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Willow and Wind (81 mins)

An edge-of-seat masterpiece about a boy who has to transport a large pane of glass across the countryside in a howling gale. A school window is broken, and the children can’t concentrate because the rain is getting in. The culprit isn’t allowed back into class until he mends it himself, so he embarks on an arduous, thoroughly gripping odyssey.

In the hands of writer Abbas Kiarostami and director Mohammad-Ali Talebi, this simplest of stories becomes an epic quest: poetic and breathtakingly beautiful, with big-hearted humanism, but Hitchcockian tension too. An unmissable masterpiece.


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Featuring Hadi Alipour, Amir Janfada, Majid Alipour

Directed by Mohammad-Ali Talebi


Potentially imitable behaviour

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