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View The Airship Destroyer
The Airship Destroyer
Watch for free 9 mins

The Airship Destroyer 1909

England faces aerial invasion in this entertaining Edwardian science fiction fantasy.

9 mins United Kingdom

View Alphaville
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Alphaville 1965 12

Jean-Luc Godard’s venture into sci-fi pits secret agent Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine) on a mission to destroy the malevolent supercomputer, Alpha 60.

99 mins France Director. Jean-Luc Godard

View Ambition
Watch for free 7 mins

Ambition 2014

In this spectacular and unusual sci-fi short commissioned by the European Space Agency, a young apprentice in the art of terraforming planets is given a tutorial by her enigmatic master.

7 mins

View Arrival
Watch from £3.83

Arrival 2016 12

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner star as the humans who make first contact with extra-terrestrial visitors in this richly textured sci-fi from director Denis Villeneuve.

116 mins USA Director. Denis Villeneuve

View A Trip to the Moon
A Trip to the Moon
Watch for free 13 mins

A Trip to the Moon 1902 U

A classic of early sci-fi providing an awe-inspiring and delightful account of man’s first mission to the Moon.

13 mins France Director. Georges Méliès

View Attack the Block
Attack the Block
Watch from £2.98

Attack the Block 2011 15

Aliens wage war on a tower block after one of their number is bludgeoned by a street gang in this witty, action-packed feature debut by Joe Cornish.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Joe Cornish

View The Automatic Motorist
The Automatic Motorist
Watch for free 6 mins

The Automatic Motorist 1911

A leisurely drive turns into an out-of-this-world adventure for a newlywed couple and their robot chauffeur.

6 mins United Kingdom

View Back to the Future
Back to the Future
Watch from £2.98

Back to the Future 1985 PG

The beloved 1980s classic transports Marty McFly back to the 1950s, where he has to ensure his parents fall in love and get himself back to the future.

116 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part II
Watch from £2.98

Back to the Future Part II 1989 PG

Marty McFly and Doc return for the fast-paced sequel that flits between 2015, 1955 and an alternate 1985 where the dastardly Biff has become rich and powerful.

108 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Back to the Future Part III
Back to the Future Part III
Watch from £2.98

Back to the Future Part III 1990 PG

In the series’ final entry, Marty travels back to 1885 to rescue Doc but becomes similarly stuck in the Western era when the DeLorean runs out of gas.

118 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View *Batteries Not Included
*Batteries Not Included
Watch from £2.98

*Batteries Not Included 1987 PG

Doomed tenement residents are saved by the ‘Fix-Its’, small alien spacecraft that repair their battered apartments, in this much-loved family sci-fi.

106 mins USA Director. Matthew Robbins

View Behemoth the Sea Monster
Behemoth the Sea Monster
Watch from £2.13

Behemoth the Sea Monster 1958 PG

A radiation-spouting prehistoric creature emerges off the Cornish coast and begins making its way towards London, in Britain’s answer to Godzilla.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. Eugène Lourié

View The Boy Who Turned Yellow
The Boy Who Turned Yellow

The Boy Who Turned Yellow 1972 U

A London schoolboy’s surprise transformation marks the final collaboration of great British director Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

52 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Powell

View Capricorn One
Capricorn One

Capricorn One 1977 PG

Stunning sci-fi thriller steeped in post-Watergate paranoia, following a hoaxed mission to Mars and a trio of astronauts' desperate flight for survival, with Elliott Gould, James Brolin and O.J. Simpson.

123 mins USA Director. Peter Hyams

View Children of Men
Children of Men
Watch from £2.98

Children of Men 2006 15

In an apocalyptic future Britain, a civil servant is unexpectedly entrusted with the fate of humanity in Alfonso Cuarón’s gripping and thoughtful sci-fi.

109 mins USA

View Child's Play
Child's Play
Watch from £2.98

Child's Play 1954

Splitting the atom is as easy as ABC in this family-friendly adventure.

68 mins United Kingdom Director. Margaret Thomson

View Closets
Watch from £0.85 18 mins

Closets 2015 18

Tommy Knight (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Waterloo Road, Young Victoria) stars as a teenager struggling with his sexuality in 1986, who time-travels to the present day.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

View The Curse of Frankenstein
The Curse of Frankenstein
Watch from £2.98

The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 12

Meddling with nature has devastating consequences in Hammer's first Gothic horror, a visceral take on Mary Shelley's novel.

