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View The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps 1935 U

Sublime and suspenseful version of the popular John Buchan spy thriller from the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View '71
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'71 2014 15

A young British squaddie is caught behind enemy lines in bomb-torn Belfast, in Yann Demange’s riveting suspense thriller.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Yann Demange

View 80,000 Suspects
80,000 Suspects
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80,000 Suspects 1963 PG

A race-against-time thriller about a smallpox outbreak that shatters the serenity of idyllic Bath.

113 mins United Kingdom

View Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes
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Open Your Eyes 1997 15

Alejandro Amenabar’s signature science-fiction drama follows a young man who falls for his dream woman, before he is disfigured in an accident.

117 mins Spain Director. Alejandro Amenábar

View A Hijacking
A Hijacking

A Hijacking 2012 15

Tobias Lindholm’s outstanding thriller offers a fresh twist on the hijacking drama by contrasting the experiences of two key protagonists – the ship’s cook and the company CEO tasked with managing negotiations back home.

103 mins Denmark Director. Tobias Lindholm

View Amen Island
Amen Island
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Amen Island 2010 18

When an adventurous trio set off for the secluded island of Amen, they're blissfully aware of the horrors that lie in wait, in this indie bisexual riff on The Wicker Man.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Mike Matthews, Mark Harriott

View American Gangster
American Gangster
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American Gangster 2007 18

Ridley Scott’s heavyweight crime drama follows the rise and fall of drug-runner Frank Lucas, commandingly portrayed by Denzel Washington.

169 mins USA Director. Ridley Scott

View .. And Other Stories
.. And Other Stories
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.. And Other Stories 1979

A sophisticated bookish blonde proves to be a murderer’s nemesis in this atmospheric thriller-with-a-twist from the Eastbourne Cine Group

7 mins United Kingdom

View Assault

Assault 1970 15

Violent British crime film about a murderer on the loose near a girls’ school, starring Suzy Kendall and Lesley Anne-Down.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Sidney Hayers

View A Bigger Splash
A Bigger Splash
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A Bigger Splash 2015 15

Ralph Fiennes delivers a sensational performance as one of four passionate souls sharing a villa in the Sicilian sunshine, with jealousy, intrigue and violence simmering beneath the surface.

125 mins Italy Director. Luca Guadagnino

View The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski
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The Big Lebowski 1998 18

Arguably one of the greatest comedies of modern times; the Coen brothers’ deconstructed film noir following slacker hero ‘The Dude’ (Jeff Bridges).

113 mins USA Director. Joel Coen

View Birthday For Peter
Birthday For Peter
Watch for free 9 mins

Birthday For Peter 1958

Peter’s birthday is one his suffering parents would rather forget in this harrowing film from the Sevenoaks Cine Society

9 mins United Kingdom

View Blindness
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Blindness 2008 18

Fernando Meirelles (City of God) presents a haunting dystopian allegory about a sudden epidemic of blindness affecting humanity.

120 mins Canada Director. Fernando Meirelles

View Brighton Rock
Brighton Rock
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Brighton Rock 1947 PG

Richard Attenborough’s unforgettably sinister turn as ‘Pinkie’ pervades this classic adaptation of the Graham Greene novel.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. John Boulting

View Cape Fear
Cape Fear
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Cape Fear 1991 18

Scorsese’s remake of J Lee Thompson’s 1962 thriller stars Robert De Niro as a psychotic rapist out to avenge the lawyer he blames for his conviction (Nick Nolte).

128 mins USA Director. Martin Scorsese

View Catch Me Daddy
Catch Me Daddy
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Catch Me Daddy 2013 15

A young couple whose relationship has divided a community are forced on the run through the streets and moors of nocturnal Yorkshire.

112 mins United Kingdom Director. Matthew Wolfe, Daniel Wolfe

View Charade
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Charade 1963 PG

Charm is the byword in the screwball thriller that pits Cary Grant on the trail of Audrey Hepburn and her late husband’s missing millions.

109 mins USA Director. Stanley Donen

View The Contraption
The Contraption

The Contraption 1977 PG

Darkly humorous short in which a man builds a sinister contraption, the dreadful purpose of which is only revealed in the final shot.

8 mins United Kingdom

View Cross-Roads
Watch for free 19 mins

Cross-Roads 1955

Christopher Lee in perhaps his earliest supernatural screen role, as a ghost who returns from the grave to seek revenge.

