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Friend or Foe

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Friend or Foe 1981 U

70 mins United Kingdom Director. John Krish

WWII evacuee David hates the Germans, but now his life has been saved by one. What is the right thing to do, tell the Army or offer his help? Director John Krish, himself a child evacuee, makes the dilemma a double one as the Germans decide to put their trust in the boys' silence to avoid getting caught. Thanks perhaps to Krish's background in documentary filmmaking, this is one of the rare Children's Film Foundation stories with added grit. He makes great use of a shoestring budget to produce a credible period film which tackles a delicate subject with sensitivity.

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Directed by

John Krish


John Bardon

Stacey Tendeter

John Holmes

Mark Luxford


Children's War


World War II Luftwaffe Evacuees Home fronts


WWII at the Pictures Family Films






United Kingdom



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