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View 45 Years
45 Years
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45 Years 2014 15

One of the most acclaimed British features of recent years, starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay as a couple rocked by news from the past.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Haigh

View 52 Tuesdays
52 Tuesdays
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52 Tuesdays 2013 15

A mother undergoing a gender transition meets his estranged daughter every Tuesday, changing gradually each time they meet. An intelligent indie hit about modern identity.

114 mins Australia Director. Sophie Hyde

View 99 Homes
99 Homes
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99 Homes 2014 15

With precision and pertinence, Ramin Bahrani’s drama reveals the human cost of the 21st-century economic crisis.

108 mins USA Director. Ramin Bahrani

View Akenfield
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Akenfield 1974 12

Peter Hall’s extraordinary, long-unseen work of sublime poetic realism traces three generations of one Suffolk family and their lives in the farming industry.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Peter Hall

View All in Good Time
All in Good Time

All in Good Time 2011 12

A pair of newlyweds endure a honeymoon staying with the groom's parents in a comedy from East Is East writer Ayub Khan-Din.

93 mins United Kingdom

View All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quiet on the Western Front
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All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 PG

Lewis Milestone's pioneering, Oscar®-winning film is one of the most powerful films about the consequences of war

136 mins USA Director. Lewis Milestone

View American Gangster
American Gangster
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American Gangster 2007 18

Ridley Scott’s heavyweight crime drama follows the rise and fall of drug-runner Frank Lucas, commandingly portrayed by Denzel Washington.

169 mins USA Director. Ridley Scott

View The Andromeda Strain
The Andromeda Strain
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The Andromeda Strain 1971 PG

Veteran director Robert Wise’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s sci-fi novel is an alien virus epic with superb special effects and a suspenseful climax.

131 mins USA Director. Robert Wise

View The Angry Silence
The Angry Silence
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The Angry Silence 1959 PG

Richard Attenborough plays a factory worker who’s ostracised after refusing to support a strike, in this gritty industrial drama.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Guy Green

View Antiviral
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Antiviral 2012 15

Body horror and celebrity satire are served ice cold in this extreme offering from Brandon Cronenberg (son of David).

108 mins Canada Director. Brandon Cronenberg

View Apocalypse Now
Apocalypse Now
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Apocalypse Now 1979 15

Transplanting Joseph Conrad’s colonial-era novel Heart of Darkness to Vietnam, Coppola created a mesmerising fantasia on the spectacle of war.

141 mins USA Director. Francis Ford Coppola

View Armadillo
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Armadillo 2010 15

Balanced, insightful and compassionate documentary about troops and civilians in and around a Danish-British base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan

100 mins Denmark Director. Janus Metz

View Back to the Future
Back to the Future
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Back to the Future 1985 PG

The beloved 1980s classic transports Marty McFly back to the 1950s, where he has to ensure his parents fall in love and get himself back to the future.

116 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Back to the Future Part II
Back to the Future Part II
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Back to the Future Part II 1989 PG

Marty McFly and Doc return for the fast-paced sequel that flits between 2015, 1955 and an alternate 1985 where the dastardly Biff has become rich and powerful.

108 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Back to the Future Part III
Back to the Future Part III
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Back to the Future Part III 1990 PG

In the series’ final entry, Marty travels back to 1885 to rescue Doc but becomes similarly stuck in the Western era when the DeLorean runs out of gas.

118 mins USA Director. Robert Zemeckis

View Beat Girl
Beat Girl
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Beat Girl 1960 12

A cult classic British film about late-fifties youth-rebellion set against an intoxicating Beatnik backdrop.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Edmond T. Gréville

View Bend it Like Beckham
Bend it Like Beckham
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Bend it Like Beckham 2002 12

Gurinder Chadha’s smash hit about an Asian girl with an undying love for football.

112 mins Germany Director. Gurinder Chadha

View The Best Man
The Best Man
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The Best Man 1999 15

Malcolm D. Lee set the standard for middle-class black comedy with this smart, chic feature about a best man whose indiscreet novel scuppers the wedding plans.

115 mins USA Director. Malcolm D. Lee

View The BFG
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The BFG 2016 PG

Steven Spielberg’s luminous Roald Dahl adaptation boasts an enchanting performance from Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Giant who befriends a little girl (Ruby Barnhill).

117 mins USA Director. Steven Spielberg

View The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski
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The Big Lebowski 1998 18

Arguably one of the greatest comedies of modern times; the Coen brothers’ deconstructed film noir following slacker hero ‘The Dude’ (Jeff Bridges).

113 mins USA Director. Joel Coen

View Bill
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Bill 2015 PG

The Horrible Histories team’s take on Shakespeare’s ‘lost years’, following the hopeless lute player as he leaves his home to follow his dream.

93 mins Great Britain Director. Richard Bracewell

View Billy Liar
Billy Liar

Billy Liar 1963 PG

Tom Courtenay is the clerk whose overactive fantasies compensate for a dull provincial life, in this classic film from the British New Wave.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. John Schlesinger

View The Birds
The Birds
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The Birds 1963 15

Birds inexplicably turn again man and begin attacking the small community of Bodega Bay, in Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense classic.

119 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Birthright

Birthright 1938 PG

Oscar Micheaux directs the story of a Harvard graduate whose attempts to establish a rural school runs into opposition from both races.

73 mins USA Director. Oscar Micheaux

View The Blood of Jesus
The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus 1941 PG

Spencer Williams feverish melodrama about a woman’s flirtation with Satan was independently produced out of Texas with an amateur cast and a budget of $5,000.