19 mins United Kingdom Director. John Fitchen

View Deadlier than the Male
Deadlier than the Male

Deadlier than the Male 1966 12

Richard Johnson is Bulldog Drummond, a freelance investigator who attracts the attention of a pair of deadly female assassins, played by Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Ralph Thomas

View Death in the Hand
Death in the Hand
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Death in the Hand 1948

Hokey horror mini-feature on the dangers of combining rail travel with palmistry

44 mins United Kingdom Director. A. Barr-smith

View Disorder
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Disorder 2015 15

Taut, stylish thriller with Matthias Schoenaerts as a suspended soldier who’s plagued with paranoia in his new role as a bodyguard.

France Director. Alice Winocour

View Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch
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Donkey Punch 2007 18

Nichola Burley and Jamie Winstone star in the yacht-set shocker, in which a teen sex party turns into a deadly fight for survival.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Olly Blackburn

View Doombeach
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Doombeach 1989

A truant schoolboy sabotages the secretive power station he believes killed his friend. With Glenda Jackson.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Colin Finbow

View Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky
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Eye in the Sky 2015 15

Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman (in his last role) play the military commanders caught in the ethical crosshairs of drone warfare, in Gavin Hood’s gripping military thriller.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Gavin Hood

View The Fallen Idol
The Fallen Idol
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The Fallen Idol 1948 PG

Carol Reed’s Graham Greene adaptation tells the dark but touching story of a young child’s relationship to his friendly, complicated butler.

94 mins United Kingdom Director. Carol Reed

View Falsely Murdered
Falsely Murdered
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Falsely Murdered 1960

Nail-biting amateur thriller in Pinner tells the story of a suspicious husband who may not have got the right man.

21 mins United Kingdom

View Fatal Shot
Fatal Shot
Watch for free 6 mins

Fatal Shot 1931

This gruesome tale from the Barnes Brothers is a warning to parents as a young child falls prey to a band of cliff dwelling murderous outlaws

6 mins United Kingdom Director. John Barnes

View Franklyn
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Franklyn 2008 15

Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe and Sam Riley star in an intricate, ambitious sci-fi drama that follows four parallel realities, each based around characters searching for salvation.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Gerald McMorrow

View The Ghost Train
The Ghost Train
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The Ghost Train 1931

Surviving footage of the first sound version of Arnold Ridley's famous railway station comedy thriller

72 mins United Kingdom Director. Walter Forde

View The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train
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The Girl on the Train 2016 15

Emily Blunt stars in the adaptation of the best-seller about a divorcee who entangles herself in the investigation of a missing young woman.

112 mins USA Director. Tate Taylor

View Good Turners
Good Turners
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Good Turners 1937

A pair of kidnappers are no match for the derring-do Boy Scouts of Eltham - in this amateur action thriller from the Eltham Cine Society

14 mins United Kingdom Director. D C Pruden

View The Greasy Strangler
The Greasy Strangler
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The Greasy Strangler 2016 18

A father-son love triangle unleashes the unstoppable urges of the Greasy Strangler, in this gloriously deranged hybrid of gross-out comedy and gonzo horror.

93 mins United Kingdom Director. Jim Hosking

View Green Room
Green Room
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Green Room 2015 18

A punk band becomes besieged in the backstage hideaway of a hideous neo-Nazi club, in this gloriously tense shocker from the director of Blue Ruin.

95 mins USA Director. Jeremy Saulnier

View Helen

Helen 2008 PG

An inventive and acclaimed British feature following the transformation of a teenager who agrees to portray her missing college friend in a highly detailed crime reconstruction.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. Christine Molloy, Joe Lawlor

View Hidden City
Hidden City
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Hidden City 1987 15

Charles Dance stars in Stephen Poliakoff’s debut feature film about a writer whose research uncovers a conspiracy of hidden artefacts.

108 mins United Kingdom Director. Stephen Poliakoff

View Hummingbird
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Hummingbird 2012 15

An alcoholic ex-special forces soldier (Jason Statham), down on his luck, assumes another man’s identity and pursues redemption.

United Kingdom Director. Steve Knight

View Hunted
Watch for free 6 mins

Hunted 1959

There are echoes of Fritz Lang in this short film about a shadowy figure following a child through woodland - but what is his true purpose?

6 mins United Kingdom

View Hush
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Hush 2008 15

A tense and terrifying motorway thriller about a man whose girlfriend is kidnapped by a malevolent trucker, directed by former Radio 1 DJ Mark Tonderai.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. Mark Tonderai

View I Am Not a Serial Killer
I Am Not a Serial Killer
Watch from £3.83

I Am Not a Serial Killer 2016 15

A teenage sociopath comes face to face with an evil force in this chilling and darkly humorous adaptation of Dan Wells’ acclaimed cult novel.