83 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Fisher

View The Day the Earth Caught Fire
The Day the Earth Caught Fire

The Day the Earth Caught Fire 1961 PG

The BFI’s new HD remaster of the British sci-fi classic. A journalist discovers that the Earth has been knocked off its axis and is moving ever closer to the sun. Is the Earth doomed?

United Kingdom Director. Val Guest

View Doomwatch
Watch from £2.98

Doomwatch 1972 12

Dr Del Shaw and the Doomwatch team investigate sinister effects of pollution on a small island in this big-screen spin-off from the cult BBC series.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Sasdy

View The Drumlin
The Drumlin
Watch for free 17 mins

The Drumlin 1980

Who will triumph when a game of hide and seek turns into a campaign against nuclear power?

17 mins Northern Ireland Director. Roy Spence

View Dune
Watch from £2.13

Dune 1984 12

David Lynch brings Frank Herbert’s powerful novel and rich fantasy world to life in this cinematic spectacle.

137 mins USA Director. David Lynch

View E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
E.T.  The Extra-Terrestrial
Watch from £2.98

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 U

Devotion meets imagination in Spielberg's ultimate crowd-pleaser, part of our new Sci-Fi Collection.

115 mins USA Director. Steven Spielberg

View Ever Been Had
Ever Been Had
Watch for free

Ever Been Had 1917

Blackly comic cartoon portrait of an apocalyptic England, destroyed 50 years after signing a premature peace in WWI.

United Kingdom

View Fiend without a Face
Fiend without a Face
Watch from £2.98

Fiend without a Face 1957 PG

What horror lies behind a series of grisly murders? A psychopath? Alien invaders? The truth is weirder still in this cult low-budget sci-fi horror.

74 mins United Kingdom

View The Final Programme
The Final Programme
Watch from £2.13

The Final Programme 1973 15

Wild adaptation of Michael Moorcock's novel about a playboy's search for the lost designs of the perfect self-replicating human.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Robert Fuest

View First Man into Space
First Man into Space
Watch from £2.98

First Man into Space 1958 PG

A young pilot becomes the first person to fly into outer space, but returns mutilated and thirsty for blood...

76 mins USA

View Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon
Watch from £2.98

Flash Gordon 1980 PG

Sam J. Jones stars as the quintessential comic strip hero, out to save the Earth from Ming the Merciless, in Mike Hodges’ visually ravishing sci-fi.

115 mins Netherlands Director. Mike Hodges

View Flight of the Navigator
Flight of the Navigator
Watch from £2.98

Flight of the Navigator 1986 U

1980s family sci-fi at its best, following a boy’s relationship with a talking spaceship that has filled his brain with intergalactic star charts.

90 mins USA Director. Randal Kleiser

View Frankenstein
Watch from £2.13

Frankenstein 1931 PG

The gothic horror that ushered in a wave of cinematic terror, starring Boris Karloff as the reconstructed monster with a human soul.

70 mins USA Director. James Whale

View Franklyn
Watch from £2.98

Franklyn 2008 15

Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe and Sam Riley star in an intricate, ambitious sci-fi drama that follows four parallel realities, each based around characters searching for salvation.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Gerald McMorrow

View Friendship’s Death
Friendship’s Death
Watch from £2.13

Friendship’s Death 1987

Tilda Swinton’s extraterrestrial robot makes left-field political observations about the state of the world in this witty sci-fi film.

78 mins United Kingdom

View The Fugitive Futurist
The Fugitive Futurist
Watch for free 12 mins

The Fugitive Futurist 1924

An on-the-run inventor claims to have invented a camera which looks into the future, showing a grim destiny for London landmarks like Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.

12 mins United Kingdom Director. Gaston Quiribet

View The Giant Gila Monster
The Giant Gila Monster
Watch from £2.13

The Giant Gila Monster 1959 PG

This low-budget addition to the creature features craze of the 1950s sees a giant lizard emerge from a Dallas ravine to terrorise teenagers.

74 mins USA Director. Ray Kellogg

View The Glitterball
The Glitterball

The Glitterball 1977 U

Somewhere in 1970s England, a UFO crashes in a potting shed. Inside is a strange round visitor from space: the Glitterball. How will it get home?

