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View The Lovers & the Despot
The Lovers & the Despot
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The Lovers & the Despot 2016 PG

Discover one of cinema’s strangest stories: a film director and his star are kidnapped by Kim Jong-il to make movies in the world’s weirdest state.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Rob Cannan, Ross Adam

View Departure
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Departure 2015 15

Andrew Steggall’s deft and delicate drama about a teenage dreamer who falls for the rough beauty of local boy while staying in France.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Steggall

View Set the Thames on Fire
Set the Thames on Fire
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Set the Thames on Fire 2015 15

Two soul-mates steer a course through a decaying, semi-submerged London in this bizarre and blackly comic sci-fi with Noel Fielding and Sally Phillips.

83 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Charles Edwards


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View Underground

Underground 1928 PG

The BFI National Archive restoration of one of Anthony Asquith's finest silent films set in London's Underground, with a new score.

81 mins United Kingdom Director. Anthony Asquith

View Mark Kermode introduces Underground
Mark Kermode introduces Underground
Watch for free 2 mins

Mark Kermode introduces Underground 2016

The critic champions Anthony Asquith's wonderful London drama, drawing attention to the excellent work of Neil Brand, who scored the film's BFI restoration.

2 mins United Kingdom Director. Nick Freand Jones

View Restoring Underground
Restoring Underground
Watch for free

Restoring Underground 2009

A behind-the-scenes look at the BFI's restoration of Anthony Asquith's masterpiece.

United Kingdom


View Théo and Hugo
Théo and Hugo
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Théo and Hugo 2016 18

A brief encounter at a naked sex club in Paris seems to be going well for Theo and Hugo, but a sudden realisation changes everything.

97 mins France Director. Jacques Martineau, Olivier Ducastel

View Everybody Wants Some!!
Everybody Wants Some!!
Watch from £3.83

Everybody Wants Some!! 2016 15

A gang of wild college jocks enjoy three days of freewheeling fun before school starts, in Richard Linklater’s ‘spiritual sequel’ to Boyhood and Dazed and Confused.

116 mins USA Director. Richard Linklater

View Green Room
Green Room
Watch from £3.83

Green Room 2015 18

A punk band becomes besieged in the backstage hideaway of a hideous neo-Nazi club, in this gloriously tense shocker from the director of Blue Ruin.

95 mins USA Director. Jeremy Saulnier

View Florence Foster Jenkins
Florence Foster Jenkins
Watch from £3.83

Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 PG

Meryl Streep plays the wealthy socialite determined to make it as an opera singer despite being tone deaf, in a delightful comedy from Stephen Frears.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Stephen Frears

View Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words
Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words
Watch from £3.83

Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words 2015 PG

An illuminating portrait of the pioneering actress, crafted from her unique personal archive of home-movie footage, letters and diary extracts.

114 mins Sweden Director. Stig Björkman

View El Sur
El Sur
Watch from £8.50

El Sur 1983 PG

Victor Erice’s second masterpiece, following The Spirit of the Beehive, is a rarely seen meditation on memory, deception and Spain’s 20th-century history.

95 mins Spain Director. Víctor Erice

View Room
Watch from £2.98

Room 2015 15

Brie Larson’s Oscar-winning performance is the beating heart of Lenny Abrahamson’s extraordinarily moving drama.

118 mins Ireland Director. Lenny Abrahamson

View Brand New Testament
Brand New Testament
Watch from £3.83

Brand New Testament 2015 15

Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Poelvoorde head the cast in Jaco Van Dormael’s wildly inventive comedy, in which God’s daughter decides to rewrite the rules.

113 mins Belgium Director. Jaco van Dormael

View Behemoth
Watch from £3.83

Behemoth 2015

Zhao Liang’s extraordinary documentary is a visually spectacular missive from the forefront of China’s industrial explosion.

87 mins France Director. Zhao Ling

View Psychomania
Watch from £3.83

Psychomania 1972 15

The greatest zombie-biker, toad-worshipping-Satanists horror in British cinema is an undisputed cult classic brimming with exciting action and fantastical mayhem.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Don Sharp

View High-Rise
Watch from £3.83

High-Rise 2015 15

Ben Wheatley's savage and brilliant adaptation of JG Ballard's dystopian satire, starring Tom Hiddleston.

120 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View Dheepan
Watch from £3.83

Dheepan 2015 15

Jacques Audiard’s soul-stirring Palme d’Or winner tells of a veteran Tamil Tiger guerrilla who finds fresh violence in his new life in Paris.

117 mins France Director. Jacques Audiard

View Embrace of the Serpent
Embrace of the Serpent
Watch from £3.83

Embrace of the Serpent 2015 12

The spirit of Werner Herzog and Apocalypse Now imbue this majestic Oscar-nominated odyssey through the heart of the Amazon.

125 mins Colombia Director. Ciro Guerra

View The Wave
The Wave
Watch from £3.83

The Wave 2015 15

Seismic rumblings in the Norwegian fjords threaten to start a chain reaction that will destroy the local area. Can it be stopped in time?

