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Race for a Bride
Race for a Bride

Race for a Bride 1922


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Race for a Bride 1922

15 mins United Kingdom Director. Challis N. Sanderson

A bank clerk and a sportsman, rival suitors for the hand of a young woman, attempt to resolve their claim in a bicycle race, after she promises to marry the winner. (How romantic!). But the bank clerk is no gentleman and plots to undermine his rival. Can the true sportsman triumph over the cad?

Tragically, the film is missing its ending, although the outcome is never in any real doubt. This film is the only known surviving episode of a 12-part series, 'The Sporting Twelve', which featured a different sport - others included football and rowing - in each episode.

Directed by

Challis N. Sanderson


Rex Davis

Peggy Carlisle

Pat O'dare


Bicycle racing


Pedal Power




United Kingdom



Production company

Master Film Company

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