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triangle triangle
View 360
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360 2012 15

Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins lead an ensemble cast in a sleek thriller exploring the way our lives interconnect across the world.

109 mins United Kingdom

View 3 Mile Radius
3 Mile Radius
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3 Mile Radius 2011

A dying Chinese man returns to his estranged wife to ask permission to see his son for the last time. When his wife refuses, he has to resort to desperate measures…

15 mins United Kingdom Director. Lab Ky Mo

View 3 Steps to Heaven
3 Steps to Heaven
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3 Steps to Heaven 1995 18

Edgy mixture of black comedy and urban drama about a woman uncovering the hidden truths about her dead lover.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Constantine Giannaris

View 92 in the Shade
92 in the Shade
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92 in the Shade 1975

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates feature in a sweaty and suspenseful tale of warring Florida fishing gangs, in this long unavailable 1970s thriller.

87 mins USA Director. Thomas McGuane

View Aftershock
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Aftershock 2010 15

China’s blockbuster director Feng Xiaogang scored his biggest box office hit with this staggering disaster film about a massive earthquake and its aftermath.

People's Republic of China Director. Feng Xiaogang

View All the Right Noises
All the Right Noises
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All the Right Noises 1969 12

A taboo-busting drama about a young married man (Tom Bell) who has an affair with a teenage girl (Olivia Hussey). Directed by Gerry O'Hara.

91 mins United Kingdom Director. Gerry O'Hara

View Assembly
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Assembly 2007 15

Following a brutal battle, a Chinese army captain wakes from a coma to discover his discredited regiment has been airbrushed from history, and sets out to restore his soldiers’ honour.

People's Republic of China Director. Feng Xiaogang

View A Touch of Sin
A Touch of Sin
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A Touch of Sin 2013 15

Jia Zhangke’s state-of-the-nation report on contemporary China is comprised of four stories about shocking acts of violence.

People's Republic of China Director. Jia Zhangke

View Long Live the Republic
Long Live the Republic
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Long Live the Republic 1965

In war-torn Czechoslovakia, young Odrich has to dodge bullets, beatings and bullies yet still manages to retain his innocence and imagination.

132 mins Director. Karel Kachyna

View Au hasard Balthazar
Au hasard Balthazar
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Au hasard Balthazar 1966

Robert Bresson’s pared-down style elicits extraordinary pathos from this devastating tale of an abused donkey passing from owner to owner.

95 mins France Director. Robert Bresson

View Baby
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Baby 2000 15

A teenager (Ben Whishaw) pays a sexually charged visit to the swimming pool.

11 mins United Kingdom Director. Wiz

View Baby
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Baby 2010

A young woman attracts the attention of a street criminal after she prevents his gang from pick-pocketing.

25 mins United Kingdom Director. Daniel Mulloy

View The White Balloon
The White Balloon
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The White Balloon 1995 U

Jafar Panahi’s masterpiece about a little girl who wants a goldfish and won’t take no for an answer.

84 mins Director. Jafar Panahi

View Beasts of the Southern Wild
Beasts of the Southern Wild
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Beasts of the Southern Wild 2012 12A

Set in a Deep South delta, Zeitlin’s feature debut takes a child’s eye view of poverty, adult apathy and ecological crisis. Hallucinatory fare

93 mins USA Director. Benh Zeitlin

View Berberian Sound Studio
Berberian Sound Studio
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Berberian Sound Studio 2011 15

In 1970s Italy, a timid British sound engineer joins the crew on a violent horror film. But the disturbing world of the film soon seeps into reality.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Strickland

View King of Masks
King of Masks
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King of Masks 1996 PG

A Chinese illusionist buys a young peasant boy to become the heir of his magical mask tricks, but gets more than he bargained for.

100 mins Director. Wu Tianming

View Willow and Wind
Willow and Wind
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Willow and Wind 2000 PG

An edge-of-seat classic about a boy who has to transport a large pane of glass across the countryside in a howling gale, from Iranian masters Abbas Kiarostami and Mohammed-Ali Talebi.

80 mins Director. Mohammad-Ali Talebi

View The Black Panther
The Black Panther
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The Black Panther 1977 18

Gripping crime drama charts the killing spree which Donald Neilson, aka the Black Panther, perpetrated across England during the mid-70s.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Ian Merrick

View Blancanieves
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Blancanieves 2011 12A

Pablo Berger’s imaginative black-and-white ‘silent’ movie relocates the story of Snow White to 1920s Spain – complete with bullfighting dwarfs

105 mins

View Blue Funnel
Blue Funnel
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Blue Funnel 1997

An astute, complex tale of identity and family memory. Daniel returns to Liverpool to find a final home for his father's ashes.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. Paul Mayeda Berges

View Boy and Bicycle
Boy and Bicycle
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Boy and Bicycle 1965 PG

Ridley Scott's first film features his younger brother, the late Tony Scott, as a schoolboy playing truant for the day to meander around Hartlepool on his bicycle, lost in his own thoughts.

