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View 8 Minutes Idle
8 Minutes Idle
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8 Minutes Idle 2012 15

Quirky British call-centre comedy about whose life is disrupted when he has to start living in his office.

86 mins United Kingdom

View 92 in the Shade
92 in the Shade
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92 in the Shade 1975

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates feature in a sweaty and suspenseful tale of warring Florida fishing gangs, in this long unavailable 1970s thriller.

87 mins USA Director. Thomas McGuane

View All Consuming Love
All Consuming Love
Watch from £0.85 8 mins

All Consuming Love 2011

Kevin Eldon voices this oddball, award-winning animated short about a tiny middle-aged man who lives inside a stray cat.

8 mins United Kingdom

View All in Good Time
All in Good Time
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All in Good Time 2011 12

A pair of newlyweds endure a honeymoon staying with the groom's parents in a comedy from East Is East writer Ayub Khan-Din.

93 mins United Kingdom

View And Very Nice Too
And Very Nice Too
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And Very Nice Too 1914

A vicar is caught flirting with an improperly-dressed chorus girl in this saucy silent comedy.

9 mins United Kingdom Director. Charles Weston

View The Automatic Motorist
The Automatic Motorist
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The Automatic Motorist 1911

A leisurely drive turns into an out-of-this-world adventure for a newlywed couple and their robot chauffeur.

6 mins United Kingdom

View Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part II
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Back to the Future Part II 1989 PG

Marty McFly and Doc return for the fast-paced sequel that flits between 2015, 1955 and an alternate 1985 where the dastardly Biff has become rich and powerful.

108 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Back to the Future Part III
Back to the Future Part III
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Back to the Future Part III 1990 PG

In the series’ final entry, Marty travels back to 1885 to rescue Doc but becomes similarly stuck in the Western era when the DeLorean runs out of gas.

118 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Careless Love
Careless Love
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Careless Love 1977

Black comedy starring Jane Asher in which a woman finds her lover unsympathetic to the idea of marriage and takes drastic action.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Francine Winham

View The Happiest Girl in the World
The Happiest Girl in the World
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The Happiest Girl in the World 2009 15

Radu Jude's brilliantly paced account of a family's day in Bucharest is a darkly comic satire on the media, nascent capitalism and parental power

100 mins Romania Director. Radu Jude

View Dead Hungry
Dead Hungry
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Dead Hungry 2009

A hungry zombie finds love while terrorising teenage campers in this gruesome but fun twist on the zombie movie.

9 mins United Kingdom

View The Double
The Double
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The Double 2013 15

Richard Ayoade’s stylish and sinister adaptation of Dostoevsky’s story stars Jesse Eisenberg in a dual-role as a timid office clerk confronted by his confident, scheming doppelganger.

United Kingdom

View Down by Law
Down by Law
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Down by Law 1986 15

Jim Jarmusch’s classic American indie is a bewitching blend of prison movie, poetic fable and comedy.

107 mins USA Director. Jim Jarmusch

View Fat Man on a Bicycle
Fat Man on a Bicycle
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Fat Man on a Bicycle 1914

A clumsy oversized cyclist causes chaos in this knockabout silent comedy.

2 mins United Kingdom

View Finding His Counterpart
Finding His Counterpart
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Finding His Counterpart 1914

A comedy clot takes up phrenology and tries to find his ideal partner by feeling the bumps on women's heads, only to end up as a cannibal's dinner.

9 mins United Kingdom

View Frank
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Frank 2013 15

Michael Fassbender is the man inside the papier-mâché head, in this fictionalised reimagining of the story of northern entertainer Frank Sidebottom.

Ireland Director. Lenny Abrahamson

View G.B.F.
Watch from £3.83

G.B.F. 2013 15

Three high-school girls wage war to win the latest must-have social accessory - a Gay Best Friend.

92 mins USA Director. Darren Stein

View A Gun for George
A Gun for George
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A Gun for George 2011 15

Pulp author Terry Finch is determined to wreak vengeance on those who killed his brother. And to complain to Kent library services.

17 mins United Kingdom

View Home-made Car
Home-made Car
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Home-made Car 1963

In this charming short film directed by James Hill, a man restores his dilapidated Bullnose Morris under the watchful eye of a curious young neighbour.

27 mins United Kingdom

View How Things Do Develop
How Things Do Develop
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How Things Do Develop 1914

Two budding photographers enjoy a day's happy snapping in this quaint comedy caper.

8 mins United Kingdom Director. Hay Plumb

View Lieutenant Lilly and the Sploge of Opium
Lieutenant Lilly and the Sploge of Opium
Watch for free 10 mins

Lieutenant Lilly and the Sploge of Opium 1913

The intrepid Lt Lilly is called upon to quell a Chinese Boxer rebellion in a spoof adventure serial.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Hay Plumb

View Lt Pimple and the Stolen Submarine
Lt Pimple and the Stolen Submarine
Watch for free 14 mins

Lt Pimple and the Stolen Submarine 1914

The intrepid Lieutenant Pimple thwarts foreign enemies in an action-packed wartime spy spoof.

14 mins United Kingdom

View Lizars, Edinburgh
Lizars, Edinburgh
Watch for free

Lizars, Edinburgh 1904

Can you identify this Edwardian comic, playing a gossiping Rajah?

United Kingdom

View The London Story
The London Story
Watch from £0.85 15 mins

The London Story 1986 U

Sally Potter's lively dance film about spies and government intrigue.