56 mins USA Director. Spencer Williams

View Bolshoi Babylon
Bolshoi Babylon
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Bolshoi Babylon 2015 PG

A backstage glimpse behind the famous Russian ballet company as it contends with the fallout from a shocking attack on its artistic director.

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Mark Franchetti, Nick Read

View The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Supremacy
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The Bourne Supremacy 2004 12

Britain’s Paul Greengrass takes the helms for the spy sequel, shaping the series with his penchant for documentary-style realism.

108 mins Germany Director. Paul Greengrass

View The Bourne Ultimatum
The Bourne Ultimatum
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The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 12

Director Paul Greengrass returns for the third Bourne film, famed for its incredibly tense opening sequence in London Waterloo station.

111 mins USA Director. Paul Greengrass

View Brewster's Millions
Brewster's Millions
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Brewster's Millions 1985 PG

Richard Pryor plays the everyman who inherits a vast estate with a massive catch: he’ll have to spend $30million in 30 days in order to inherit it all.

97 mins USA Director. Walter Hill

View Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones's Diary
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Bridget Jones's Diary 2001 15

Reindeer jumpers and big knickers: the smash adaptation of Helen Fielding’s hit novel still has all the best gags in the rom-com circuit.

93 mins USA Director. Paul Knight

View Brighton Rock
Brighton Rock
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Brighton Rock 1947 PG

Richard Attenborough’s unforgettably sinister turn as ‘Pinkie’ pervades this classic adaptation of the Graham Greene novel.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. John Boulting

View Bronco Bullfrog
Bronco Bullfrog

Bronco Bullfrog 1969 15

A fascinating record of 1960s suedehead youth culture which is largely improvised by a non-professional cast of teenagers from east London

86 mins United Kingdom Director. Barney Platts-Mills

View Brooklyn
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Brooklyn 2015 12

Saoirse Ronan shines as a woman who journeys from post-war small-town Ireland to New York, in Nick Hornby’s adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s best-selling novel.

112 mins United Kingdom Director. John Crowley

View Brotherhood
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Brotherhood 2016 15

A decade after the release of Adulthood, Sam (Noel Clarke) is trying to keep his family safe while simmering old grudges threaten to resurface.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Noel Clarke

View Bustin' Loose
Bustin' Loose
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Bustin' Loose 1981 15

Richard Pryor sets out on the road to redemption, as an ex-con ferrying a busload of troubled kids on a wild cross-country adventure.

94 mins USA Director. Oz Scott

View Cape Fear
Cape Fear
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Cape Fear 1991 18

Scorsese’s remake of J Lee Thompson’s 1962 thriller stars Robert De Niro as a psychotic rapist out to avenge the lawyer he blames for his conviction (Nick Nolte).

128 mins USA Director. Martin Scorsese

View Carol
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Carol 2014 15

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara illuminate Todd Haynes’ intoxicating adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s beloved novel.

119 mins United Kingdom Director. Todd Haynes

View Car Wash
Car Wash
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Car Wash 1976 PG

Richard Pryor, Bill Duke, Antonio Fargas are among the ensemble cast for the cult comedy set in a California car wash.

97 mins USA Director. Michael Schultz

View Catch Me Daddy
Catch Me Daddy
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Catch Me Daddy 2013 15

A young couple whose relationship has divided a community are forced on the run through the streets and moors of nocturnal Yorkshire.

112 mins United Kingdom Director. Matthew Wolfe, Daniel Wolfe

View Charade
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Charade 1963 PG

Charm is the byword in the screwball thriller that pits Cary Grant on the trail of Audrey Hepburn and her late husband’s missing millions.

109 mins USA Director. Stanley Donen

View Children of Men
Children of Men
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Children of Men 2006 15

In an apocalyptic future Britain, a civil servant is unexpectedly entrusted with the fate of humanity in Alfonso Cuarón’s gripping and thoughtful sci-fi.

109 mins USA

View Chi-Raq
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Chi-Raq 2015 15

Spike Lee’s bold and vivacious hip-hop musical restages an ancient Greek battle-of-the-sexes in 21st-century Chicago.

127 mins USA Director. Spike Lee

View Closets
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Closets 2015 18

Tommy Knight (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Waterloo Road, Young Victoria) stars as a teenager struggling with his sexuality in 1986, who time-travels to the present day.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

View Comrades

Comrades 1987 15

Bill Douglas' epic story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, six Dorset labourers deported to Australia in the 1830s for forming a trade union.

181 mins United Kingdom Director. Bill Douglas

View The Confession: Living the War on Terror
The Confession: Living the War on Terror
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The Confession: Living the War on Terror 2016 15

A detailed, wide-ranging interview with Moazzam Begg, a British citizen formerly detained at Guantanamo Bay under suspicion of terrorism offenses.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Ashish Ghadiali

View Control
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Control 2007 15

The life story of Ian Curtis, the tortured singer of Joy Division who suffered epilepsy and crippling self-doubt, filmed in stunning monochrome.

122 mins United Kingdom Director. Anton Corbijn

View Couple in a Hole
Couple in a Hole
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Couple in a Hole 2015 12

One of the most original British features in recent years follows a Scottish couple’s bizarre underground existence in a French forest.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Tom Geens

View Creature from the Black Lagoon
Creature from the Black Lagoon
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Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954 PG

Jack Arnold’s monster classic about the discovery of a prehistoric, amphibious Gill-man that takes a shine to a female expeditionary.