United Kingdom Director. Ridley Scott

View Bread
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Bread 1971 15

A fun tale of hippies and rock and roll directed by the legendary Stanley Long and featuring cult British rock bands Juicy Lucy and Crazy Mabel.

79 mins United Kingdom

View Broken
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Broken 2012 15

A compelling drama of splintered families and warring neighbours, with a stunning debut from young Eloise Laurence. With Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy.

90 mins United Kingdom

View Bronco Bullfrog
Bronco Bullfrog
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Bronco Bullfrog 1969 15

A fascinating record of 1960s suedehead youth culture which is largely improvised by a non-professional cast of teenagers from east London

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Barney Platts-Mills

View The Burning
The Burning
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The Burning 1967 PG

A white woman and her young grandson come face to face with a black uprising in Apartheid South Africa, in a tough short film by Stephen Frears.

30 mins United Kingdom

View Caught Looking
Caught Looking
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Caught Looking 1991 18

Years before Grindr, a gay man turns to virtual reality to satisfy his sexual fantasies in this strangely prophetic short film.

35 mins United Kingdom Director. Constantine Giannaris

View The Happiest Girl in the World
The Happiest Girl in the World
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The Happiest Girl in the World 2009 15

Radu Jude's brilliantly paced account of a family's day in Bucharest is a darkly comic satire on the media, nascent capitalism and parental power

100 mins Romania Director. Radu Jude

View The Boot
The Boot
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The Boot 1992 U

Sameneh pesters her mother for a pair of red boots, only to lose one and then undertake a desperate search for it.

59 mins Director. Mohammad-Ali Talebi

View Children
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Children 1976 15

The first part of Terence Davies' formidable Trilogy explores the effects of violence on a Liverpool schoolboy, told in a series of flashbacks.

46 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View Circumstance
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Circumstance 2011 15

A wealthy Iranian family struggles to contain a teenager's growing sexual rebellion and her brother's dangerous obsession.

105 mins USA

View The Comedian
The Comedian
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The Comedian 2012 15

Touching drama about a thirtysomething comedian looking for happiness.

78 mins United Kingdom

View Death and Transfiguration
Death and Transfiguration
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Death and Transfiguration 1983 15

The Terence Davies Trilogy reaches its astonishing climax as tortured Liverpool clerk Robert Tucker prepares to meet his maker.

26 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View The Deep Blue Sea
The Deep Blue Sea
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The Deep Blue Sea 2011 12

Buried passions boil over in a buttoned-up postwar Britain in Terence Davies acclaimed adaptation of Rattigan's play, starring Rachel Weisz.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View Deep End
Deep End
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Deep End 1970 15

A darkly comic and compelling coming of age story set during a time of social change.

88 mins Federal Republic of Germany Director. Jerzy Skolimowski

View Two Days, One Night
Two Days, One Night
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Two Days, One Night 2014 15

Academy Award-winner Marion Cotillard’s collaboration with Cannes Festival-favourites Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne is a stunning, tense drama about a woman’s race against time to save her job.

Director. Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne

View Diana
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Diana 2008 15

A young Indian transgender woman takes a life-changing step in this moving short, set in London the day after Princess Diana’s death.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Aleem Khan

View The Double
The Double
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The Double 2013 15

Richard Ayoade’s stylish and sinister adaptation of Dostoevsky’s story stars Jesse Eisenberg in a dual-role as a timid office clerk confronted by his confident, scheming doppelganger.

United Kingdom

View Down by Law
Down by Law
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Down by Law 1986 15

Jim Jarmusch’s classic American indie is a bewitching blend of prison movie, poetic fable and comedy.

107 mins USA Director. Jim Jarmusch

View Dream A40
Dream A40
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Dream A40 1965 12

A young gay couple’s relationship is put to the test as a road trip takes a sinister turn in Lloyd Reckord's daring underground short.

16 mins United Kingdom Director. Lloyd Reckord

View Duffer
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Duffer 1971 15

A bizarre study of obsession focusing on a teenage boy who is torn between the charms of a fleshly female prostitute and the sadism of an older man.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. William Dumaresq, Joseph Despins

View Eyes Wide Open
Eyes Wide Open
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Eyes Wide Open 2009 12

A married butcher in Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox Jewish quarter falls for a beautiful young man in this outstanding Israeli feature.

