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Love is a Devil

Love is a familiar, Love is a devil: there is no evil angel but Love.

Finding sympathy with the devil can be a dangerous game. Charismatic and powerful men with a secretive past, pursued by spirited women determined to unravel their mysteries can be found at the enduring centre of the Gothic Romance. Transgressive, dangerous desire and the erotics of power, have come a long way through the Gothic imagination, yet the beauties and the beasts, the bluebeards and Byronic seducers, can usually trace their way back through the woods to our childhood fairytales.

"I like the night. Without the dark we'd never see the stars."

Bella Swan in Twilight

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Love is a Devil
View Dellamorte Dellamore
Dellamorte Dellamore
Watch from £2.98

Dellamorte Dellamore 1993 18

Michele Soavi’s compelling concoction of anarchic Evil Dead-style horror-comedy, tragic romance and gore.

105 mins Italy Director. Michele Soavi

View The Man in Grey
The Man in Grey
Watch from £2.98

The Man in Grey 1943

James Mason, Margaret Lockwood and Stewart Granger star in the first of the fantastically successful Gainsborough melodramas.

116 mins United Kingdom Director. Leslie Arliss

View Blanche Fury
Blanche Fury
Watch from £2.98

Blanche Fury 1947 PG

Valerie Hobson stars as the scheming governess with designs on taking over the Fury estate, in this atmospheric Gothic melodrama

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Marc Allégret

View Tell Tale Heart
Tell Tale Heart
Watch from £0.85

Tell Tale Heart 1934

A madman harbours murderous thoughts about an old relative with an evil eye in this chilling Edgar Allen Poe adaptation

49 mins United Kingdom Director. Brian Desmond Hurst

View Snow White and Rose Red
Snow White and Rose Red
Watch from £0.85 14 mins

Snow White and Rose Red 1953

A kindly bear, an evil dwarf and two sisters populate a magical animated fairy story.

14 mins United Kingdom Director. Lotte Reiniger

View Cinderella
Watch from £0.85 10 mins

Cinderella 1955 U

A silent silhouette animation of the classic fairy tale.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Lotte Reiniger

View Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Watch from £0.85 10 mins

Sleeping Beauty 1954 U

The Brothers Grimm's story springs to life in intricate silhouette animation.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Lotte Reiniger

View Thumbelina
Watch from £0.85 10 mins

Thumbelina 1955 U

An enchanting silhouette animation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Lotte Reiniger

View Alice Cooper on Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
Alice Cooper on Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
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Alice Cooper on Whatever Happened To Baby Jane 2014

One of cinema's more unlikely stories, Alice Cooper recalls living next door to a genuine legend, and using one of her films to kickstart his career.

United Kingdom

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