55 mins United Kingdom Director. Harley Cokliss

View Godzilla (1954)
Godzilla (1954)

Godzilla (1954) 1954 PG

The original Godzilla - arguably the definitive monster movie - both a bold metaphor for the atomic age and a thrilling powerhouse of pioneering special effects.

92 mins Japan Director. Ishiro Honda

View The Host
The Host

The Host 2006 15

Bong Joon-ho's barnstorming yet highly original monster movie follows an eccentric family's attempts to rescue the daughter snatched by a huge amphibious creature.

120 mins Korea, Republic of Director. Bong Joon-ho

View High-Rise
Watch from £3.83

High-Rise 2015 15

Ben Wheatley's savage and brilliant adaptation of JG Ballard's dystopian satire, starring Tom Hiddleston.

120 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View High Treason (silent version)
High Treason (silent version)
Watch for free

High Treason (silent version) 1929

A terrorist plot plays out on a backdrop of towering skyscrapers, bullet-railways and silver lamé in this vintage vision of London's future.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. Maurice Elvey

View High Treason (sound version)
High Treason (sound version)
Watch for free

High Treason (sound version) 1929

Extravagantly-mounted futuristic sci-fi, now with added sound, although still with the world's two power blocs at loggerheads.

67 mins United Kingdom

View A Hitch in Time
A Hitch in Time

A Hitch in Time 1978 U

Two curious kids are sent back in time by an eccentric professor, played by former Doctor Who Patrick Troughton.

55 mins United Kingdom Director. Jan Darnley-Smith

View The Incredible Shrinking Man
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Watch from £2.98

The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 PG

One of the classics of 50s sci-fi sees the title character in the unfortunate position of continually shrinking following exposure to radiation.

81 mins USA Director. Jack Arnold

View Island of Lost Souls
Island of Lost Souls
Watch from £2.13

Island of Lost Souls 1932 PG

A highly controversial adaptation of the H.G. Wells story about a mad scientist creating half human/half animal creatures on his island kingdom.

70 mins USA Director. Erle C. Kenton

View It Came from Outer Space
It Came from Outer Space
Watch from £2.98

It Came from Outer Space 1953 PG

One of the key UFO films of the '50s with aliens taking over the local townsfolk after their ship crash lands in the desert.

81 mins USA

View Kadoyng

Kadoyng 1972

It looks like the quaint village of Byway will be bulldozed to make way for a motorway – until alien outcast Kadoyng arrives from Outer Space to help.

60 mins United Kingdom Director. Ian Shand

View Keep Watching Skies
Keep Watching Skies
Watch for free

Keep Watching Skies 1975

Beware as the all-consuming creature from outer space embarks on a rampage of horror and death in this World Amateur Film of The Year.

21 mins Northern Ireland Director. Roy Spence

View Out of This World: Little Lost Robot
Out of This World: Little Lost Robot
Watch from £2.13

Out of This World: Little Lost Robot 1962 PG

Boris Karloff introduces the only surviving episode of the elusive sci-fi anthology series, an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s story about a rogue robot.

60 mins United Kingdom Director. Guy Verney

View The Magic Glass
The Magic Glass
Watch for free 10 mins

The Magic Glass 1914

An inventor develops a magnifying glass that can see though solid objects, but when he uses it on his family it proves more curse than boon...

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Hay Plumb

View The Man Who Changed His Mind
The Man Who Changed His Mind

The Man Who Changed His Mind 1936 U

Boris Karloff stars as Dr. Laurence, a scientist who has devised a way to put one person’s mind into another’s body.

66 mins United Kingdom Director. Robert Stevenson

View The Man Who Fell to Earth
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Watch from £2.13

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 18

Nicolas Roeg’s cult sci-fi stars David Bowie as an alien attempting to amass a fortune to save his home planet, but unable to escape his decadent earthly lifestyle.

133 mins United Kingdom Director. Nicolas Roeg

View Man without Desire
Man without Desire
Watch from £2.13

Man without Desire 1923

A sumptuous silent drama of love, frustrated desire and suspended animation in 18th-century Venice.

79 mins United Kingdom

View Memoirs of a Survivor
Memoirs of a Survivor
Watch from £2.13

Memoirs of a Survivor 1981 18

Julie Christie stars in an award-winning adaptation of Doris Lessing's famous dystopian novel.