92 mins Israel Director. Haim Tabakman

View Elena
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Elena 2011 12A

Andrei Zvyagintsev (The Return) relates a taut, caustic tale of need and greed leading to desperate deeds; a bleak study of contemporary Russian mores

109 mins Russian Federation

View Emma
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Emma 1965 U

A bittersweet short about a young girl who spends an afternoon playing in Highgate Cemetery where she discovers what the future may have to offer.

13 mins United Kingdom Director. Anthony Perry

View An Episode in the Life of Iron Picker
An Episode in the Life of Iron Picker
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An Episode in the Life of Iron Picker 2012 12A

Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic recreates a politically explosive true story from Bosnia in innovative style, casting a real-life family to relive their desperate struggle to secure life-saving medical treatment.

71 mins Bosnia and Herzegovina Director. Danis Tanovic

View Exhibition
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Exhibition 2013 15

Joanna Hogg's sleek and minimalist comedy about a pair of artists and their emotional attachment to their ultra-modernist apartment.

104 mins United Kingdom

View The First Grader
The First Grader
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The First Grader 2010 12

Inspiring true story of a Kenyan man who returned to school aged 84. With Oliver Litondo and Naomie Harris.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Justin Chadwick

View A Fisher-girl's Folly
A Fisher-girl's Folly
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A Fisher-girl's Folly 1914

A tantalising fragment from a drama of love and jealousy on the North Devon coast.

22 mins United Kingdom Director. George Pearson

View Fragment
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Fragment 1966 PG

Norman J. Warren's short film tells the story of a young woman's desperation after a brief love affair ends in bitter disappointment.

11 mins United Kingdom Director. Norman J. Warren

View A Friend of Dorothy
A Friend of Dorothy
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A Friend of Dorothy 1995 18

A gay man studying in New York develops a crush on his male roommate in this cute and breezy short.

32 mins USA

View The Fruit Machine
The Fruit Machine
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The Fruit Machine 1988 15

Berated by his father for his camp behaviour, Eddie runs away from his Liverpool home and joins his friend Michael, a streetwise hustler who is also on the run.

102 mins United Kingdom

View Ginger & Rosa
Ginger & Rosa
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Ginger & Rosa 2012 PG

Teenage friendship is torn apart when Rosa finds love in the wrong place, in Sally Potter's acute, 60s-set drama.

89 mins United Kingdom Director. Sally Potter

View Giuseppina
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Giuseppina 1959

Short film by James Hill about a girl who works in her father's rural Italian petrol station and her longing to escape.

32 mins United Kingdom Director. James Hill

View The Great Beauty
The Great Beauty
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The Great Beauty 2013 15

Paolo Sorrentino's dazzling, Oscar-winning portrayal of an ageing writer who becomes bored of his life of decadence.

141 mins Italy

View Greek Pete
Greek Pete
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Greek Pete 2009 18

Acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Haigh (Weekend) made his feature debut with this bold, sexually explicit drama-documentary about London rent boys.

70 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Haigh

View Hands of Destiny
Hands of Destiny
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Hands of Destiny 1954 U

The strange prophesies of Dr Josef Ranald, palm reader of choice to Nazi war leaders.

61 mins United Kingdom

View Heli
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Heli 2013 18

Amat Escalante won Best Director at Cannes 2013 for his visceral Mexican crime drama about an honest man drawn into a dispute with a vicious local drugs cartel.

104 mins

View Herostratus
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Herostratus 1967 15

A young poet (Michael Gothard) hires a marketing company to turn his suicide into a mass-media spectacle

142 mins United Kingdom Director. Don Levy

View Her Private Hell
Her Private Hell
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Her Private Hell 1967 15

The cautionary tale of an innocent girl abroad who gets caught up in the sleazy world of modelling.

84 mins United Kingdom Director. Norman J. Warren

View A Screaming Man
A Screaming Man
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A Screaming Man 2010 PG

Haroun's tale of tension between a father and son working at a hotel pool in war-torn Chad has the emotional power and stark inexorability of tragedy

92 mins France Director. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

View Ida
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Ida 2013 12A

The Best Film winner at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival is an exquisitely shot, moving drama about a Polish nun exploring her family's past, from UK-based director Pawel Pawlikowski.

81 mins Director. Pawel Pawlikowski

View Stranger by the Lake
Stranger by the Lake
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Stranger by the Lake 2013 18

A young man witnesses a violent crime at a gay cruising ground and becomes obsessed with the killer in Alain Guiraudie’s acclaimed mystery-thriller.

100 mins France

View Inside Llewyn Davis
Inside Llewyn Davis
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Inside Llewyn Davis 2012 15

The Coen brothers’ funny, melancholic elegy to early 1960s folk music follows a struggling songwriter through a winter’s worth of misdeeds, mishaps and lost cats.