79 mins USA Director. Jack Arnold

View Crossroad
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Crossroad 2016 18

A young man is wracked with confusion after an incident guides him on a mission of self-discovery.

11 mins United Kingdom Director. Leon Lopez

View Dark Horse
Dark Horse
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Dark Horse 2014 PG

The inspirational, larger-than-life true story of how a group of friends in a poor mining village took on the elite 'sport of kings' and breed themselves a racehorse.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Louise Osmond

View Dawn
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Dawn 2015 18

As dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other.

10 mins United Kingdom Director. Jake Graf

View Dead of Night
Dead of Night
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Dead of Night 1945 PG

A group of guests assembled at a country house swap uncanny and supernatural stories in this classic Ealing chiller from 1945.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer

View Deliver Us from Eva
Deliver Us from Eva
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Deliver Us from Eva 2003 12

LL Cool J plays the ultimate player, hired to seduce the sister-in-law from hell.

106 mins USA Director. Gary Hardwick

View Departure
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Departure 2015 15

Andrew Steggall’s deft and delicate drama about a teenage dreamer who falls for the rough beauty of local boy while staying in France.

109 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Steggall

View The Devil Rides Out
The Devil Rides Out

The Devil Rides Out 1967 15

Dennis Wheatley's occult tale is given the Hammer treatment.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Fisher

View The Diary of a Teenage Girl
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
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The Diary of a Teenage Girl 2015 18

The US indie hit tells the bold, bawdy and hilarious story of a teenager's sexual awakening after she sleeps with her mother’s boyfriend.

102 mins USA Director. Marielle Heller

View Distant Voices Still Lives
Distant Voices Still Lives

Distant Voices Still Lives 1988 15

Terence Davies' debut feature is a remarkable evocation of working-class family life in the 40s and 50s and a visionary exploration of memory.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Terence Davies

View Do the Right Thing
Do the Right Thing
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Do the Right Thing 1989 15

Spike Lee’s awesome cinematic sucker-punch remains one of the great films about race relations.

114 mins USA Director. Spike Lee

View Double Indemnity
Double Indemnity
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Double Indemnity 1944 PG

Barbara Stanwyck is the housewife who dupes an insurance salesman into a devious murder plot, in this giant of American cinema - the archetypal Film Noir.

107 mins USA Director. Billy Wilder

View Dressed as a Girl
Dressed as a Girl
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Dressed as a Girl 2015 18

An in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at London’s finest drag performers. Warning: extreme use of make-up and glitter.

100 mins United Kingdom Director. Colin Rothbart

View Eddie the Eagle
Eddie the Eagle
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Eddie the Eagle 2016 PG

Relive the inspiring story of one of Britain’s most memorable Olympic characters, with Taron Egerton as the ski-jumper who made history at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

106 mins Germany Director. Dexter Fletcher

View Eisenstein in Guanajuato
Eisenstein in Guanajuato
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Eisenstein in Guanajuato 2015 18

One of Britain’s most inventive filmmakers, Peter Greenaway, tackles the story of arguably the most influential filmmaker in cinema history, Sergei Eisenstein.

106 mins Netherlands Director. Peter Greenaway

View The Elephant Man
The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man 1980 PG

David Lynch's moving true-life tale of the severely deformed Joseph Merrick and his rescue from the hell of a Victorian circus sideshow.

124 mins USA Director. David Lynch

View Elstree 1976
Elstree 1976
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Elstree 1976 2015 12

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, ten actors landed small roles in a mysterious project called Star Wars. This is the story of how their lives changed forever.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Jon Spira

View E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
E.T.  The Extra-Terrestrial
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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 U

Devotion meets imagination in Spielberg's ultimate crowd-pleaser, part of our new Sci-Fi Collection.

115 mins USA Director. Steven Spielberg

View Everybody Wants Some!!
Everybody Wants Some!!
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Everybody Wants Some!! 2016 15

A gang of wild college jocks enjoy three days of freewheeling fun before school starts, in Richard Linklater’s ‘spiritual sequel’ to Boyhood and Dazed and Confused.

116 mins USA Director. Richard Linklater

View Expresso Bongo
Expresso Bongo
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Expresso Bongo 1959 12

Val Guest's 1959 London-shot Brit Beat classic charts the fortunes of aspiring musician Bert Rudge (Cliff Richard)

United Kingdom Director. Val Guest

View Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky
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Eye in the Sky 2015 15

Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman (in his last role) play the military commanders caught in the ethical crosshairs of drone warfare, in Gavin Hood’s gripping military thriller.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Gavin Hood

View Far from the Madding Crowd
Far from the Madding Crowd
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Far from the Madding Crowd 1967 U

Terence Stamp and Julie Christie star in the classic adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s tale of tragedy and passion.

168 mins USA Director. John Schlesinger

View Florence Foster Jenkins
Florence Foster Jenkins
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Florence Foster Jenkins 2016 PG

Meryl Streep plays the wealthy socialite determined to make it as an opera singer despite being tone deaf, in a delightful comedy from Stephen Frears.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Stephen Frears

View For Those in Peril
For Those in Peril

For Those in Peril 2013 18

An intense and mysterious drama about the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident who’s outcast and persecuted by his fellow villagers.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. Paul Wright

View The Forbidden Room
The Forbidden Room
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The Forbidden Room 2015 12

Gleeful and hypnotic, Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson’s phantasmagoric opus reworks improvised rushes into a demented homage to B-movies.

