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Film Academy Shorts

We present the very best shorts by young filmmakers, produced through the BFI Film Academy.

Every year, 66 of the most talented filmmakers aged 16-19 attend the BFI Film Academy residential programme, where they work with leading industry professionals.

Each student specialises in in a particular craft, such as editing, cinematography or sound, and together they produce films showcasing their skills, which are acquired for the BFI National Archive. These graduate films offer a taste of some of the great work being made by young filmmakers across the UK.

The BFI Film Academy residential programme – craft skills is delivered by the National Film and Television School (NFTS)

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Film Academy Shorts


View AA503
Watch for free 8 mins

AA503 2017

Lucy hasn't been the same since suffering a personal crisis, but will a malfunctioning robot help her regain her sense of what it is to be human?

8 mins United Kingdom Director. Elle Hutchens

View Fighting Irish
Fighting Irish
Watch for free 11 mins

Fighting Irish 2016

Aideen, a young teenager, takes on the brutal sport of boxing to prove that she can be the next Fighting Irish.

11 mins United Kingdom Director. Alex Shipman

View The Fall
The Fall
Watch for free 7 mins

The Fall 2016

When misfit Poppy arrives home covered in blood, how far will her stepfather go to protect her and himself?

7 mins United Kingdom Director. Brendon Hargreaves

View Silver
Watch for free 7 mins

Silver 2016

An adopted orphan has a second chance at a happy life, but can he let go of his past in order to enjoy his future?

7 mins United Kingdom Director. Maisie Buck

View Arcadia
Watch for free 9 mins

Arcadia 2016

Waking in the mysterious forest, amnesiac Samantha undertakes a journey accompanied by the witty yet puzzling Sebastian...

9 mins United Kingdom Director. Alex Howat

View Paralysis
Watch for free 8 mins

Paralysis 2016

Struggling with the pressures of homophobia when her partner is taken away by a hateful mother, a young gay woman struggles to cope with the traumas and anxieties of her life.

8 mins United Kingdom Director. Luke Prentice


View Afterlife
Watch for free 10 mins

Afterlife 2015

After Martin Stevens is killed in a car accident he finds himself in a waiting room, pending judgement.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Florence Hill

View Möbius
Watch for free 5 mins

Möbius 2015

In a dystopian future where a totalitarian government rules all, prisoner Hearn must make a choice: to stay incarcerated forever or participate in project Möbius.

5 mins United Kingdom

View Jigsaw
Watch for free 8 mins

Jigsaw 2015

A mismatched couple begin to realise that they need each other more than they thought.

8 mins United Kingdom

View Enchanted Rose
Enchanted Rose
Watch for free 10 mins

Enchanted Rose 2015

Short film about a woman who fabricates her own version of a perfect fairytale to escape the harsh reality of her life.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Last Birthday
Last Birthday
Watch for free 10 mins

Last Birthday 2015

A carefree retiree clashes with his authoritarian, health-and-safety obsessed carer in this charming short comedy.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Shards
Watch for free 4 mins

Shards 2015

After her world is shattered before her eyes, sixteen year old Maeve finds herself unable to escape the violence of her life.

4 mins United Kingdom


View Dust
Watch for free

Dust 2014

Seduced by the glamour and promise of a god-like existence, James finds himself competing for the affections of both the charismatic Harry and the alluring Kate.

United Kingdom Director. Tom Cleary

View Canned
Watch for free

Canned 2014

A struggling executive in a failing cat food business is tasked with finding a solution to save the company but is put under further pressure by a young office upstart.

United Kingdom Director. Caitlin Ivory

View Cha Cha Cha
Cha Cha Cha
Watch for free

Cha Cha Cha 2013

When a world-weary wife decides to disappear on a spiritual retreat in India, her whole relationship with her husband is called into question, with comic and tragic results.

United Kingdom Director. Ciara S Ledward

View The Wondrous World of Work
The Wondrous World of Work
Watch for free

The Wondrous World of Work 2014

When Callum undertakes work experience with his embarrassing Nan, Madge, he soon discovers that the world of jacket potatoes can be complicated.

United Kingdom Director. Riad Ahmed

View Man of the House
Man of the House
Watch for free

Man of the House 2013

After a traumatic burglary, a mother and grown-up daughter find reconciliation and understanding through shared memories of the now departed ‘man of the house’.

United Kingdom Director. Lizzy Mansfield

View White Rose
White Rose
Watch for free 9 mins

White Rose 2014

Eddie and Johnny have to face up to their actions after an unfortunate run-in with intimidating neighbour Mr Smalls.

9 mins United Kingdom Director. Flora Christian

View Teach Me
Teach Me
Watch for free 8 mins

Teach Me 2013

A city banker turned social worker has to starkly face his own anger, frustration and feelings of violence when he’s provoked by an aggressive and manipulative teenager.

8 mins United Kingdom Director. Raabia Hussain

View French Cricket
French Cricket
Watch for free

French Cricket 2014

The solidarity of an unstable, fatherless family is called into question when they find themselves in the midst of a greater enemy.

United Kingdom Director. William Pope

View The Other Side of the Wall
The Other Side of the Wall
Watch for free

The Other Side of the Wall 2013

An irritated homeowner, frustrated by the grieving mother outside his house, manages to find the sympathy and fellow feeling which helps her to move on.

United Kingdom Director. Ryan Thompson

View Bus Stop
Bus Stop
Watch for free 8 mins

Bus Stop 2014

When teenage runaway bride Nelli encounters the rebellious De, she struggles with the decision of whether or not to marry childhood sweetheart Jake.

8 mins United Kingdom Director. Louise Dunk

View Been a Riot
Been a Riot
Watch for free

Been a Riot 2013

Locked in a basement during the summer riots of 2012, a WPC and the young tearaway she’s arrested have to learn to trust each other and find a common bond.

United Kingdom Director. Alfie Barker

View Voices in the Attic
Voices in the Attic
Watch for free

Voices in the Attic 2013

A grieving mother is helped to come to terms with the tragic death of her child by a mysterious stranger.

United Kingdom Director. Jordan McGibney

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