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The Mysterians
The Mysterians

The Mysterians 1957


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The Mysterians 1957 PG

85 mins Japan Director. Ishiro Honda

The appearance of a giant destructive robot near Mount Fuji heralds the arrival of the Mysterians, an extra-terrestrial race from a planet destroyed by nuclear war. A group of scientists accept a request to meet the visitors at their dome-like base, but soon discover that the aliens’ intentions are far from benign.

The creative team behind Godzilla (1954) was reunited for Toho’s first colour widescreen sci-fi, an arresting and vibrant vision of futuristic warfare and a cautionary tale for the atomic age.

Directed by

Ishiro Honda


Kenji Sahara

Yumi Shirakawa

Momoko Kochi


Science Fiction


Contact! Family Sci-fi Classics Japanese Classics


PG Contains mild violence and peril







Production company

Toho Co. Ltd.

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