Russian Film Festival 2021

Discover the best contemporary Russian cinema in a month-long online festival in collaboration with ROSKINO. 

The Siege of Leningrad, the Bolshoi Theatre, Leo Tolstoy and Konstantin Stanislavski may all be familar elements from Russian culture and history, but their representations amid these startling ten features are anything but. This collection of new features – many of which only played Russian cinemas as recently as this year – showcase the impressive range and originality of contempoary Russian filmmaking. While festival favourites like Aleksey Fedorchenko and Andrey Zaitsev may be known names to some, there are number of notable debut features here from prodigious new talents, waiting to be discovered.

Russian Film Festival 2021 runs from 12 November - 10 December 2021 and is organised in collaboration with ROSKINO, a state organisation representing the Russian audiovisual content industry internationally with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Cinema Fund.

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Drama202186 minsDirector: Anastasiya Palchikova

A young woman returns to her hometown to confront the gang of hoodlums who protected her when she was growing up.

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A Siege DiaryA Siege Diary

Drama2021119 minsDirector: Andrey Zaytsev

Visually stunning recreation of the longest siege in history, and its horrific effects on the inhabitants of Leningrad, during the Second World War.

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Tell HerTell Her

Drama202198 minsDirector: Aleksandr Molochnikov

When his parents divorce and his mother moves to the United States, 11-year-old Sasha of St. Petersburg, Russia is pulled apart emotionally between two parents, both of whom he loves, and two cultures.

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The ConscienceThe Conscience

Drama202193 minsDirector: Aleksey Kozlov

A law professor struggles with his conscience after his brother's disappearance, in this Kafkaesque drama set in the Soviet era.

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Last 'Dear Bulgary'Last 'Dear Bulgary'

Drama2021110 minsDirector: Aleksey Fedorchenko

The latest work by Russian filmmaker Aleksei Fedorchenko (Silent Souls) is a psychoanalytical whodunit that revolves around the roles that apple seeds, melancholy, and cinema play in people’s lives.

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The Story of an AppointmentThe Story of an Appointment

Historical drama2018109 minsDirector: Avdotya Smirnova

A soldier condemned to execution enlists the help of legendary literary figure Leo Tolstoy to back his case.

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The BolshoiThe Bolshoi

Drama2017132 minsDirector: Valeriy Todorovskiy

Valeriy Todorovskiy's engaging drama (filmed at the actual Bolshoi Theatre) follows the story of a young provincial girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina.

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Stanislavski. Lust for LifeStanislavski. Lust for Life

Documentary202184 minsDirector: Julia Bobkova

The story of Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky – the leading theatrical theorist of the 20th century.

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Doctor LizaDoctor Liza

Drama2020120 minsDirector: Oksana Karas

A courageous and compassionate doctor tries in vain to carve out some time for her 30th wedding anniversary.

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The HumoristThe Humorist

Drama2019102 minsDirector: Michael Idov

In the midst of the collapsing USSR, the favourite stand-up comedian of the regime begins challenging censorship.