104 mins Ireland Director. Billy O'Brien

View The Ipcress File
The Ipcress File

The Ipcress File 1965 PG

The coolest spy of all – Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer – makes his brilliant big screen debut in this landmark British spy thriller.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Sidney J. Furie

View Kate Plus Ten
Kate Plus Ten
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Kate Plus Ten 1938

Laughs and thrills come thick and fast in this Edgar Wallace comedy-thriller with a hair-raising car versus train chase.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. Reginald Denham

View The Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes 1938 U

An old woman disappears mysteriously on a busy train in Hitchcock’s delightful classic.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Lost River
Lost River
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Lost River 2013 15

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut is a disturbing, visually experimental fairytale about a single mother drawn into a nightmarish netherworld.

95 mins USA Director. Ryan Gosling

View The Lovers & the Despot
The Lovers & the Despot
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The Lovers & the Despot 2016 PG

Discover one of cinema’s strangest stories: a film director and his star are kidnapped by Kim Jong-il to make movies in the world’s weirdest state.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Rob Cannan, Ross Adam

View Mother

Mother 2009 15

Cult Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s (The Host, Snowpiercer) fourth feature is a startlingly original and thrilling account of the limits of maternal devotion.

129 mins Korea, Republic of Director. Bong Joon-ho

View Man in Fear
Man in Fear

Man in Fear 2011 15

Luke Treadaway stars as a paranoid man convinced he is destined to be the victim of a conceptual art 'accident'.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Will Jewell

View The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934 U

An English couple are drawn into espionage when their daughter is kidnapped.

United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Melancholia

Melancholia 1989 15

Cerebral thriller about a German art critic who reconnects with his radical past when he agrees to be involved with an assassination attempt.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Andi Engel

View Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror
Watch for free 7 mins

Mirror Mirror 1969

A haunted mirror is the gateway to Halloween horror in this eerie tale from the Eastbourne Cine Group

7 mins United Kingdom Director. Gary Parsons

View Monsters
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Monsters 2010 15

Gareth Edwards reimagined the monster movie with his highly impressive DIY sci-fi, in which an indie romance blossoms amid the trailing tentacles of an alien invasion.

United Kingdom Director. Gareth Edwards

View A Most Wanted Man
A Most Wanted Man
Watch from £2.98

A Most Wanted Man 2014 15

In one of his final roles, Philip Seymour Hoffman excels as a German spy attempting to recruit Islamic informants, in Anton Corbijn’s sophisticated John le Carré adaptation.

122 mins United Kingdom Director. Anton Corbijn

View Mystery Junction
Mystery Junction
Watch from £2.13

Mystery Junction 1951 PG

A crime writer is called into action when his train journey is punctuated by a piercing scream and a missing murder suspect.

63 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael McCarthy

View Night Moves
Night Moves
Watch from £2.98

Night Moves 2013 15

Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning star in a taut political thriller about radical environmentalists planning to commit an act of eco-terrorism.

112 mins USA Director. Kelly Reichardt

View Painkiller
Watch from £0.85

Painkiller 2011 15

A black comedy which sees street-smart Dominic’s attempt at armed robbery come unstuck when he meets a suicidal taxi driver with nothing left to lose.

United Kingdom

View Pi
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Pi 1997 15

Darren Aronofsky’s magisterial monochrome mystery concerns a mathematician whose discovery of a powerful number leads to the dark side.

84 mins USA Director. Darren Aronofsky

View Rear Window
Rear Window
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Rear Window 1954 PG

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterly thriller stars James Stewart as an invalided photographer who spots something fishy outside his rear window.

112 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Red Road
Red Road

Red Road 2006 18

Andrea Arnold’s highly acclaimed film, winner of top prizes at Cannes and the BFI London Film Festival, is a haunting drama about a woman confronting past demons.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrea Arnold

View Repeater

Repeater 1979 12

Comic thriller which, with its unorthodox narrative about a woman's confession of a murder, deconstructs the conventions of the genre.

74 mins United Kingdom Director. Chris Monger

View Rome Express
Rome Express
Watch from £2.98

Rome Express 1932 U

A star-studded international cast boards the Paris-Rome express for this lavish comedy-thriller from Gainsborough Pictures.