119 mins Canada Director. Evan Johnson, Guy Maddin

View Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2008 15

Dumped and devastated Peter (Jason Segel) holidays to Hawaii only to discover his ex is shacked up there with a debauched rock star (Russell Brand).

111 mins USA Director. Nicholas Stoller

View Frankenstein
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Frankenstein 1931 PG

The gothic horror that ushered in a wave of cinematic terror, starring Boris Karloff as the reconstructed monster with a human soul.

70 mins USA Director. James Whale

View Frenzy
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Frenzy 1972 18

Hitchcock returned to London for was his penultimate film, a brutal serial killer drama that proved the veteran still had the edge.

116 mins United Kingdom Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Fun at St. Fanny's
Fun at St. Fanny's

Fun at St. Fanny's 1955 U

Ronnie Corbett features in this quick-fire vintage classroom caper, featuring enough old jokes to fill a Christmas cracker factory.

77 mins United Kingdom Director. Maurice Elvey

View G o'Clock
G o'Clock
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G o'Clock 2016 18

Alex, a gay paramedic meets Nik, a sexy young Spanish boy who he takes under his wing but soon discovers his caring instincts comes with a dangerous price.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Glassland
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Glassland 2014 15

Toni Collette’s visceral performance as an alcoholic, dependent on her devoted son (Jack Reynor), anchors this powerful Irish drama.

93 mins Ireland Director. Gerard Barrett

View The Greasy Strangler
The Greasy Strangler
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The Greasy Strangler 2016 18

A father-son love triangle unleashes the unstoppable urges of the Greasy Strangler, in this gloriously deranged hybrid of gross-out comedy and gonzo horror.

93 mins United Kingdom Director. Jim Hosking

View Green Room
Green Room
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Green Room 2015 18

A punk band becomes besieged in the backstage hideaway of a hideous neo-Nazi club, in this gloriously tense shocker from the director of Blue Ruin.

95 mins USA Director. Jeremy Saulnier

View Gridlock'd
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Gridlock'd 1996 18

Tupac Shakur’s penultimate film is his most impressive; a darkly humorous drama in which he takes a daring role as a heroin addict.

91 mins USA Director. Vondie Curtis Hall

View Happy-Go-Lucky
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Happy-Go-Lucky 2007 15

Sally Hawkins shines in her breakout role as the perpetually sunny Poppy, in Mike Leigh’s charming drama about the power of optimism.

118 mins United Kingdom Director. Mike Leigh

View The Hard Stop
The Hard Stop
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The Hard Stop 2015 15

The story of Mark Duggan, who was shot and killed in Tottenham in 2011, is brought to the screen in this humane, thought-provoking and topical documentary.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. George Amponsah

View Hell Is a City
Hell Is a City

Hell Is a City 1959 PG

Stanley Baker stars as a DI trailing an escaped convict through the streets of Manchester in this punchy crime thriller with a strong realist streak.

93 mins United Kingdom Director. Val Guest

View High-Rise
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High-Rise 2015 15

Ben Wheatley's savage and brilliant adaptation of JG Ballard's dystopian satire, starring Tom Hiddleston.

120 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View Holding the Man
Holding the Man
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Holding the Man 2015 15

A sweepingly romantic adaptation of Timothy Conigrave’s best-selling memoir, an impassioned love letter to his partner, John Caleo.

127 mins Australia Director. Neil Armfield

View Hue and Cry
Hue and Cry
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Hue and Cry 1947 U

An army of schoolchildren fight crime on the bomb-torn streets of postwar London in this ripping Ealing classic.

82 mins United Kingdom Director. Charles Crichton

View I Am Belfast
I Am Belfast
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I Am Belfast 2015 15

Mark Cousins’ dreamlike evocation of his home city discovers a capital of rich history and startling beauty.

84 mins United Kingdom Director. Mark Cousins

View Imitation of Life
Imitation of Life
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Imitation of Life 1959 12

Douglas Sirk’s final Hollywood film is a masterpiece of melodrama, for which Juanita Moore became the fifth African-American Oscar-nominee.

125 mins USA Director. Douglas Sirk

View The Incident
The Incident
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The Incident 2015 15

Jane Linfoot's clinically constructed study of guilt, betrayal, responsibility concerns a comfortable family whose seemingly perfect lives are suddenly thrown into turmoil.

94 mins United Kingdom Director. Jane Linfoot

View The Incredible Shrinking Man
The Incredible Shrinking Man
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The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 PG

One of the classics of 50s sci-fi sees the title character in the unfortunate position of continually shrinking following exposure to radiation.

81 mins USA Director. Jack Arnold

View Innocence of Memories
Innocence of Memories
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Innocence of Memories 2015 12

A multi-layered melding of fiction and fact, about Nobel prize-winner Orhan Pamuk and his Istanbul Museum of Innocence.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Grant Gee

View Intolerable Cruelty
Intolerable Cruelty
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Intolerable Cruelty 2003 12

The Coen brothers update the acerbic, fast-talking style of the screwball comedy, with George Clooney and Catherine Zeta Jones as scheming, warring lovers.

100 mins USA Director. Joel Coen

View Iona
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Iona 2015 15

Scott Graham's follow-up to Shell follows a woman whose return to a Scottish island arouses dormant passions.

