Strong language, drug use, moderate sex

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Love Me till Monday (89 mins)

With a terrific lead performance from Georgia Maguire, Love Me till Monday is a comedy that will chime with anyone who has ever been a twentysomething graduate trying to find their way in the world, and discovering that reality refuses to play ball.

Becky is intelligent, pretty and a graduate. So why, while all her friends seem to be living it up or moving in with their boyfriends, is she working in a dead-end office job, living at home with her mum and sleeping with average-looking men who never call her back?

Gathering a crew of fresh graduates, and securing experienced television director Justin Hardy and actor Tim Plester, the filmmakers have created a sweet, charming and very British comedy about a young woman trying to be happy.


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Featuring Georgia Maguire, Tim Plester, Royce Pierreson


Strong language, drug use, moderate sex

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