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View £100 Reward
£100 Reward
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£100 Reward 1908

A spirited crime-busting yarn for dog lovers everywhere, as man's best friend proves his worth

7 mins United Kingdom Director. James Williamson

View American Gangster
American Gangster
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American Gangster 2007 18

Ridley Scott’s heavyweight crime drama follows the rise and fall of drug-runner Frank Lucas, commandingly portrayed by Denzel Washington.

169 mins USA Director. Ridley Scott

View Assault

Assault 1970 15

Violent British crime film about a murderer on the loose near a girls’ school, starring Suzy Kendall and Lesley Anne-Down.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Sidney Hayers

View The Broken Swastika
The Broken Swastika
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The Broken Swastika 1932

In this bizarre 1932 short film produced by the Bournemouth Cine Society, a swastika pendant becomes a plot device in a kidnapping drama.

13 mins United Kingdom

View Brotherhood
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Brotherhood 2016 15

A decade after the release of Adulthood, Sam (Noel Clarke) is trying to keep his family safe while simmering old grudges threaten to resurface.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Noel Clarke

View Deadlier than the Male
Deadlier than the Male

Deadlier than the Male 1966 12

Richard Johnson is Bulldog Drummond, a freelance investigator who attracts the attention of a pair of deadly female assassins, played by Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Ralph Thomas

View Death by Design
Death by Design
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Death by Design 1943

Dastardly deeds are afoot in a smog of pipe smoke when a man is found dead - is it cyanide poisoning or smoke inhalation?

49 mins United Kingdom Director. Germain Burger

View Death in High Heels
Death in High Heels
Watch from £2.13

Death in High Heels 1947

When one of the ladies at a posh couturier is poisoned, all the staff come under suspicion.

48 mins United Kingdom Director. Lionel Tomlinson

View The Diamond
The Diamond
Watch for free 14 mins

The Diamond 1938

A gem-smuggling conspiracy drives an entertaining and unusually accomplished amateur fiction.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. Vernon Hunter

View Double Indemnity
Double Indemnity
Watch from £2.98

Double Indemnity 1944 PG

Barbara Stanwyck is the housewife who dupes an insurance salesman into a devious murder plot, in this giant of American cinema - the archetypal Film Noir.

107 mins USA Director. Billy Wilder

View Emil and the Detectives
Emil and the Detectives

Emil and the Detectives 1935 U

The British adaptation of Eric Kastner’s much-loved children’s book is an evocative adventure on the streets of pre-war London.

70 mins United Kingdom Director. Milton Rosmer

View Face

Face 1997 18

Robert Carlyle and Ray Winstone are members of a gang of thieves that falls apart when a heist goes wrong, in Antonia Bird’s stylish and political crime thriller.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Antonia Bird

View Filth
Watch from £2.98

Filth 2013 18

The biting Irvine Welsh adaptation stars a sensational James McAvoy, boldly cast against type as the cop struggling to suppress his inner demons.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Jon S. Baird

View Future Lasts a Long Time
Future Lasts a Long Time
Watch for free 14 mins

Future Lasts a Long Time 1996 12

Dream-like short film starring Samantha Morton, in one of her earliest screen credits, as one of a couple on the run who hide out in the Fens.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. David Jackson

View The Gold Express
The Gold Express
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The Gold Express 1955 U

Claustrophobic train-set comedy-thriller with a gang of crooks intent on stealing a gold shipment on a Scotland to London express.

58 mins United Kingdom Director. Guy Fergusson

View Gomorrah

Gomorrah 2008 15

Matteo Garrone's searing and unnervingly authentic Naples crime drama won the Gran Prix at Cannes and inspired a hit TV series.

131 mins Italy Director. Matteo Garrone

View The Guard
The Guard
Watch from £2.98

The Guard 2011 15

Brendan Gleeson plays the Garda sergeant reluctantly pitted on the trail of a major drug-smuggling ring, in John Michael McDonagh’s wild comedy.