View Junkhearts
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Junkhearts 2011 15

Tinge Krishnan's feature debut charts the fortunes of a trio of troubled Londoners. London Film Festival award for Best British Newcomer: Candese Reid.

99 mins United Kingdom

View How I Ended This Summer
How I Ended This Summer
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How I Ended This Summer 2010 12

Sergei Popogrebsky's taut psychological drama depicts two Arctic meteorologists (a veteran and a novice); secrets, lies and isolation take their toll

124 mins Russian Federation Director. Alexei Popogrebsky

View Keep the Lights on
Keep the Lights on
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Keep the Lights on 2012 18

A filmmaker escapes the pain of a break-up through casual sex and meets a closeted lawyer in this deeply personal work from Ira Sachs.

102 mins USA

View Kelly + Victor
Kelly + Victor
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Kelly + Victor 2012 18

In modern Liverpool, a couple meet and begin a transgressive, sexually charged affair set against a background of crime and encroaching danger.

United Kingdom

View Kidnapping by Indians (1899)
Kidnapping by Indians (1899)
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Kidnapping by Indians (1899) 1899

Out-takes of the world's earliest ever 'Western' film.

2 mins United Kingdom

View Kill the Day
Kill the Day
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Kill the Day 1996 15

An ex-drug addict reflects on life in and out of prison in this short by BAFTA-winner Lynne Ramsay, based on real accounts.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Lynne Ramsay

View Bag of Rice
Bag of Rice
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Bag of Rice 1996 U

A feisty child and her near-blind neighbour trek across Tehran in this unforgettable odd-couple adventure.

79 mins Director. Mohammad-Ali Talebi

View Dogtooth
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Dogtooth 2009 18

Yorgos Lanthimos' scary, witty tale of a dysfunctional Greek family is original, ingenious and sadly relevant as a study of parent-child relationships

96 mins Greece Director. Yorgos Lanthimos

View Kiss Me
Kiss Me
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Kiss Me 2011 15

Mia is engaged to marry a man, but finds herself falling for Frida, who happens to be her new stepmother's daughter.

107 mins Sweden

View Bicycle Thieves
Bicycle Thieves
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Bicycle Thieves 1948 U

Vittorio De Sica’s story of a father and son searching for a stolen bicycle on the streets of Rome is a classic of post-war Italian cinema.

88 mins Italy Director. Vittorio De Sica

View When I Saw You
When I Saw You
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When I Saw You 2012 12A

Following the Six-Day War in 1967, a young Palestinian refugee boy yearns to be reunited with his father and joins a band of freedom fighters.


View The Last Chapter
The Last Chapter
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The Last Chapter 1974

Dark tale in which a best-selling author (Denholm Elliot) is unbalanced by an assured young fan (Susan Penhaligon) who questions the move into easy commercialism displayed in his recent work.

29 mins United Kingdom

View Like Father, Like Son
Like Father, Like Son
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Like Father, Like Son 2013 PG

A touching and acutely observed story of two boys switched at birth having to readjust to their natural parents, from Japan’s modern maestro Hirokazu Kore-eda.

Japan Director. Hirokazu Kore-eda

View Like Someone in Love
Like Someone in Love
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Like Someone in Love 2012 12A

Abbas Kiarostami’s excursion into Japanese filmmaking is a masterly study of duplicity and role play centred around a student and her double life as an escort.

France Director. Abbas Kiarostami

View Lilting
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Lilting 2013 15

Ben Whishaw stars in an intimate portrait of two strangers brought together by the common language of grief.

United Kingdom

View Little Fugitive
Little Fugitive
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Little Fugitive 1953 PG

Joey is tricked into believing he's killed his older brother, so he runs away to the funfair at Coney Island. A forgotten classic of American cinema that inspired the French New Wave.

81 mins USA Director. Ruth Orkin, Ray Ashley

View Little Malcolm
Little Malcolm
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Little Malcolm 1974 15

Delusional revolutionary Malcolm Scrawdyke (John Hurt) leads his Party of Dynamic Erection in a battle against an unseen nemesis in this dark comedy.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Stuart Cooper

View Lizars, Edinburgh
Lizars, Edinburgh
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Lizars, Edinburgh 1904

Can you identify this Edwardian comic, playing a gossiping Rajah?

United Kingdom

View ... Long Distance Information
... Long Distance Information
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... Long Distance Information 2011 15

Our parents always told us 'never talk to strangers'. But, surely, we all have to phone home sometimes? Award-winning short film starring Peter Mullan.