94 mins United Kingdom Director. Walter Forde

View Room
Watch from £2.98

Room 2015 15

Brie Larson’s Oscar-winning performance is the beating heart of Lenny Abrahamson’s extraordinarily moving drama.

118 mins Ireland Director. Lenny Abrahamson

View The Rover
The Rover
Watch from £2.98

The Rover 2013 15

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson star in a post-apocalyptic thriller set in the Australian outback, from the director of Animal Kingdom.

103 mins Australia Director. David Michôd

View Sabotage

Sabotage 1936 PG

A cinema owner works with a ring of terrorists, with drastic effects on his wife and her brother, in Hitchcock’s London-set thriller.

76 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Secret Agent
Secret Agent

Secret Agent 1936 PG

Long before James Bond, Alfred Hitchcock tried the story of a suave spy.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Seven Psychopaths
Seven Psychopaths
Watch from £2.98

Seven Psychopaths 2012 15

Screenwriter Marty (Colin Farrell) finds unlikely inspiration when he finds himself tangled in the LA underworld.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Martin McDonagh

View Sicario
Watch from £3.83

Sicario 2015 15

Emily Blunt plays the FBI agent enlisted for a special operation against Mexican cartels, in this pulsatingly tense thriller from Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Prisoners).

121 mins USA Director. Denis Villeneuve

View Sleeping Car to Trieste
Sleeping Car to Trieste
Watch from £2.98

Sleeping Car to Trieste 1948 PG

The Orient Express plays host to a plot involving adultery, espionage, robbery and murder in this fine British thriller.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. John Paddy Carstairs

View SLR
Watch for free 22 mins

SLR 2012

A twisted short film from Stephen Fingleton, director of The Survivalist. A man obsessed with ‘voyeur pornography’ meets his match in the form of a photographer known only by his online username ANORAK.

22 mins United Kingdom Director. Stephen Fingleton

View Suspected Person (Film Trailer)
Suspected Person (Film Trailer)
Watch for free 3 mins

Suspected Person (Film Trailer) 1942

German trailer for a rare British wartime thriller about love, treachery and a missing 50,000 dollars.

3 mins United Kingdom

View The Wave
The Wave
Watch from £3.83

The Wave 2015 15

Seismic rumblings in the Norwegian fjords threaten to start a chain reaction that will destroy the local area. Can it be stopped in time?

105 mins Norway Director. Roar Uthaug

View Tiger Bay
Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay 1959 PG

A young girl witnesses a murder, befriending the killer and shielding him from the police.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Lee Thompson

View The Tower of Terror
The Tower of Terror
Watch from £2.98

The Tower of Terror 1941 PG

Action-packed spy thriller about three outsiders holed up in a Heligoland lighthouse in wartime Germany.

78 mins United Kingdom Director. Lawrence Huntington

View Trans-Europ-Express

Trans-Europ-Express 1966 15

This stylish, cult 1966 erotic thriller stars French New Wave icons Jean-Louis Trintigant and Marie-France Pisier.

105 mins France Director. Alain Robbe-Grillet

View Trespass
Watch from £2.98

Trespass 1992 15

Rap legends Ice Cube and Ice-T share a screen for the first time as gang members facing off against firemen hunting for a stash of gold.

101 mins USA Director. Walter Hill

View Vertigo
Watch from £2.98

Vertigo 1958 PG

Hitchcock’s timeless thriller about a former detective with a fear of heights who is hired to follow a woman who seems possessed by the past.

128 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Videodrome
Watch from £2.98

Videodrome 1983 18

James Woods and Debbie Harry star in David Cronenberg’s mind-melting sci-fi about media domination.

87 mins Canada Director. David Cronenberg

View Whistle and I’ll Come to You
Whistle and I’ll Come to You
Watch for free 10 mins

Whistle and I’ll Come to You 1956

A decade before the BBC's version of M R James supernatural classic came this chilling version from the North Downs Cinematograph Society

10 mins United Kingdom

View Wild Tales
Wild Tales
Watch from £3.83

Wild Tales 2014 15

This Oscar-nominated, Almodóvar-produced anthology of six tales of ordinary madness is the most riotously enjoyable portmanteau film since Pulp Fiction.

122 mins Argentina Director. Damian Szifron

View The Yellow Balloon
The Yellow Balloon
Watch from £2.98

The Yellow Balloon 1953 PG

A young boy is coerced into helping a fugitive in J. Lee Thompson’s taut crime thriller, set amid the bombed-out ruins of post-war London.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Lee Thompson

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