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Cinema of Childhood

Cinema of Childhood is a season of films curated by Mark Cousins to accompany his documentary A Story of Children and Film. Most of the films are featured in the documentary and they comprise 11 of the best films about childhood ever made, from eight countries, spanning seven decades.

These are also the children’s classics you’ve never seen – most of which have never been distributed in this country before. Discover a world beyond the celebrated mainstream and arthouse classics, a hidden trove of unheralded masterpieces.

"You’ll discover movie masterpieces, new stories, new truths; an Aladdin’s cave."

Mark Cousins

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Cinema of Childhood
View A Story of Children and Film
A Story of Children and Film
Watch from £2.98

A Story of Children and Film 2013 PG

Mark Cousins' personal and poetic exploration of the cinema of childhood, as told through 53 great films from 25 countries.

101 mins United Kingdom

View The Yellow Balloon
The Yellow Balloon
Watch from £2.98

The Yellow Balloon 1953 PG

A young boy is coerced into helping a fugitive in J. Lee Thompson’s taut crime thriller, set amid the bombed-out ruins of post-war London.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Lee Thompson

View Mark Cousins & Mohammad Ali-Talebi in Conversation
Mark Cousins & Mohammad Ali-Talebi in Conversation
Watch for free 8 mins

Mark Cousins & Mohammad Ali-Talebi in Conversation 2014

Mohammad-Ali Talebi talks to Mark Cousins about his series of classic childhood films, including Willow and Wind, The Boot and Bag of Rice.

8 mins United Kingdom

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