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The Doc Society Climate Story Unit supports transformative storytelling to advance a climate just and biodiverse future.


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Documentary202198 minsDirector: Phie Ambo

After COP25 in 2019, thousands of young Danish people took to the streets to demand instant action on climate change. In the subsequent general election the new Danish government pledged bold climate policies, but will they be able to enact them?

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Thank You for the RainThank You for the Rain

Documentary201787 minsDirector: Julia Dahr

After a violent storm, Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer, transforms from a father and community leader to an acitivist on the global stage, as he visits COP21 in Paris to bring his message to the world.

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The Salt in Our Waters [Nonajoler Kabbo]The Salt in Our Waters [Nonajoler Kabbo]

Drama2020106 minsDirector: Rezwan Shahriar Sumit

A young artist relocates to coastal Bangladesh to practice his art, but in doing so up-turns the local community’s age-old customs and taboos.