7 mins Great Britain Director. Douglas Hart

View Lourdes
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Lourdes 2009 U

Jessica Hausner’s cool, compassionate exploration of religious faith follows various believers and non-believers hoping for miracle cures in Lourdes

96 mins Director. Jessica Hausner

View Loving Memory
Loving Memory
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Loving Memory 1970 12

An unsettling portrait of love and loss by the director of Top Gun.

57 mins United Kingdom Director. Tony Scott

View The Lunchbox
The Lunchbox
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The Lunchbox 2013 PG

Mismatched lunchboxes lead to an unlikely romance in this exquisite Indian drama, brimful of tantalising food and elegantly delivered wisdom.

104 mins

View Lunch Hour
Lunch Hour
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Lunch Hour 1962 U

Shirley Anne Field stars in this stylish, highly enjoyable story of simmering tensions and sexual conflict in the work place.

64 mins United Kingdom Director. James Hill

View Madagascar Skin
Madagascar Skin
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Madagascar Skin 1995 15

John Hannah stars as a painfully shy gay man who escapes the city in Chris Newby’s extraordinary second feature.

United Kingdom

View Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child
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Madonna and Child 1980

Autobiography as art: the centrepiece of Terence Davies' devastating Liverpool-set Trilogy focuses on his fictional alter-ego in middle age.

30 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View Le Mépris
Le Mépris
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Le Mépris 1963 15

Jean-Luc Godard’s caustic look at compromised creativity in the filmmaking world has superb images, music and acting from Piccoli, Bardot and Palance

103 mins France Director. Jean-Luc Godard

View Mitchell and Kenyon Fiction Offcuts
Mitchell and Kenyon Fiction Offcuts
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Mitchell and Kenyon Fiction Offcuts 1902

Two tantalising fragments of Mitchell and Kenyon's fiction films - but what do they tell us?

United Kingdom

View Mr Moon Outtakes
Mr Moon Outtakes
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Mr Moon Outtakes 1901

Rare production footage of an early 'trick' film with a famous music hall performer.

United Kingdom

View My Dad the Communist
My Dad the Communist
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My Dad the Communist 2009

Tony yearns to break down the cultural barriers between him and his inscrutable Chinese father, before it’s too late.

United Kingdom Director. Lab Ky Mo

View Nightbirds
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Nightbirds 1970 15

Dark drama about the doomed relationship of two down-and-outers living in the squalid East End of London in the early 1970s.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Andy Milligan

View Nighthawks
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Nighthawks 1978 15

A schoolteacher juggles everyday life with nights spent cruising for Mr Right in this fascinating landmark in British gay cinema.

United Kingdom Director. Ron Peck

View The Fish Child
The Fish Child
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The Fish Child 2009 15

A gripping South American tale of forbidden love, crime and long-buried secrets from the acclaimed director of XXY.

91 mins Director. Lucía Puenzo

View Norte, the End of History
Norte, the End of History
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Norte, the End of History 2013 15

Lav Diaz’s epic drama follows the contrasting stories of two men, a law school dropout who descends into criminality and the humble family man wrongly accused of his crimes.

Philippines Director. Lav Diaz

View Nymphomaniac Vol. I
Nymphomaniac Vol. I
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Nymphomaniac Vol. I 2013 18

Volume 1 of Lars von Trier’s explicit, controversial film about a woman recounting the history of her sexuality in episodic style.

117 mins Denmark

View Nymphomaniac Vol. II
Nymphomaniac Vol. II
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Nymphomaniac Vol. II 2013 18

Volume 2 of Lars von Trier’s explicit, controversial film about a woman recounting the history of her sexuality in episodic style.

123 mins Denmark

View The Party's Over
The Party's Over
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The Party's Over 1963 12

The partying of a wild group of beatniks lead by Oliver Reed has shocking consequences. Written by Marc Behm, directed by Guy Hamilton and with music by John Barry.

94 mins United Kingdom Director. Guy Hamilton

View The Passion of Michelangelo
The Passion of Michelangelo
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The Passion of Michelangelo 2013 15

In Pinochet's Chile, a 14-year-old boy becomes a media sensation after claiming to have witnessed visions of the Virgin Mary.

99 mins Director. Esteban Larraín

View Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom
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Peeping Tom 1960 15

Michael Powell’s dark, disturbing, once controversial tale of a shy camera technician who films women as he kills them is now rightly deemed a classic

101 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Powell

View Permissive
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Permissive 1970 18

When Suzy arrives in London to visit an old school friend, she is unwittingly plunged into the ruthless world of the ‘groupie’.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. Lindsay Shonteff

View Little Girl Who Sold the Sun
Little Girl Who Sold the Sun
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Little Girl Who Sold the Sun 1999 U

A crippled Senegalese girl takes on the newspaper boys on the streets of Dakar when she decides she wants a piece of their action.