110 mins United Kingdom Director. Scott Graham

View It Came from Outer Space
It Came from Outer Space
Watch from £2.98

It Came from Outer Space 1953 PG

One of the key UFO films of the '50s with aliens taking over the local townsfolk after their ship crash lands in the desert.

81 mins USA

View The Killers
The Killers
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The Killers 1946 PG

Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner star in Robert Siodmak’s gritty and muscular film noir, adapted from Hemingway’s short story.

90 mins USA Director. Robert Siodmak

View Kill List
Kill List
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Kill List 2011 18

Ben Wheatley’s ultra-violent second feature, invoking both The Wicker Man and Apocalypse Now.

95 mins United Kingdom Director. Ben Wheatley

View The Lady Eve
The Lady Eve
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The Lady Eve 1941 U

A female con artist falls in love with her target in Preston Sturges’s comedy, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda.

90 mins USA Director. Preston Sturges

View Land and Freedom
Land and Freedom

Land and Freedom 1995 15

Ken Loach’s passionate war drama follows an idealistic young Liverpudlian (Ian Hart) who fights for the international brigade during the Spanish Civil War.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Ken Loach

View The Last Temptation of Christ
The Last Temptation of Christ
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The Last Temptation of Christ 1988 15

Scorsese’s visually arresting interpretation of the life of Christ, featuring Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel and David Bowie.

164 mins USA Director. Martin Scorsese

View King Solomon's Mines
King Solomon's Mines
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King Solomon's Mines 1937 U

The first adaptation of H. Rider Haggard’s famous novel, featuring Paul Robeson as a usurped king accompanying Allan Quartermain on an African adventure.

77 mins United Kingdom Director. Geoffrey Barkas, Robert Stevenson

View Legend
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Legend 2015 18

Tom Hardy’s magnetic double-performance as infamous East End gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray commands Brian Helgeland stylish biopic.

131 mins France Director. Brian Helgeland

View Life, Animated
Life, Animated
Watch from £6.80

Life, Animated 2016 PG

A fascinating and moving documentary about how an autistic boy learned to communicate through Disney films.

89 mins USA Director. Roger Ross Williams

View Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World
Watch from £8.50

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World 2016 12

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog explores the past, present and future of the Internet in this extraordinary documentary.

98 mins USA Director. Werner Herzog

View The Lobster
The Lobster
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The Lobster 2014 15

Colin Farrell, Ben Whishaw and Rachel Weisz star in this bleakly hilarious dystopian drama from Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth).

112 mins Ireland Director. Yorgos Lanthimos

View London Road
London Road
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London Road 2014 15

Daring, startling and wholly original: a musical based on the infamous Ipswich murders of 2006, adapted by National Theatre director Rufus Norris.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Rufus Norris

View The Lost Weekend
The Lost Weekend
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The Lost Weekend 1945 PG

Billy Wilder’s still searing film about alcoholism remains one of only two films to have won the Best Picture Oscar and the top prize at Cannes Film Festival.

101 mins USA Director. Billy Wilder

View Louder Than Bombs
Louder Than Bombs
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Louder Than Bombs 2015 15

Jesse Eisenberg, Isabelle Huppert and Gabriel Byrne star in Joachim Trier’s astute and deftly realised family drama.

109 mins Norway Director. Joachim Trier

View Love & Friendship
Love & Friendship
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Love & Friendship 2016 U

Whit Stillman crosses the Atlantic for this irresistible Jane Austen adaptation, following the delicious and devious exploits of Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale).

92 mins Ireland Director. Whit Stillman

View The Lovers & the Despot
The Lovers & the Despot
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The Lovers & the Despot 2016 PG

Discover one of cinema’s strangest stories: a film director and his star are kidnapped by Kim Jong-il to make movies in the world’s weirdest state.

98 mins United Kingdom Director. Rob Cannan, Ross Adam

View The Low Down
The Low Down
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The Low Down 2000 18

Aidan Gillen plays an aimless twenty-something who refuses to grow up, even after he starts dating a responsible estate agent, in Jamie Thraves’ slacker romance.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. Jamie Thraves

View Macbeth
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Macbeth 2015 15

Fassbender is ferocious as the Scottish king in Justin Kurzel’s red-blooded and viscerally atmospheric Shakespeare adaptation.

113 mins France Director. Justin Kurzel

View The Maggie
The Maggie
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The Maggie 1954 U

A wily old tugboat skipper outfoxes a wealthy American businessman in Alexander Mackendrick's underrated Ealing comedy

91 mins United Kingdom Director. Alexander Mackendrick

View The Magnet
The Magnet
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The Magnet 1950 U

A young James Fox plays the tearaway who tricks a boy out of his magnet only to be troubled by his conscience, in this attractive Ealing comedy.

79 mins United Kingdom Director. Charles Frend

View The Man Who Fell to Earth
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Watch from £2.13

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 18

Nicolas Roeg’s cult sci-fi stars David Bowie as an alien attempting to amass a fortune to save his home planet, but unable to escape his decadent earthly lifestyle.

133 mins United Kingdom Director. Nicolas Roeg

View Marnie
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Marnie 1964 15

Sean Connery stars as the man who marries a kleptomaniac who has some strange psychological problems, played by Tippi Hedren.

130 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View A Month in the Country
A Month in the Country
Watch from £3.83

A Month in the Country 1987 PG

A young Colin Firth and Kenneth Branagh star as two tormented WWI veterans who strike up a friendship when they meet in a rural Yorkshire village.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. Pat O'Connor

View Monty the Lamb
Monty the Lamb

Monty the Lamb 2006

A day in the life of North London non-leaguers Hendon F.C., seen through the eyes of their club mascot, carpet fitter Dave Garner.

