girls and guys bring a splash of Hollywood glamour to chilly Loch Earn.

11 mins Scotland

View St. Andrews
St. Andrews
Watch for free 9 mins

St. Andrews 1962

Iain Dunnachie guides us around the historically steeped streets of St Andrews in his narrated promotional film from 1962 detailing the town’s most lavish and iconic landmarks.

9 mins Scotland

View Braes o' Breadalbane
Braes o' Breadalbane
Watch for free 14 mins

Braes o' Breadalbane 1950

Join in the high jinks of the Scottish Countryside Club in the 1950s, as they explore the treacherous Perthshire hills in a snowy winter, clad in tweed jackets and headscarves.

14 mins Scotland

View Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Watch for free 4 mins

Edinburgh, Scotland 1933

Soak up the sights of Edinburgh, Scotland’s great and historic Capital City, in this lovely amateur black and white film shot by Clifford Strain in the early 1930s.

4 mins Scotland

England Highlights

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View Moslems in Britain - Manchester
Moslems in Britain - Manchester
Watch for free 20 mins

Moslems in Britain - Manchester 1961

An appeal to Muslims to come and work in Manchester.

20 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Fares

View Liverpool Street Scenes
Liverpool Street Scenes
Watch for free 1 mins

Liverpool Street Scenes 1901

Traffic and pedestrians - including an early motor car - in Edwardian Liverpool.

1 mins United Kingdom

View Primitive Potteries in Dorset
Primitive Potteries in Dorset
Watch for free 4 mins

Primitive Potteries in Dorset 1912

This remarkable early colour record of the work of Verwood potters is anything but primitive.

4 mins United Kingdom

View Little Chesterford - Village Fire
Little Chesterford - Village Fire
Watch for free 1 mins

Little Chesterford - Village Fire 1914

There's an enchanting folkloric quality to this eclair newsreel showing a remote Essex village ravaged by fire.

1 mins United Kingdom

View The Changing Face of Camberwell
The Changing Face of Camberwell
Watch for free

The Changing Face of Camberwell 1963

Looking back at Camberwell's Victorian history, and forward to the future, this film captures the impact of changing architecture on local residents.

30 mins United Kingdom Director. Winifred Crum Ewing

View Somewhere in Hackney
Somewhere in Hackney
Watch for free

Somewhere in Hackney 1980

An entertaining study of community arts projects in Hackney, Hoxton and Dalston, before hipsters and Tony Blair.

50 mins United Kingdom Director. Ron Orders

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