105 mins Norway Director. Roar Uthaug

View Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky
Watch from £3.83

Eye in the Sky 2015 15

Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman (in his last role) play the military commanders caught in the ethical crosshairs of drone warfare, in Gavin Hood’s gripping military thriller.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Gavin Hood

Britain On Film

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View To Tavistock Goosey Fair
To Tavistock Goosey Fair
Watch for free

To Tavistock Goosey Fair 1977

"It seems to we, all Devon must be to Tavistock Goosey Fair".

25 mins United Kingdom Director. Clive Gunnell

View Whitstable Oyster Feast
Whitstable Oyster Feast
Watch for free 2 mins

Whitstable Oyster Feast 1921

Down the hatch! Lashings of local flavour at Whitstable's annual oyster feast.

2 mins United Kingdom

View Britain On Film Trailer
Britain On Film Trailer
Watch for free 2 mins

Britain On Film Trailer 2015

1,000s of beautifully preserved films, capturing 120 years of Britain on Film

2 mins

View Middlesbrough Police Operations 1962-1965
Middlesbrough Police Operations 1962-1965
Watch for free 16 mins

Middlesbrough Police Operations 1962-1965 1962

Police ceremonials and a curious staged gun crime with the canine constabulary take place in Middlesbrough in the 1960s.

16 mins England

View No Steps to Conquer
No Steps to Conquer
Watch for free 19 mins

No Steps to Conquer 1974

Bob Wilson and the Duchess of Kent appear in this film showcasing a new Finsbury Park housing association project for people with mobility issues.

19 mins United Kingdom

View A Traction Wedding
A Traction Wedding
Watch for free

A Traction Wedding 1977

A steam traction engine provides the transport for the special day

United Kingdom


View Beauty at Work
Beauty at Work
Watch for free 20 mins

Beauty at Work 1950

Lured by the promise of a career in the big city, Patricia Kugleman leaves Tulsa, Oklahoma to brave the perils of life in New York City as model - and potential cover girl - Patti Cook.

20 mins USA

View Princess Mary and the Babies
Princess Mary and the Babies
Watch for free

Princess Mary and the Babies 1926

An Indian nurse and newborn babies greet Princess Mary at the British Hospital For Mothers And Babies in Woolwich.

United Kingdom

View I Am a Litter Basket
I Am a Litter Basket
Watch for free 9 mins

I Am a Litter Basket 1959

A heartfelt cry on behalf of the world's litter-baskets.

9 mins United Kingdom Director. James Ritchie

View A Colour Box
A Colour Box
Watch for free 3 mins

A Colour Box 1935 U

Part experimental cinema, part advert for the parcel post service, always joyful.

3 mins United Kingdom Director. Len Lye

View Will There Be Women MPs?
Will There Be Women MPs?
Watch for free 1 mins

Will There Be Women MPs? 1917

The leading organisation fighting for women's suffrage changes tack, as Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst launch the Women's Party.

1 mins United Kingdom

View The Nation’s Mental Health
The Nation’s Mental Health
Watch for free 20 mins

The Nation’s Mental Health 1951

A new approach to a national problem. This sensitive look at the National Institute for Mental Health shows America’s changing attitudes to ‘diseases of the mind’ in the post-war years.

20 mins USA

Recently Added

View Bunny & the Bull
Bunny & the Bull
Watch from £2.98

Bunny & the Bull 2009 15

Anarchic comedy from the director of Paddington and The Mighty Boosh, following an odd-couple’s wild European adventure.

101 mins United Kingdom Director. Paul King

View Midnight Special
Midnight Special
Watch from £3.83

Midnight Special 2015 12

Jeff Nichols, the acclaimed chronicler of American delirium, presents an imaginative sci-fi about an otherworldly child pursued by the FBI and a shadowy cult.

112 mins USA Director. Jeff Nichols

View Where to Invade Next
Where to Invade Next
Watch from £3.83

Where to Invade Next 2015 15

Michael Moore is on a mission from the Pentagon: to invade friendly countries and steal their best ideas on behalf of the United States.

119 mins USA Director. Michael Moore

View Adult Life Skills
Adult Life Skills
Watch from £3.83

Adult Life Skills 2015 15

Anna (Jodie Whittaker) is an emotionally stunted 30-year-old living in her mum’s shed, learning to confront adult reality, in Rachel Tunnard’s quirky debut.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. Rachel Tunnard

View Tale Of Tales
Tale Of Tales
Watch from £3.83

Tale Of Tales 2015 15

Mythical monsters, shape-shifting sisters and a giant flea are all on the menu in Matteo Garrone’s fulsome feast of gothic fantasy.

133 mins Italy Director. Matteo Garrone

View The Hard Stop
The Hard Stop
Watch from £3.83

The Hard Stop 2015 15

The story of Mark Duggan, who was shot and killed in Tottenham in 2011, is brought to the screen in this humane, thought-provoking and topical documentary.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. George Amponsah


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