12 mins United Kingdom Director. Paul Kelly

View More

More 1969 18

The first feature by Barbet Schroeder (Maîtresse, The Valley), More created a sensation when it was released in 1969, quickly becoming a cult classic and famed for its Pink Floyd soundtrack.

118 mins Luxembourg Director. Barbet Schroeder

View Morning is Broken
Morning is Broken
Watch from £0.85 11 mins

Morning is Broken 2015

At the end of his older brother’s wedding in the lush English countryside, a young man struggles to deal with his sexuality.

11 mins Great Britain Director. Simon Anderson

View My Nazi Legacy
My Nazi Legacy
Watch from £3.83

My Nazi Legacy 2015 PG

What if your father was a Nazi? This is the harrowing question raised in David Evans’ thought-provoking documentary.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. David Evans

View Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee
Watch from £2.98

Nanny McPhee 2005 U

Emma Thompson leads an all-star cast as the governess who uses magic to tame a widower’s seven unruly children.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Kirk Jones

View Nightstand
Watch from £0.85 27 mins

Nightstand 2015 18

Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry come together for the first time to produce this London-based thriller.

27 mins United Kingdom Director. Charlie Parham

View Norfolk
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Norfolk 2015 15

A father and son dwelling in a remote wasteland wage a war against a gang of local revolutionaries, in Martin Radich’s unsettling rural drama.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Martin Radich

View Notes on Blindness
Notes on Blindness
Watch from £3.83

Notes on Blindness 2015 U

James Spinney and Peter Middleton's highly original documentary uses cinematic interpretations and textured sound design to express a ‘world beyond sight.’

90 mins United Kingdom Director. James Spinney, Peter Middleton

View Notes on Blindness - Enhanced Soundtrack
Notes on Blindness - Enhanced Soundtrack
Watch from £3.83

Notes on Blindness - Enhanced Soundtrack 2015 U

James Spinney and Peter Middleton's highly original documentary uses cinematic interpretations and textured sound design to express a ‘world beyond sight.’ Complete with Enhanced Soundtrack

90 mins United Kingdom Director. James Spinney, Peter Middleton

View Notes on Blindness - Audio Description
Notes on Blindness - Audio Description
Watch from £3.83

Notes on Blindness - Audio Description 2015 U

James Spinney and Peter Middleton's highly original documentary uses cinematic interpretations and textured sound design to express a ‘world beyond sight.’ Complete with full Audio Description.

90 mins United Kingdom

View Notes on Blindness - Celebrity AD
Notes on Blindness - Celebrity AD
Watch from £3.83

Notes on Blindness - Celebrity AD 2015 U

James Spinney and Peter Middleton's documentary uses cinematic interpretations to express a ‘world beyond sight.’ Presented with an Audio Description by Stephen Mangan.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. James Spinney, Peter Middleton

View Notting Hill
Notting Hill
Watch from £2.98

Notting Hill 1999 15

Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant followed Four Weddings with this featherlight, frequently funny romance between an ordinary bloke and a visiting Hollywood starlet.

120 mins USA Director. Roger Michell

View Out of the Clouds
Out of the Clouds
Watch from £2.98

Out of the Clouds 1954 U

Ealing’s film following a day in the life of London Airport (aka Heathrow) and its various characters, from pilots to passengers.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Basil Dearden

View Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom 1960 15

Michael Powell’s dark, disturbing, once controversial tale of a shy camera technician who films women as he kills them is now rightly deemed a classic

101 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Powell

View Peter Ibbetson
Peter Ibbetson
Watch from £2.13

Peter Ibbetson 1935

One of the most unjustly overlooked fables from Hollywood’s golden age, a stunning romantic fantasy about two divided lovers united in a dream world.

88 mins USA Director. Henry Hathaway

View Power in Our Hands
Power in Our Hands
Watch from £3.83

Power in Our Hands 2015 PG

Ground-breaking documentary that uses archive film to tell the story of the British deaf community’s fight for civil rights.

75 mins United Kingdom Director. Angela Spielsinger

View Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice
Watch from £2.98

Pride & Prejudice 2005 U

Keira Knightley stars in Jane Austen’s timeless romance, reinvigorated for the modern age by the masters of British rom-com, Working Title.

135 mins USA Director. Joe Wright

View Private Road
Private Road

Private Road 1971 15

A compelling tale about the struggle for personal freedom, starring Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I).

89 mins United Kingdom Director. Barney Platts-Mills

View Psycho
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Psycho 1960 15

Blood! Blood! Hitchcock’s masterpiece was his most successful film; a sensation in its time that continues to terrify.

109 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Psychomania
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Psychomania 1972 15

The greatest zombie-biker, toad-worshipping-Satanists horror in British cinema is an undisputed cult classic brimming with exciting action and fantastical mayhem.

88 mins United Kingdom Director. Don Sharp

View Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction
Watch from £2.98

Pulp Fiction 1994 18

Quentin Tarantino’s crackling crime classic still retains its swagger as one of the great American films of recent decades.

154 mins USA Director. Quentin Tarantino

View Putting on the Dish
Putting on the Dish
Watch from £0.85 7 mins

Putting on the Dish 2015 18

Two strangers strike up a conversation on a park bench.