44 mins Senegal Director. Djibril Diop Mambéty

View Ping Pong
Ping Pong
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Ping Pong 1986 PG

A young lawyer has to execute the will of a Chinese man found dead in a phone box in a witty comic thriller - the first British-Chinese feature film.

100 mins United Kingdom Director. Leong Po-chih

View The Pleasure Girls
The Pleasure Girls
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The Pleasure Girls 1965 15

A trio of models enjoy a weekend of parties, blossoming friendships, and romantic encounters in London. Starring Ian McShane and Klaus Kinski.

88 mins United Kingdom

View The Pledge
The Pledge
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The Pledge 1981 15

The restless spirit of a highwayman looks back over a lurid life of sin as his worm-ridden corpse rots on the gallows.

22 mins United Kingdom Director. Digby Rumsey

View The Possibilities Are Endless
The Possibilities Are Endless
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The Possibilities Are Endless 2014 12A

A moving and haunting account of singer Edwyn Collins’s long and difficult recovery from a stroke.

83 mins United Kingdom Director. James Hall, Edward Lovelace

View Mid-August Lunch
Mid-August Lunch
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Mid-August Lunch 2008 U

Di Gregorio stars as a bibulous loafer trying to reduce his debts by looking after his friends’ elderly mothers during the holidays. Warm and witty

75 mins Italy Director. Gianni Di Gregorio

View Private Road
Private Road
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Private Road 1971 15

A compelling tale about the struggle for personal freedom, starring Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I).

89 mins United Kingdom Director. Barney Platts-Mills

View Le quattro volte
Le quattro volte
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Le quattro volte 2010 U

Michelangelo Frammartino's quirky, wordless account of rural Calabrian life is elegant, touching and funny, a philosophical poem to enduring tradition

88 mins Italy Director. Michelangelo Frammartino

View Red
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Red 1995 PG

Beautiful, bittersweet tale of love, longing and Elvis. Xiao Mei leaves China for marriage in Britain. But her true desire is to find her family.

United Kingdom Director. Rosa Fong

View La Règle du jeu
La Règle du jeu
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La Règle du jeu 1939 PG

Renoir's depiction of an intransigent society teetering towards disaster was derided upon release and only later acclaimed as one of cinema’s most vital films.

84 mins France

View Ring and the Rajah
Ring and the Rajah
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Ring and the Rajah 1914

"East is east and west is west": an Indian maharajah falls for an Englishwoman with disastrous consequences in this early fiction short.

17 mins United Kingdom Director. Harold Shaw

View Road to Saint Tropez
Road to Saint Tropez
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Road to Saint Tropez 1966 PG

Director Mike Sarne's debut film is an 'anti-travelogue', starring Udo Kier.

31 mins United Kingdom Director. Mike Sarne

View The Rocking Horse
The Rocking Horse
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The Rocking Horse 1962 12

James Scott's a short film about a chance love affair between a teddy boy and a painter, set in London, 1962.

24 mins United Kingdom Director. James Scott

View Rosebud
Watch from £0.85 13 mins

Rosebud 1991 15

A lesbian couple arouse the interest of their new neighbour in this erotic tale of voyeurism, power dressing and fantasy.

13 mins United Kingdom

View Rust and Bone
Rust and Bone
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Rust and Bone 2012 15

Rust and Bone is as punchy and abrasive as its title suggests – but intensely moving and surprisingly poetic too.

France-Belgium Director. Jacques Audiard

View Bastards
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Bastards 2013 18

Claire Denis’ moody and atmospheric thriller about an absent brother returning to the fold to investigate his family’s murky secrets.

100 mins France Director. Claire Denis

View The Selfish Giant
The Selfish Giant
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The Selfish Giant 2013 15

Two Yorkshire tearaways struggle with life and friendship in this challenging, compassionate growing-up tale by the director of The Arbor.

90 mins United Kingdom

View She, a Chinese
She, a Chinese
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She, a Chinese 2009 18

British-Chinese director Xiaolu Guo’s story of a young woman's journey from a remote Chinese village to London, in an attempt to realise the Western consumer dream.

United Kingdom Director. Xiaolu Guo

View Shell
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Shell 2012 15

In a remote part of Scotland, teenager Shell develops an intense relationship with her reclusive father.

90 mins United Kingdom

View Seven Samurai
Seven Samurai
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Seven Samurai 1954 PG

Farmers hire a band of samurai to defend them against marauding bandits in Kurosawa’s influential epic, a touchstone for action movies ever since.

200 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

View Short Term 12
Short Term 12
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Short Term 12 2013 15

A care-worker is confronted by a troubled teen whose case history provokes an unwelcome reminder of her own concealed and traumatic past.