111 mins United Kingdom

View A Message from Mars
A Message from Mars
Watch for free

A Message from Mars 1913

Britain's first full-length science fiction feature has been restored by the BFI National Archive and given a new score by composer Matthew Herbert, commissioned by the BFI and the BBC.

59 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Wallett Waller

View Metropolis
Watch from £2.98

Metropolis 1927 PG

Fritz Lang’s expressionist dystopia is one of the first science fiction feature films, and is arguably the most influential.

150 mins Germany

View Millennium

Millennium 1989 PG

Flight crash investigator Bill Smith (Kris Kristofferson) discovers that time travellers from the future are visiting the present day and stealing passengers from doomed aircraft to repopulate a future, infertile human race.

101 mins USA Director. Michael Anderson

View Möbius
Watch for free 5 mins

Möbius 2015

In a dystopian future where a totalitarian government rules all, prisoner Hearn must make a choice: to stay incarcerated forever or participate in project Möbius.

5 mins United Kingdom

View Monsters
Watch from £2.98

Monsters 2010 15

Gareth Edwards reimagined the monster movie with his highly impressive DIY sci-fi, in which an indie romance blossoms amid the trailing tentacles of an alien invasion.

United Kingdom Director. Gareth Edwards

View Monsters: Dark Continent
Monsters: Dark Continent
Watch from £3.83

Monsters: Dark Continent 2014 15

The pyrotechnic sequel to Gareth Edwards’ cult sci-fi follows US soldiers attempting to police alien-infested zones while also battling human insurgents.

120 mins United Kingdom Director. Tom Green

View Mr. Drake's Duck
Mr. Drake's Duck
Watch from £2.98

Mr. Drake's Duck 1951

The Drakes' dream of making an old Sussex farm successful comes to a halt after one of their ducks lays a radioactive egg

85 mins USA Director. Val Guest

View Night of the Big Heat
Night of the Big Heat
Watch from £2.98

Night of the Big Heat 1967 15

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing take on invaders from another world in Terence Fisher's scorching sci-fi yarn.

89 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Fisher

View Pastfinders
Watch for free

Pastfinders 1974

An engaging blend of sci-fi, education and unintentional humour aids this anti-smoking diatribe aimed at 1970s teenagers.

27 mins United Kingdom

View The Perfect Woman
The Perfect Woman
Watch for free

The Perfect Woman 1949

In a bid to improve on nature, a scientist creates a robot female. But the experiment doesn't quite turn out as planned...

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Bernard Knowles

View Peter and the Moon Man
Peter and the Moon Man
Watch for free 20 mins

Peter and the Moon Man 1929

The man in the moon learns about hygiene in this 1929 public information short promoting the benefits of all-electric mod cons.

20 mins United Kingdom

View Pi
Watch from £2.98

Pi 1997 15

Darren Aronofsky’s magisterial monochrome mystery concerns a mathematician whose discovery of a powerful number leads to the dark side.

84 mins USA Director. Darren Aronofsky

View Pirates of 1920
Pirates of 1920
Watch for free 14 mins

Pirates of 1920 1911

A rip-roaring adventure tale with a nod to Jules Verne, as a band of futuristic cut-throats terrorise the skies in their trusty airship.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. Dave Aylott, A.E. Coleby

View Plan 9 from Outer Space
Plan 9 from Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space 1958 PG

Notoriously dubbed one of the worst films ever made, this deranged 50s sci-fi remains a hilarious and extraordinary example of outsider cinema.

79 mins USA Director. Edward D. Wood Jr

View Fantastic Planet
Fantastic Planet
Watch from £2.98

Fantastic Planet 1973 PG

René Laloux and Roland Topor’s surreal, psychedelic sci-fi animation imagines a world in which humanoid creatures are kept as pets by a race of giants.

72 mins France Director. René Laloux

View Plenty of Time for Play
Plenty of Time for Play
Watch for free 15 mins

Plenty of Time for Play 1935

Step into the heady, high-tech future of... 1955 - a world of plastic clothes, video phones, and vacuum tube emails.

15 mins United Kingdom

View Privilege
Watch from £2.98

Privilege 1967 PG

An exalted pop star holds the country's youth in his thrall, but secretly his popularity is being carefully managed by the state.

103 mins United Kingdom

View Pumzi
Watch from £0.85

Pumzi 2010

Kenya’s first science-fiction film takes a dazzling trip into a post-apocalyptic world in which water has almost run out.