7 mins United Kingdom Director. Brian Fairbairn, Karl Eccleston

View Race
Watch from £3.83

Race 2016 PG

The remarkable story of Jesse Owens, the grandson of a slave whose athletic feats defied Nazi ideology at the 1936 Olympics.

134 mins Canada Director. Stephen Hopkins

View Ray
Watch from £2.98

Ray 2004 15

Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for his extraordinary performance as Ray Charles, in a film that revived the potency of the musical biopic.

178 mins USA Director. Taylor Hackford

View Rear Window
Rear Window
Watch from £2.98

Rear Window 1954 PG

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterly thriller stars James Stewart as an invalided photographer who spots something fishy outside his rear window.

112 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Remainder
Watch from £5.10

Remainder 2015 15

Omer Fast’s gripping puzzle-box thriller about an amnesiac reconstructing his elusive past.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Omer Fast

View Rope
Watch from £2.98

Rope 1948 PG

Hitchcock’s stage adaptation about two murderers who hide a body during a dinner party is famously constructed from 10 unbroken ten-minute takes.

80 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Saboteur
Watch from £2.98

Saboteur 1942 PG

A factory worker is framed for sabotage and forced on the run in Hitchcock’s fast-moving thriller, with its famous finale atop the Statue of Liberty.

109 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale
Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale
Watch from £0.85 20 mins

Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale 2016 18

A night in a gay sauna turns into a fight for survival. Two men must over-come prejudice and join forces in taking down a horde of towel-wearing zombies.

20 mins United Kingdom Director. Tom Frederic

View Secret Friends
Secret Friends
Watch from £2.98

Secret Friends 1991 15

Alan Bates stars as an illustrator whose life begins to unravel as fantasy and reality collide in Dennis Potter’s psychosexual drama.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Dennis Potter

View Serenity
Watch from £2.98

Serenity 2005 15

Whedon needs no education: one of the great natural storytellers shifts Firefly to film…

119 mins USA Director. Joss Whedon

View Shadow of a Doubt
Shadow of a Doubt
Watch from £2.98

Shadow of a Doubt 1943 PG

Hitchcock’s personal favourite from his own films is a brilliantly suspenseful drama about a teenage girl whose uncle may be a murderer.

108 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Shakespeare in Love
Shakespeare in Love
Watch from £2.98

Shakespeare in Love 1998 15

A creatively stymied bard finds love and inspiration in the form of one of his players, a cross-dressing actress, in the impeccably crafted, Oscar-winning period romance.

123 mins USA Director. John Madden

View Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead
Watch from £2.98

Shaun of the Dead 2004 15

The original ‘rom-zom-com’: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the slacker mates tasked with battling a zombie apocalypse in Crouch End.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Edgar Wright

View Sicario
Watch from £3.83

Sicario 2015 15

Emily Blunt plays the FBI agent enlisted for a special operation against Mexican cartels, in this pulsatingly tense thriller from Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Prisoners).

121 mins USA Director. Denis Villeneuve

View Silent Running
Silent Running
Watch from £2.98

Silent Running 1971 PG

Douglas Trumbull’s ecological sci-fi, eulogised by Mark Kermode as the best science fiction film ever made.

89 mins USA Director. Douglas Trumbull

View Sing Street
Sing Street
Watch from £3.83

Sing Street 2015 12

The third in John Carney’s trilogy of musical films is the utterly charming story a boy who escapes his troubles through fronting a pop band.

106 mins Ireland Director. John Carney

View Slaughterhouse-Five
Watch from £2.98

Slaughterhouse-Five 1972 15

This adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel follows Billy Pilgrim’s journeys in time as he flits between WWII Dresden and a future on planet Tralfamadore.

104 mins USA Director. George Roy Hill

View Slow West
Slow West
Watch from £3.83

Slow West 2015 15

A teenage boy treks through a harsh American west accompanied by a bounty hunter of dubious morality, in this indie western that’s dripped with blood and drenched in style.

84 mins United Kingdom Director. John Maclean

View Soft Lad
Soft Lad
Watch from £3.83

Soft Lad 2015 15

22-year-old David has a shameful secret: he’s been sleeping with his sister’s husband. Leon Lopez’s indie gay drama details the fallout.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Leon Lopez

View Solomon and Gaenor
Solomon and Gaenor
Watch from £2.98

Solomon and Gaenor 1998 15

The moving and passionate story of illicit love between a Welsh girl and a Jewish boy, set against a backdrop of industrial unrest in the Welsh Valleys of 1911.

104 mins Wales Director. Paul Morrison

View Something New
Something New
Watch from £2.98

Something New 2006 PG

A high-flying black professional finally finds the man of her dreams, only for her family to disapprove because he’s a white guy.

100 mins USA Director. Sanaa Hamri

View Spotlight
Watch from £3.83

Spotlight 2015 15

The Best Picture winner at the 2016 Oscars is a searing account of Boston Globe journalists' uncovering of the Catholic Church child abuse scandal.

129 mins USA Director. Thomas McCarthy

View Symptoms
Watch from £2.98

Symptoms 1974 15

The official British Palme d'Or entry at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival, Symptoms is a sophisticated modern gothic horror film exploring the themes of sexual repression and psychosis.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. José R. Larraz

View That Sinking Feeling
That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling 1979 15

Before Gregory's Girl, Bill Forsyth mate this equally hilarious caper about a group of unemployed teenagers who hatch a plan to steal a job lot of stainless steel sinks.