Ireland Director. John Michael McDonagh

View Harry Brown
Harry Brown
Watch from £2.98

Harry Brown 2009 18

Michael Caine’s storming return to an action role finds him as a retired marine confronting local hoodlums on his housing estate.

103 mins United Kingdom Director. Daniel Barber

View Hell or High Water
Hell or High Water
Watch from £3.83

Hell or High Water 2016 15

Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine star in David Mackenzie’s acclaimed crime drama about two brothers who rob the banks that seized their ranch, and the sheriff on their heels.

102 mins USA Director. David Mackenzie

View High and Low
High and Low

High and Low 1963 12

Akira Kurosawa’s procedural crime masterpiece, from Ed McBain’s gritty novel, follows an industrialist who faces an agonising choice as a result of a botched kidnapping by ruthless criminals.

143 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

View The Ipcress File
The Ipcress File

The Ipcress File 1965 PG

The coolest spy of all – Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer – makes his brilliant big screen debut in this landmark British spy thriller.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Sidney J. Furie

View Irish and Proud of It
Irish and Proud of It
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Irish and Proud of It 1936

Kidnapping, mobsters and moonshine! Is this a story is set in a country, which exists only in the minds of those who have never been to Ireland?

72 mins United Kingdom Director. Donovan Pedelty

View Kate Plus Ten
Kate Plus Ten
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Kate Plus Ten 1938

Laughs and thrills come thick and fast in this Edgar Wallace comedy-thriller with a hair-raising car versus train chase.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. Reginald Denham

View Kill List
Kill List
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Kill List 2011 18

Ben Wheatley’s ultra-violent second feature, invoking both The Wicker Man and Apocalypse Now.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View Legend
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Legend 2015 18

Tom Hardy’s magnetic double-performance as infamous East End gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray commands Brian Helgeland stylish biopic.

131 mins France Director. Brian Helgeland

View The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog 1926 PG

Ivor Novello plays a strange lodger who may be behind a number of Jack the Ripper-style killings in Alfred Hitchcock’s silent thriller.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View The Long Dark Hall
The Long Dark Hall
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The Long Dark Hall 1951 12

This British noir delivers a disquieting story of obsession and manipulation, with Rex Harrison as a man accused of murdering his mistress.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Reginald Beck, Anthony Bushell

View Madeleine

Madeleine 1950 U

David Lean’s film of an infamous 19th-century crime of passion stars his then-wife Ann Todd as the society lady on trial for murdering her lover.

100 mins United Kingdom Director. David Lean

View Marnie
Watch from £2.98

Marnie 1964 15

Sean Connery stars as the man who marries a kleptomaniac who has some strange psychological problems, played by Tippi Hedren.

130 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Midnight Mail
Midnight Mail
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Midnight Mail 1915

Knowledge of Morse code and having a train driver as a sweetheart come in handy in this ‘race to the rescue’ crime thriller.

United Kingdom Director. Warwick Buckland

View Mr. Holmes
Mr. Holmes
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Mr. Holmes 2015 PG

Ian McKellen plays the august detective, now a 93-year-old whose principle case is trying to unravel the mysteries of his own past.

100 mins USA Director. Bill Condon

View M
Watch from £2.98

M 1931 PG

Peter Lorre is unforgettable as the compulsive child murderer on the run from both police and criminals alike, in Fritz Lang’s seminal crime film.

99 mins Germany Director. Fritz Lang

View Mysteries of London
Mysteries of London
Watch for free

Mysteries of London 1915

Romantic melodrama about a woman who loses both her parents and innocently falls in with a bad crowd.

49 mins United Kingdom Director. A.E. Coleby

View The Mystery of a London Flat
The Mystery of a London Flat
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The Mystery of a London Flat 1915

A burglar confesses to killing a woman in this incomplete early crime drama.