View The Shout
The Shout
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The Shout 1978 15

Cannes’ Grand Jury Prize was awarded to this unnerving drama about a man who claims to be able to kill people with a ‘terror shout’ learned from an Aboriginal shaman.

82 mins United Kingdom Director. Jerzy Skolimowski

View Sightseers
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Sightseers 2012 15

Young lovers Chris and Tina turn their first holiday together into a rural killing spree in Ben Wheatley's priceless black comedy.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View Silence
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Silence 2011 PG

Pat Collins' film, following a sound recordist around western Ireland in an intriguing mix of fiction and documentary, makes us really look and listen

87 mins Ireland Director. Pat Collins

View Beauty
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Beauty 2011 18

Oliver Hermanus' unblinking look at homophobia, hypocrisy and repressed desire in today's South Africa is tough, troubling and impressive

104 mins Director. Oliver Hermanus

View Smart Alek
Smart Alek
Watch from £0.85 18 mins

Smart Alek 1993

Sean Lock is a criminal 'Smart Alek' in this apparently true story of a family holiday turned bloody nightmare.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Kötting

View Snowballs
Watch for free 1 mins

Snowballs 1901

Young scamps launch a snowball attack on a hapless bobby.

1 mins United Kingdom

View Some People
Some People
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Some People 1962 PG

Cult 1960s musical drama about a leather boy who forms a Shadows-style guitar band.

89 mins United Kingdom

View Soursweet
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Soursweet 1988 15

Hong Kong newlyweds seek a fresh start in 60s Britain, but fall foul of the Triad underworld in this adaptation of Timothy Mo's blackly comic novel.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Mike Newell

View Sporting Colliers and the Bobby
Sporting Colliers and the Bobby
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Sporting Colliers and the Bobby 1901

A policeman breaks up a gambling den, but is caught pocketing the proceeds.

2 mins United Kingdom

View The Spy's Wife
The Spy's Wife
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The Spy's Wife 1971 12

Tom Bell stars in this short film about a spy's wife who shows herself to be rather adept at espionage, while her husband is away on a mission.

28 mins United Kingdom Director. Gerry O'Hara

View Tabu
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Tabu 2012 15

A Portuguese woman reflects on her earlier life in an unnamed African country during the colonial era, in Miguel Gomes’ artfully composed diptych.

Portugal Director. Miguel Gomes

View A Simple Life
A Simple Life
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A Simple Life 2011 PG

A wealthy film executive reconnects with the nanny who raised him, in a touching drama from the great humanist of the Hong Kong New Wave, Ann Hui.

Director. Ann Hui On-wah

View That Kind of Girl
That Kind of Girl
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That Kind of Girl 1963 12

A cautionary tale about VD and the dangers of free-love set against a backdrop of smoky jazz clubs and evocative London locations.

77 mins United Kingdom Director. Gerry O'Hara

View The Hunt
The Hunt
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The Hunt 2012 15

Mads Mikkelsen stars in a distressing examination of a false indictment, and the collective hysteria that ensues, in this electrifying drama from Festen director Thomas Vinterberg.

Denmark Director. Thomas Vinterberg

View The Wall
The Wall
Watch from £2.13

The Wall 2011 12

A woman holidaying at an Alpine hunting lodge discovers she’s been encircled by a mysterious, invisible force-field, in this highly original exploration of solitude and survival.

Director. Julian Roman Pölsler

View To Have and to Hold
To Have and to Hold
Watch from £0.85 13 mins

To Have and to Hold 2000

A woman finds that death will not part her from her deceased lover.

13 mins United Kingdom Director. John Hardwick

View Tom at the Farm
Tom at the Farm
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Tom at the Farm 2013 15

Dark psychosexual thriller from prodigious Canadian director Xavier Dolan, following a young man who finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of deception.

103 mins France

View Tomboy
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Tomboy 2011 15

A ten-year-old girl, settling into her new neighbourhood outside Paris, is mistaken for a boy and has to live up to this new identity since it's too late for the mistake to be clarified.

82 mins France

View Tony Manero
Tony Manero
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Tony Manero 2008 18

Pablo Larrain's drama about a dancer obsessed by Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever is a darkly witty take on life in Pinochet's Chile

98 mins Chile Director. Pablo Larraín

View Totally F***Ed Up
Totally F***Ed Up
Watch from £2.13

Totally F***Ed Up 1993 18

Gregg Araki's typically excessive and eccentric portrait of the lives of a group of six gay and lesbian teenagers in Los Angeles.