90 mins Director. Bill Forsyth

View The Thing
The Thing
Watch from £2.98

The Thing 1982 18

Twelve men at an Antarctic research station battle a shape-shifting alien that hides in human form, in John Carpenter’s ground-breaking sci-fi horror.

109 mins USA

View This Island Earth
This Island Earth
Watch from £2.98

This Island Earth 1955 PG

One of the most celebrated of all 1950s sci-fi films, featuring a memorably bug-eyed and brain-bulging mutant.

87 mins USA Director. Joseph M. Newman

View This Is Tomorrow
This Is Tomorrow

This Is Tomorrow 2007

The final part of Saint Etienne and Paul Kelly’s London trilogy follows the renovation and reopening of the Royal Festival Hall through 2005-7.

55 mins United Kingdom Director. Paul Kelly

View Torn Curtain
Torn Curtain
Watch from £2.98

Torn Curtain 1966 15

Paul Newman stars in Hitchcock’s spy thriller, as a scientist who pretends to defect to East Germany in order to steal a secret formula.

128 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Triple 9
Triple 9
Watch from £3.83

Triple 9 2015 15

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson make up the heavyweight cast for John Hillcoat’s (The Proposition) stunning heist thriller.

115 mins USA Director. John Hillcoat

View The Trouble with Harry
The Trouble with Harry
Watch from £2.98

The Trouble with Harry 1954 PG

Hitchcock’s black comedy about four village residents trying to work out what to do with a dead body.

99 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View Trouser Bar
Trouser Bar
Watch from £0.85 18 mins

Trouser Bar 2016 18

Two men enter Sir John’s Trouser Bar but little do they know the adventure that await them inside.

18 mins United Kingdom Director. Kristen Bjorn

View Trumbo
Watch from £3.83

Trumbo 2015 15

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Argo) gives a cracking performance as Dalton Trumbo, the Oscar-winning screenwriter who became a Hollywood outcast.

124 mins USA Director. Jay Roach

View Under the Skin
Under the Skin
Watch from £2.98

Under the Skin 2013 15

An alien Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s astonishing, mind-bending mixture of existential sci-fi and inner-city realism.

108 mins United Kingdom Director. Jonathan Glazer

View Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach
Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach
Watch from £5.10

Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach 2016 12

Louise Osmond's funny, provocative and revealing account of the life and career of one of Britain’s most celebrated and controversial filmmakers.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Louise Osmond

View Vertigo
Watch from £2.98

Vertigo 1958 PG

Hitchcock’s timeless thriller about a former detective with a fear of heights who is hired to follow a woman who seems possessed by the past.

128 mins USA Director. Alfred Hitchcock

View The Violators
The Violators
Watch from £3.83

The Violators 2015 15

In this spiky and stylish debut from novelist Helen Walsh, two girls from different backgrounds form an unlikely bond, setting off on a dangerous course.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Helen Walsh

View The Violators
The Violators
Watch from £3.83

The Violators 2015 15

In this spiky and stylish debut from novelist Helen Walsh, two girls from different backgrounds form an unlikely bond, setting off on a dangerous course.

97 mins United Kingdom Director. Helen Walsh

View What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day?
What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day?

What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day? 2005 12

Paul Kelly’s second collaboration with pop band Saint Etienne traces the hidden history of East London’s Lower Lea Valley before its Olympic makeover.

48 mins United Kingdom Director. Paul Kelly

View Winstanley

Winstanley 1975 PG

An authentic historical drama about the visionary Gerrard Winstanley who led a group of impoverished 'Diggers' to assert their common rights.

96 mins United Kingdom Director. Andrew Mollo, Kevin Brownlow

View The Witches
The Witches
Watch from £2.98

The Witches 12

Joan Fontaine stars as an ex-missionary drawn to investigate the sinister undercurrents beneath the surface of English village life.

Director. Cyril Frankel

View Where to Invade Next
Where to Invade Next
Watch from £3.83

Where to Invade Next 2015 15

Michael Moore is on a mission from the Pentagon: to invade friendly countries and steal their best ideas on behalf of the United States.

119 mins USA Director. Michael Moore

View The Wiz
The Wiz
Watch from £2.98

The Wiz 1978 U

NYC becomes Oz in the cult, urban reimagining of the family favourite, featuring an all-African American cast including Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

127 mins USA Director. Sidney Lumet

View The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man
Watch from £2.98

The Wolf Man 1941 PG

Lon Chaney Jr plays his iconic incarnation, in the classic Universal horror with Claude Rains and Bela Lugosi.

70 mins USA Director. George Waggner

View The Wolfpack
The Wolfpack
Watch from £3.83

The Wolfpack 2015 15

Meet the Angulos: seven siblings imprisoned for most of their childhoods who learnt much of life’s lessons from film and TV; the subjects of this captivating documentary.

80 mins USA Director. Crystal Moselle

View The Yellow Balloon
The Yellow Balloon
Watch from £2.98

The Yellow Balloon 1953 PG

A young boy is coerced into helping a fugitive in J. Lee Thompson’s taut crime thriller, set amid the bombed-out ruins of post-war London.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Lee Thompson

View Youth
Watch from £2.98

Youth 2015 15

Michael Caine scintillates as a curmudgeonly composer in Paolo Sorrentino’s deliciously bittersweet drama.

119 mins Italy Director. Paolo Sorrentino

View Zarafa
Watch from £3.83

Zarafa 2011 PG

A gorgeously composed French animation following a boy and a giraffe's epic journey from Africa to 19th-century Paris.

78 mins France Director. Jean-Christophe Lie

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