21 mins Director. Wanuri Kahiu

View Quatermass and the Pit
Quatermass and the Pit

Quatermass and the Pit 1967 12

One of Britain’s finest sci-fi films, based on Nigel Kneale’s masterful script, about the discovery of ancient alien craft beneath central London.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Roy Ward Baker

View Quest for Love
Quest for Love

Quest for Love 1971 PG

Joan Collins stars in this British sci-fi comedy, adapted from a John Wyndham story, about a man’s search for the perfect woman he briefly met in a parallel universe.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Ralph Thomas

View Rescued in Mid-air
Rescued in Mid-air
Watch for free 8 mins

Rescued in Mid-air 1906

This lively 'trick' film sees an eccentric inventor and his bizarre flying machine save the day when a woman becomes stranded on a church spire.

8 mins United Kingdom

View Rose Red
Rose Red

Rose Red 1994

Simon Pummell's (Bodysong) visually ravishing sci-fi thriller exploring the future of virtual reality and the desire to transcend human limits.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Simon Pummell

View The Rover
The Rover
Watch from £2.98

The Rover 2013 15

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson star in a post-apocalyptic thriller set in the Australian outback, from the director of Animal Kingdom.

103 mins Australia Director. David Michôd

View Saturn 3
Saturn 3

Saturn 3 1980 15

A pair of scientists' idyllic life on Saturn's moon is ruptured by the arrival of a sinister psychopath and his murderous robot.

87 mins United Kingdom

View Scanners
Watch from £2.98

Scanners 1980 18

From singularly talented Canadian director David Cronenberg comes this sci-fi/horror classic about people with powerfully violent telepathic powers.

103 mins Canada Director. David Cronenberg

View Serenity
Watch from £2.98

Serenity 2005 15

Whedon needs no education: one of the great natural storytellers shifts Firefly to film…

119 mins USA Director. Joss Whedon

View Short Circuit
Short Circuit
Watch from £2.98

Short Circuit 1986 PG

Johnny Five is alive! The sci-fi comedy about a military robot that gets struck by lightning and gains a personality.

98 mins USA Director. John Badham

View A Short Vision
A Short Vision
Watch for free 6 mins

A Short Vision 1956

The animated short on the terrors of nuclear apocalypse that became a sensation when it played on the Ed Sullivan show, leaving middle America highly disturbed.

6 mins United Kingdom

View Silent Running
Silent Running
Watch from £2.98

Silent Running 1971 PG

Douglas Trumbull’s ecological sci-fi, eulogised by Mark Kermode as the best science fiction film ever made.

89 mins USA Director. Douglas Trumbull

View Slaughterhouse-Five
Watch from £2.98

Slaughterhouse-Five 1972 15

This adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel follows Billy Pilgrim’s journeys in time as he flits between WWII Dresden and a future on planet Tralfamadore.

104 mins USA Director. George Roy Hill

View Specimens
Watch for free 15 mins

Specimens 1982

Alien overlords, a giant robot and cavemen… welcome to the feverish imagination of Roy Spence.

15 mins Northern Ireland

View Splice
Watch from £2.98

Splice 2010 15

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley are scientists who create an animal-human hybrid that develops at an alarming rate and soon grows out of control.

104 mins Canada Director. Vincenzo Natali

View The Strange World of Planet X
The Strange World of Planet X
Watch from £2.13

The Strange World of Planet X 1957 PG

In this British take on The Day the Earth Stood Still, a scientist’s experiments cause freak events and attract aliens to earth.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. Gilbert Gunn

View Supersonic Saucer
Supersonic Saucer
Watch from £2.13

Supersonic Saucer 1956

A baby from Venus saves the day with his superpowers in this charming sci-fi tale produced by the Children's Film Foundation.

50 mins United Kingdom

View The Andromeda Strain
The Andromeda Strain
Watch from £2.98

The Andromeda Strain 1971 PG

Veteran director Robert Wise’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s sci-fi novel is an alien virus epic with superb special effects and a suspenseful climax.

131 mins USA Director. Robert Wise

View The Brood
The Brood
Watch from £2.98

The Brood 1979 18

David Cronenberg’s highly disturbing horror about a woman who’s able to externalise her inner torment and manifest it into a brood of killer offspring.

