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Gold for Dogs [De L'Or Pour les Chiens]

The provocative tale of a young woman lost in Paris represents a dazzling debut showcase for writer/director Anna Cazenave Cambet and fearless lead Tallulah Cassavetti.

Drama 2020 99 mins Not rated

Director: Anna Cazenave Cambet

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Solitary teenager Esther (Tallulah Cassavetti) has spent her summer engaged in an intensely sexual affair with a visiting beach lothario (Corentin Fila), and follows him to Paris in the hope of sustained romance. Instead, she finds herself alone and lost in the city at night. Up to this point, Gold For Dogs seems to be exploring – boldly and with considerable stylistic brilliance – some fairly familiar terrain in French cinema, previously mapped out by Catherine Breillat among others. But when Esther finds an unlikely refuge, we realise that Cambet is presenting something truly original. This witty, mischievous comedy-drama takes the female coming-of-age narrative in a new direction – with Cassavetti’s daring, exuberantly individual lead announcing the arrival of a magnetically watchable new presence.

Screened as part of the Journey Strand supported by American Airlines.