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Disorder 2015 15

France Director. Alice Winocour

Suspended from duty with PTSD, Afghanistan veteran Vincent (Schoenaerts) finds work with a security firm and is soon hired to protect a wealthy but shady Lebanese businessman’s family while he’s abroad. But who’s the greater threat to Jessie (Kruger) and her son Ali? The volatile, possibly paranoid Vincent, or the mysterious forces he seems convinced could attack the gated Riviera mansion at any moment?

Taut, stylish and suspenseful, Alice Winocour’s highly confident second feature is part psychological study, part home-under-siege thriller.

Notable for its expertly measured pacing, this darkly atmospheric thriller sees Winocour making highly effective use of imaginative sound design, canny camera placement and lighting, and the performances of her two well-cast leads, to craft a pleasingly lean and electrifyingly tense experience.

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Directed by

Alice Winocour


Paul Hamy

Diane Krüger

Matthias Schoenaerts




Cannes Film Festival The Female Gaze


15 strong violence, threat, infrequent very strong language in song lyrics







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