United Kingdom Director. Walter West

View Mystery on Bird Island
Mystery on Bird Island
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Mystery on Bird Island 1954

Four youngsters in Alderney go on an escapade involving smugglers and stolen eggs in this adventure film

United Kingdom Director. John Haggarty

View Neds
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Neds 2010 18

Peter Mullan's forceful drama about a boy who becomes embroiled in gangland life in 1970s Glasgow, peppered throughout with a rich vein of black humour.

124 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Mullan

View Nightcrawler
Watch from £2.98

Nightcrawler 2014 15

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a crime journalist scouring the streets of after-dark LA in a stylish thriller that examines the morals of mass media.

117 mins USA Director. Dan Gilroy

View Night Ferry
Night Ferry

Night Ferry 1976 U

A schoolboy aims to avert a dastardly plan to smuggle antiques out of the country in this rousing kids’ crime yarn.

58 mins United Kingdom Director. David Eady

View Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out 1947 PG

A gunman, badly wounded during a robbery, attempts to escape from the authorities in Belfast, in Carol Reed's moody Belfast set-thriller with James Mason.

116 mins United Kingdom Director. Carol Reed

View Only God Forgives
Only God Forgives
Watch from £2.98

Only God Forgives 2013 18

Ryan Gosling takes on Bangkok’s criminal underworld in this kaleidoscopic revenge fantasy from cult director Nicolas Winding Refn.

90 mins Denmark Director. Nicolas Winding Refn

View Passport to Shame
Passport to Shame
Watch from £2.98

Passport to Shame 1958 18

Diana Dors plays a sex worker with Herbert Lom as her sleazy pimp in this fierce and fiery thriller of 1950s prostitution on the London streets.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Alvin Rakoff

View Payroll
Watch from £2.98

Payroll 1961 PG

Billie Whitelaw stars in this tough Tyneside-set crime drama about a gang of criminals who turn against each other following a payroll heist.

105 mins United Kingdom

View Peril for the Guy
Peril for the Guy
Watch for free

Peril for the Guy 1956 U

In the run up to November the 5th, kids collecting coins for their living Guy foil a dastardly plot to steal an amazing new oil detection machine.

55 mins United Kingdom

View Piccadilly
Watch from £2.98

Piccadilly 1929 PG

The glitter of Jazz Age clubland meets the Far East (of London) in this stunningly restored silent classic, starring Anna May Wong.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. E.A. Dupont

View Pierrot le Fou
Pierrot le Fou
Watch from £2.13

Pierrot le Fou 1965 15

Godard’s stunning, colour widescreen account of the wild journey of ‘the last romantic couple’, Pierrot (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his lover Marianne (Karina).

110 mins France Director. Jean-Luc Godard

View Pink String and Sealing Wax
Pink String and Sealing Wax
Watch from £2.98

Pink String and Sealing Wax 1945 PG

Gordon Jackson stars in a seething tale of family conflict, murder and blackmail in Victorian Brighton.

89 mins United Kingdom Director. Robert Hamer

View Pirates of 1920
Pirates of 1920
Watch for free 14 mins

Pirates of 1920 1911

A rip-roaring adventure tale with a nod to Jules Verne, as a band of futuristic cut-throats terrorise the skies in their trusty airship.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. Dave Aylott, A.E. Coleby

View Pool of London
Pool of London
Watch from £2.98

Pool of London 1950 PG

Earl Cameron plays a naive Jamaican sailor who's dragged into a botched diamond robbery when trying to help a friend.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Basil Dearden

View Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction
Watch from £2.98

Pulp Fiction 1994 18

Quentin Tarantino’s crackling crime classic still retains its swagger as one of the great American films of recent decades.

154 mins USA Director. Quentin Tarantino

View Rashomon

Rashomon 1950 12

Credited with bringing Japanese cinema to worldwide audiences, Akira Kurosawa’s breakthrough tells the story of a murder in the woods from four differing perspectives.

