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Hummingbird 15 rating

An alcoholic ex-special forces soldier (Jason Statham), down on his luck, assumes another man’s identity and pursues redemption.

Thriller 2012 100 mins

Director: Steve Knight


Action star takes a rare dramatic turn in this thrilling redemption saga from writer/director Stephen Knight (Locke, Eastern Promises). Joey (Statham) is an ex-special forces soldier who has recently had it rough – he’s alcoholic, homeless, and constantly on the run from criminals and the military. However, he breaks into an apartment and assumes the identity of its absent occupant and starts fresh. Befriending a nun and helping solve a murder, Joey starts to turn his life around.

Knight is no stranger to a taut and compelling screenplay – as you’d expect from the writer of Dirty Pretty Things – but this is his debut feature as director. Yet his assuredness behind the camera is never in doubt, and Statham gives a breath-taking performance that is unsurprisingly physical but deeply emotional.