92 mins Canada Director. David Cronenberg

View The Congress
The Congress
Watch from £3.83

The Congress 2013 15

Ari Folman’s follow up to Waltz with Bashir is a hallucinatory fable about an actress whose digital image is controlled by a Hollywood studio.

122 mins Israel Director. Ari Folman

View The Lobster
The Lobster
Watch from £2.98

The Lobster 2014 15

Colin Farrell, Ben Whishaw and Rachel Weisz star in this bleakly hilarious dystopian drama from Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth).

112 mins Ireland Director. Yorgos Lanthimos

View The Mysterians
The Mysterians

The Mysterians 1957 PG

The team behind Godzilla (1954) reunites for Toho’s first colour widescreen sci-fi, an arresting spectacle about the arrival of an alien race and their giant, destructive robot.

85 mins Japan Director. Ishiro Honda

View The Tenth Victim
The Tenth Victim
Watch from £2.98

The Tenth Victim 1965 12

Long before The Hunger Games, Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress battled it out in a televised assassination game, in Elio Petri’s cult sci-fi.

93 mins Italy Director. Elio Petri

View The Thing
The Thing
Watch from £2.98

The Thing 1982 18

Twelve men at an Antarctic research station battle a shape-shifting alien that hides in human form, in John Carpenter’s ground-breaking sci-fi horror.

109 mins USA

View Things to Come
Things to Come

Things to Come 1936 PG

H.G. Wells' chilling vision of the future, which imagines the 20th Century as a near-endless war and struggle against tyranny, remains a key milestone in British science fiction.

108 mins United Kingdom Director. William Cameron Menzies

View This Island Earth
This Island Earth
Watch from £2.98

This Island Earth 1955 PG

One of the most celebrated of all 1950s sci-fi films, featuring a memorably bug-eyed and brain-bulging mutant.

87 mins USA Director. Joseph M. Newman

View Time Flies
Time Flies

Time Flies 1944 U

Fast-talking funnyman Tommy Handley visits Elizabethan England – and ends up teaching Good Queen Bess con tricks – in this snappy time-travel comedy.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Walter Forde

View The Tomb of Frankenstein
The Tomb of Frankenstein
Watch for free

The Tomb of Frankenstein 1964

A strange old hermit uses witchcraft to give life to the Frankenstein monster. Will the creature be his instrument of revenge, or will it turn on its creator?

26 mins Northern Ireland Director. Roy Spence

View The Trollenberg Terror
The Trollenberg Terror
Watch from £2.13

The Trollenberg Terror 1958 PG

Strange events at a Swiss mountain resort are linked to a mind-controlling tentacled creature.

84 mins United Kingdom Director. Quentin Lawrence

View The Tunnel
The Tunnel
Watch for free

The Tunnel 1935 U

The construction of a transatlantic tunnel linking Britain and America hits trouble in an entertaining slice of speculative fiction.

93 mins United Kingdom Director. Maurice Elvey

View Under the Skin
Under the Skin
Watch from £2.98

Under the Skin 2013 15

An alien Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s astonishing, mind-bending mixture of existential sci-fi and inner-city realism.

108 mins United Kingdom Director. Jonathan Glazer

View Unearthly Stranger
Unearthly Stranger
Watch from £2.98

Unearthly Stranger 1963 PG

A scientist is removed from a sensitive research project after his wife is suspected of being an alien, in this eerie sci-fi from director John Krish.

75 mins United Kingdom

View Unknown
Watch for free

Unknown 1972

Mind-bending psychedelic sci-fi from the early 70s, made by students at Sheffield University.

24 mins Great Britain

View Videodrome
Watch from £2.98

Videodrome 1983 18

James Woods and Debbie Harry star in David Cronenberg’s mind-melting sci-fi about media domination.

87 mins Canada Director. David Cronenberg

View Welcome II the Terrordome
Welcome II the Terrordome
Watch from £2.98 94 mins

Welcome II the Terrordome 1995 18

A ferocious dystopian nightmare, this was the first film directed by a black British woman to receive a UK theatrical release.

94 mins United Kingdom Director. Ngozi Onwurah

View X the Unknown
X the Unknown
Watch from £2.98

X the Unknown 1956

When investigating a radiation source on a desolate Scottish moor, a group of soldiers disturb a subterraneous radioactive entity.

77 mins United Kingdom

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