88 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

View Retribution
Watch for free 17 mins

Retribution 1931

Sheila sees the folly of her ways when husband, John, is to be hanged for murdering her paramour, but once trusty Bill from the CID is on the case, the real killer is soon unmasked

17 mins United Kingdom

View Rope
Watch from £2.98

Rope 1948 PG

Hitchcock’s stage adaptation about two murderers who hide a body during a dinner party is famously constructed from 10 unbroken ten-minute takes.

80 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View The Rover
The Rover
Watch from £2.98

The Rover 2013 15

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson star in a post-apocalyptic thriller set in the Australian outback, from the director of Animal Kingdom.

103 mins Australia Director. David Michôd

View Sanshiro Sugata part two
Sanshiro Sugata part two

Sanshiro Sugata part two 1945 PG

This sequel reunites most of the principal cast from the original and follows Sanshiro face a new set of enemies whilst continuing his quest to become a judo master.

83 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

View Sicario
Watch from £3.83

Sicario 2015 15

Emily Blunt plays the FBI agent enlisted for a special operation against Mexican cartels, in this pulsatingly tense thriller from Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Prisoners).

121 mins USA Director. Denis Villeneuve

View The Silent Playground
The Silent Playground
Watch from £2.13

The Silent Playground 1963

A warning tale about the dangers of taking sweets from strangers.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. Stanley Goulder

View Sons of the Sea
Sons of the Sea
Watch from £2.98

Sons of the Sea 1925

Two boys answer the call of the sea as Royal Navy recruits in this adventure of the seven seas.

72 mins United Kingdom

View Stray Dog
Stray Dog

Stray Dog 1949 PG

Akira Kurosawa’s masterful mix of film noir and police thriller set on the sweltering mean streets of occupied Tokyo.

122 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

View Terry on the Fence
Terry on the Fence

Terry on the Fence 1985 PG

11-year-old Terry runs away from home and is drawn into a gang of bullies, in a gritty Children's Film Foundation drama.

70 mins United Kingdom Director. Frank Godwin

View The Bad Sleep Well
The Bad Sleep Well

The Bad Sleep Well 1960 PG

The first film made by Akira Kurosawa's own production company is a dark tale of greed, corporate corruption and revenge.

135 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

View The Heart Within
The Heart Within
Watch for free

The Heart Within 1957

Thrilling adventure set in London's docklands involving a young lad and a Trinidadian docker who's framed for murder.

59 mins United Kingdom Director. David Eady

View The Killers
The Killers
Watch from £2.98

The Killers 1946 PG

Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner star in Robert Siodmak’s gritty and muscular film noir, adapted from Hemingway’s short story.

90 mins USA Director. Robert Siodmak

View To the Rescue
To the Rescue
Watch for free

To the Rescue 1952

An eccentric dog-loving grocer leads the chase to reclaim a stolen pedigree poodle in this madcap canine comedy

21 mins United Kingdom Director. Jacques Brunius

View Trespass
Watch from £2.98

Trespass 1992 15

Rap legends Ice Cube and Ice-T share a screen for the first time as gang members facing off against firemen hunting for a stash of gold.

101 mins USA Director. Walter Hill

View Triple 9
Triple 9
Watch from £3.83

Triple 9 2015 15

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson make up the heavyweight cast for John Hillcoat’s (The Proposition) stunning heist thriller.

115 mins USA Director. John Hillcoat

View Ultus 3: The Grey Lady
Ultus 3: The Grey Lady
Watch for free

Ultus 3: The Grey Lady 1916

The most complete surviving episode of Ultus the Man from the Dead, the only example of a British silent crime serial

75 mins United Kingdom Director. George Pearson

View Yojimbo

Yojimbo 1961 PG

Kurosawa’s classic about a drifting samurai who plays two gangs off against each other, famously remade as A Fistful of Dollars.

106 mins Japan Director. Akira Kurosawa

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