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The Beyond
The Beyond

The Beyond 1981


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The Beyond 1981 18

Italy Director. Lucio Fulci

Loosely about a New Orleans hotel built upon one of the seven gateways to Hell, The Beyond is an Italian zombie horror film which eschews narrative conventions in favour of surrealism and Grand Guignol gore. Lucio Fulci’s (Zombie Flesh Eaters) neo-gothic film plays out as a fragmented fever-dream comprised of delirious horror passages that segue into brazenly grotesque set-pieces. It is memorable for its violence and atmosphere but also for Fabio Frizzi’s remarkable score and its stylish cinematography.

Directed by

Lucio Fulci


Cinzia Monreale

Catriona Maccoll

David Warbeck




The Dark Arts Halloween Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film Monstrous Controversial Classics Classic Horror


18 Contains strong horror and gory violence







Production company

Fulvia Film

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