15 mins United Kingdom Director. Sally Potter

View Love Me till Monday
Love Me till Monday
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Love Me till Monday 2013 15

A graduate in a dead-end office job searches for happiness in this fresh and funny British comedy.

United Kingdom

View The Magic Glass
The Magic Glass
Watch for free 10 mins

The Magic Glass 1914

An inventor develops a magnifying glass that can see though solid objects, but when he uses it on his family it proves more curse than boon...

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Hay Plumb

View The Man Who Never Made Good
The Man Who Never Made Good
Watch for free 7 mins

The Man Who Never Made Good 1914

A bungling bumpkin fails at a number of jobs in this slapstick comedy - before he finds his true calling.

7 mins United Kingdom

View Mercutio's Dreaming
Mercutio's Dreaming
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Mercutio's Dreaming 2011

The travails of a British-Chinese, would-be Shakespearean actor, in an industry that sees him only as an 'Oriental'.

United Kingdom Director. Daniel York, Jennifer Lim

View Mike Murphy As Picture Actor
Mike Murphy As Picture Actor
Watch for free 8 mins

Mike Murphy As Picture Actor 1914

Cut! An aspiring thespian runs amok on a film set in this slapstick silent comedy.

8 mins United Kingdom Director. Dave Aylott

View Morning Wash
Morning Wash
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Morning Wash 1900

An old joke but a merry one.

United Kingdom

View Mr Moon Outtakes
Mr Moon Outtakes
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Mr Moon Outtakes 1901

Rare production footage of an early 'trick' film with a famous music hall performer.

United Kingdom

View The Mystic Glove
The Mystic Glove
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The Mystic Glove 1914

Bizarre comedy in which an overfed diner has a peculiar dream involving a spectre and magical gloves.

5 mins United Kingdom

View The Phantom Light
The Phantom Light
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The Phantom Light 1935 U

Michael Powell’s gothic mystery of a haunted lighthouse where insanity thrives.

72 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Powell

View Ping Pong
Ping Pong
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Ping Pong 1986 PG

A young lawyer has to execute the will of a Chinese man found dead in a phone box in a witty comic thriller - the first British-Chinese feature film.

100 mins United Kingdom Director. Leong Po-chih

View Ping Pong Summer
Ping Pong Summer
Watch from £3.83

Ping Pong Summer 2014 15

In Maryland, 1985, teenager Rad is forced to face down the bullies in a table tennis tournament, with only his best friend and the expertise of his mysterious Mr Miyagi-esque neighbour for guidance.

92 mins Great Britain Director. Michael Tully

View Q Planes
Q Planes
Watch from £2.13

Q Planes 1939 U

Ralph Richardson and Laurence Oliver star in a spy drama about the disappearence of prototype military aircraft.

78 mins United Kingdom Director. Tim Whelan

View Repeater
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Repeater 1979 12

Comic thriller which, with its unorthodox narrative about a woman's confession of a murder, deconstructs the conventions of the genre.

74 mins United Kingdom Director. Chris Monger

View Riding High
Riding High
Watch for free

Riding High 1939 U

The sedate peace of Victorian England is disrupted by bumbling comedian Claude Dampier and that miracle of modern transport - the penny farthing...

69 mins United Kingdom Director. David Macdonald

View Servants Superceded
Servants Superceded
Watch for free 6 mins

Servants Superceded 1911

Two gifted servants perform magical feats for their employer with the aid of some impressive cinematic trick effects.

6 mins United Kingdom Director. Percy Stow

View Sightseers
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Sightseers 2012 15

Young lovers Chris and Tina turn their first holiday together into a rural killing spree in Ben Wheatley's priceless black comedy.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View Snowballs
Watch for free 1 mins

Snowballs 1901

Young scamps launch a snowball attack on a hapless bobby.

1 mins United Kingdom

View Sporting Colliers and the Bobby
Sporting Colliers and the Bobby
Watch for free 2 mins

Sporting Colliers and the Bobby 1901

A policeman breaks up a gambling den, but is caught pocketing the proceeds.

2 mins United Kingdom

View That Sinking Feeling
That Sinking Feeling
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That Sinking Feeling 1979 15

Before Gregory's Girl, Bill Forsyth mate this equally hilarious caper about a group of unemployed teenagers who hatch a plan to steal a job lot of stainless steel sinks.

90 mins Director. Bill Forsyth

View Time Flies
Time Flies
Watch from £2.98

Time Flies 1944 U

Fast-talking funny man Tommy Handley visits Elizabethan England - and ends up teaching Good Queen Bess con tricks - in this snappy time-travel comedy.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Walter Forde

View Tulpan
Watch from £2.98

Tulpan 2008 12

Sergei Dvortsevoy's feature debut is a deliciously droll tale of a Kazakh sailor out to win a wife and set himself up as a shepherd on the steppes.

103 mins Germany Director. Sergey Dvortsevoy

View Winky's Ruse
Winky's Ruse
Watch for free 6 mins

Winky's Ruse 1914

Gregarious tramp Winky tries to get one over on the local innkeeper in this daft silent comic short.

6 mins United Kingdom Director. Cecil Birch

View Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever
Watch from £0.85

Yellow Fever 1998

A gay British-Chinese man refuses to date Chinese men. But then Jai Ming moves in next door.

25 mins United Kingdom Director. Raymond Yeung

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