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All Those in Favour
All Those in Favour

All Those in Favour 1941


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All Those in Favour 1941

23 mins United Kingdom Director. Donald Alexander

Local democracy in action - but where, exactly? This unusual, thought-provoking film apparently outlines the war work of South Coombe Rural District Council, Devonshire - yet there's no such council listed in local government records. Presumably at least some of the film was shot on location in a real village, using some local people as well as actors. Answers on a postcard please, or electronic equivalent, if you can identify places or individuals.

Don't be put off by a stiff, slow opening to the film: what seems on the surface a straightforward account of the challenges of managing the home front is, at heart, a fascinating fable about building a social democracy. US war correspondent Arthur E Mann (a real person) introduces the story of the council's civil defence committee, which is presented with surprising grace and subtlety by writer-director Donald Alexander, a core member of Britain's documentary film movement. What you expect will be an idealised tribute to English rural life in fact sketches a community of class hierarchies and differing opinions.

Directed by

Donald Alexander


Documentary Government sponsored film


Local government World War II




United Kingdom



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