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A Change in the Weather PG rating

Jon Sanders’ delightfully peculiar, Southern France-set rumination on art and marriage finds Anna Mottram’s actor Lydia reconsidering her life with her demanding theatre director husband.

Drama 2016 98 mins

Director: Jon Sanders


With equal parts hilarity and melancholy, Jon Sanders’ semi-improvised drama is an acutely observed inspection of bohemian anxiety. Based on an outline from Sanders and his wife Anna Mottram, who stars as Lydia, the film follows an actor wife and her director husband attempting to devise a new play with a group of performers in the beautiful Cathar region of France. Fiction and reality blur in fascinating ways, underpinned by an evocative score and stunning landscapes.

The latest of Sanders' films featuring the same ensemble cast and collaborators (following his micro-budgeted 'Kent trilogy' of 2008-14), A Change in the Weather is a wonderfully naturalistic drama, evoking the middle-class melancholia of the work of Joanna Hogg (Unrelated, Archipelago, Exhibition).