75 mins USA Director. Gregg Araki

View Trishna
Watch from £2.98

Trishna 2011 15

Tragedy befalls a young Indian woman when she falls in love with a rich British man in Michael Winterbottom's sharp Thomas Hardy update.

113 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Winterbottom

View Two Columbines
Two Columbines
Watch for free

Two Columbines 1914

Moving theatre-set Christmas tale of a former dancer and her child

United Kingdom Director. Harold Shaw

View Uncle Silas
Uncle Silas
Watch from £2.13

Uncle Silas 1947 PG

Gothic chiller based on the novel by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. Jean Simmons stars as an heiress pursued by her unbalanced uncle and his perverted son.

103 mins United Kingdom Director. Charles Frank

View Unfaithful Wife
Unfaithful Wife
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Unfaithful Wife 1900

A faithless wife, with a penchant for men in uniform, entertains a sailor before her policeman husband comes home.

United Kingdom

View Unrelated
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Unrelated 2007 15

On a Tuscan break a fortysomething woman finds herself drawn to the company of a group of partying teens, including a young Tom Hiddleston (in one of his earliest roles).

United Kingdom Director. Joanna Hogg

View Vapors
Watch from £0.85

Vapors 1965 15

Set in a New York bathhouse, this gritty but sensitive portrayal of pre-Stonewall gay life, chronicles an awkward encounter between two equally inexperienced strangers.

USA Director. Andy Milligan

View Journey to Italy
Journey to Italy
Watch from £2.98

Journey to Italy 1954 PG

Roberto Rossellini's acerbic but finally very moving masterpiece about marital crisis boasts great performances from Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders

106 mins Italy

View Victim
Watch from £2.98

Victim 1961 PG

This thought-provoking classic stars Dirk Bogarde as a homosexual lawyer who risks his career to hunt down a blackmailer.

100 mins United Kingdom Director. Basil Dearden

View Voice Over
Voice Over
Watch from £2.98

Voice Over 1981 15

This disturbing and controversial psychological drama from award-winning director Christopher Monger features a compelling central performance from Ian McNeice.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Chris Monger

View We Are the Best!
We Are the Best!
Watch from £3.83

We Are the Best! 2013 15

A raucous coming-of-age comedy about three schoolgirls who form a punk band in 1982 Stockholm, from director Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Love).

Sweden Director. Lukas Moodysson

View Weekend
Watch from £2.98

Weekend 2011 18

Andrew Haigh's internationally acclaimed tale of a brief encounter between two gay men.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Haigh

View The White Ribbon
The White Ribbon
Watch from £2.98

The White Ribbon 2009 15

Michael Haneke's Cannes prizewinner, set in a pre-WW1 German village, explores the oppressively strict social conditions that gave rise to Nazism

144 mins Germany Director. Michael Haneke

View We Need to Talk About Kevin
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Watch from £2.98

We Need to Talk About Kevin 2010 15

Tilda Swinton gives a BAFTA-nominated performance as the mother of a teenager who commits a high school massacre. With Ezra Miller and John C. Reilly.

112 mins United Kingdom Director. Lynne Ramsay

View We Once Were Tide
We Once Were Tide
Watch from £0.85 18 mins

We Once Were Tide 2011

Anthony and Kyle spend their last night together in this quietly moving short set on a windswept Isle of Wight.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Jason Bradbury

View Wild and the Willing
Wild and the Willing
Watch from £2.13

Wild and the Willing 1962

Ian McShane and John Hurt made their feature film debuts in this swinging 1960s drama centring on a group of students and their sexual exploits and escapades.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Ralph Thomas

View Crows
Watch from £2.98

Crows 1994 PG

Dorota Kiedzerawska’s remarkable film turns a troubling storyline - about a neglected girl who kidnaps another girl and acts as her surrogate mother - into a tender and exhilarating drama.

66 mins Director. Dorota Kedzierzawska

View Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights
Watch from £2.98

Wuthering Heights 2010 15

Andrea Arnold's bold re-imagining of the Emily Brontë classic.

128 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrea Arnold

View Speechless
Watch from £2.98

Speechless 2012 15

A mysterious, exotic and riveting drama about a nameless man discovered naked on a riverbank, who forms a bond with the hospital assistant who can communicate with him.

92 mins Director. Simon Chung

View Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever
Watch from £0.85

Yellow Fever 1998

A gay British-Chinese man refuses to date Chinese men. But then Jai Ming moves in next door.

25 mins United Kingdom Director. Raymond Yeung

View Women Without Men
Women Without Men
Watch from £2.98

Women Without Men 2009 15

Artist Shirin Neshat’s version of a banned novel depicts the experiences of four Iranian women in 1953, when the Shah was reinstated after a coup d’état

99 mins Germany Director. Shirin Neshat

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