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The spirit of rock ‘n roll pulses through the veins of this psychedelic Casablanca-set love story between faded rockstar Larsen Snake and jaded prostitute Rajae.

Drama 2020 120 mins Not rated

Director: Ismaël El Iraki

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A wild and electric chemistry is ignited when Rajaes and Larsen’s lives collide – literally – through a car crash. Their harmony is manifest in the perfect match between her penetrating vocals, and his legendary guitar riffs. But violence also lingers – they both answer to an underground that never ceases to exert its influence over their destinies: from Larsen’s viscerally depicted heroin dependency and unresolved past, to Rajae’s vulnerability and defiance, which places her in danger when she upsets her most powerful client. Shot in resplendent 35mm and paying homage to London’s rock scene, the wide vistas of Westerns, desert music and the city of Casablanca, the energy of Ismael El Iraki’s unforgettable debut is intoxicating – its story is imbued with Larsen and Rajae's fervent desire to overcome great trauma.

Screened as part of the strand Create supported by Mayor of London and Film London.