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Falconry Demonstration at Great Torrington School
Falconry Demonstration at Great Torrington School

Falconry Demonstration at Great Torrington School 1964

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Falconry Demonstration at Great Torrington School 1964


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Falconry Demonstration at Great Torrington School 1964

1 mins United Kingdom

A falconer visits Great Torrington Community School shows a kestrel, a buzzard and a peregrine falcon in a hunting and flying display on the school field. Pupils hold the birds for themselves. Kestrels are a type of falcon often seen hovering in the air over open fields and they use ultraviolet light to visually locate their prey. Small rodents lay scent trails which reflect UV light giving the kestrel hovering above the chance to trace and swoop.

Peregrine falcons are known for their high speed stoop where they descend vertically very quickly to catch prey in the air. Peregrines were used to keep birds off Royal Air Force airfields by preventing birdstrikes. After World War II their number decreased rapidly due to the use of pesticides. Hawks are used in city centres to keep pigeons from destroying historical buildings and some Peregrines have been reintroduced successfully into towns and cities.

The South West Film and Television Archive (SWFTA) is the regional film archive for the South West of England. Established in 1993, SWFTA's core collection comprises of the combined programme libraries of Westward Television and TSW (Television South West). The archive also cares for a significant number of donated film collections, both amateur and professional, dating back to the early 1900s.


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