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Black Star

The UK’s biggest ever celebration of black screen talent, shining a spotlight on the charisma and creativity of trailblazing performers.

There is not one single story of black stardom, but myriad. So our BFI Player programme highlights the leading men and women who’ve redefined Hollywood stardom, plus the British stars who’ve made a sizable stateside impression.

We also include focuses on Richard Pryor, stars of Sonic cinema and the pioneering talents who forged new developments in black representation. And there’s more to come, throughout November and December 2016.

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Black Star
View Moonlight
Watch from £3.83

Moonlight 2016 15

Winner of the 2017 Oscar for Best Picture, Barry Jenkins’ intoxicating drama follows the furtive life of a young boy through 80s Miami.

111 mins USA Director. Barry Jenkins

View I Am Not Your Negro
I Am Not Your Negro
Watch from £3.83

I Am Not Your Negro 2016 12

Raoul Peck’s penetrating and acclaimed documentary reconstructs an unfinished manuscript by James Baldwin, chronicler of America’s Civil Rights Movement.

90 mins USA Director. Raoul Peck

View Daughters of the Dust
Daughters of the Dust
Watch from £3.83

Daughters of the Dust 1991 12

Julie Dash’s groundbreaking Daughters of the Dust remains urgent and poetic and continues to resonate, most recently inspiring Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

112 mins USA Director. Julie Dash

View A United Kingdom
A United Kingdom
Watch from £3.83

A United Kingdom 2016 12

Amma Assante (Belle) directs this impassioned drama starring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike depicting an interracial romance that changed the world.

101 mins United Kingdom Director. Amma Asante

View Selma
Watch from £2.98

Selma 2014 12

David Oyelowo’s stunning performance as Martin Luther King Jr. adorns this gripping account of the campaign that changed the course American civil rights.

128 mins United Kingdom

View The Fits
The Fits
Watch from £3.83

The Fits 2015 12

Toni, an eleven year-old tomboy, finds a new purpose when an epidemic of seizures strikes her dance class, in this riveting and psychological character portrait from filmmaker Anna Rose Holmer.

72 mins USA Director. Anna Rose Holmer

View Southside with You
Southside with You
Watch from £3.83

Southside with You 2016 12

This smart, sophisticated, Sundance-nominated romance follows the first date of a couple who would go on to change the world – Barack and Michelle Obama.

84 mins USA Director. Richard Tanne

View Urban Hymn
Urban Hymn
Watch from £3.83

Urban Hymn 2015 15

In the wake of the London riots, teenager Jamie (Letitia Wright) finds herself at a crossroads; until music offers an unexpected path to salvation.

114 mins United Kingdom Director. Michael Caton-Jones

View The Weekend
The Weekend
Watch from £3.83

The Weekend 2016 15

Street-smart Hackney comedy about three friends whose unexpected cash windfall funds the mother of all parties; from the talents behind YouTube hit Mandem on the Wall.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Sheridan De Myers

View Chi-Raq
Watch from £3.83

Chi-Raq 2015 15

Spike Lee’s bold and vivacious hip-hop musical restages an ancient Greek battle-of-the-sexes in 21st-century Chicago.

127 mins USA Director. Spike Lee

View Do the Right Thing
Do the Right Thing
Watch from £2.98

Do the Right Thing 1989 15

Spike Lee’s awesome cinematic sucker-punch remains one of the great films about race relations.

114 mins USA Director. Spike Lee

View Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction
Watch from £2.98

Pulp Fiction 1994 18

Quentin Tarantino’s crackling crime classic still retains its swagger as one of the great American films of recent decades.

154 mins USA Director. Quentin Tarantino

View Brotherhood
Watch from £3.83

Brotherhood 2016 15

A decade after the release of Adulthood, Sam (Noel Clarke) is trying to keep his family safe while simmering old grudges threaten to resurface.

104 mins United Kingdom Director. Noel Clarke

View Kidulthood
Watch from £2.98

Kidulthood 2005 15

Noel Clarke and Menhaj Huda’s explosive youth film follows the drug, sex and crime-fuelled antics of a group of West London teens over the course of a single day.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Menhaj Huda

View Adulthood
Watch from £2.98

Adulthood 2008 15

After being released from prison following a murder charge, Sam Peel (Noel Clarke) attempts to reboot his life and seek redemption.

99 mins United Kingdom Director. Noel Clarke

View Ray
Watch from £2.98

Ray 2004 15

Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for his extraordinary performance as Ray Charles, in a film that revived the potency of the musical biopic.

178 mins USA Director. Taylor Hackford

View Race
Watch from £3.83

Race 2016 PG

The remarkable story of Jesse Owens, the grandson of a slave whose athletic feats defied Nazi ideology at the 1936 Olympics.

134 mins Canada Director. Stephen Hopkins

View Fast Girls
Fast Girls
Watch from £2.98

Fast Girls 2012 12A

The four young runners on the Team GB women's relay team battle to overcome rivalries and personal demons in time for the World Athletics Championship.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Regan Hall

View 12 Years a Slave
12 Years a Slave
Watch from £2.98

12 Years a Slave 2013 15

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender star in Steve McQueen’s fearless, Oscar-winning story of a free man who’s sold into slavery.

134 mins USA Director. Steve McQueen

View Triple 9
Triple 9
Watch from £3.83

Triple 9 2015 15

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson make up the heavyweight cast for John Hillcoat’s (The Proposition) stunning heist thriller.

115 mins USA Director. John Hillcoat

View Half of a Yellow Sun
Half of a Yellow Sun
Watch from £2.98 111 mins

Half of a Yellow Sun 2012 15

Thandie Newton and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in the acclaimed adaption of the Orange Prize-winning novel.

111 mins Nigeria Director. Biyi Bandele-Thomas

View For Colored Girls
For Colored Girls
Watch from £2.98

For Colored Girls 2010 15

An ensemble cast including Janet Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg bring to life Ntozake Shange's extraordinary 1975 play about the experiences of black women.

133 mins USA

View Beasts of the Southern Wild
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Watch from £2.98

Beasts of the Southern Wild 2012 12

Set in a Deep South delta, Zeitlin’s feature debut takes a child’s eye view of poverty, adult apathy and ecological crisis. Hallucinatory fare

93 mins USA Director. Benh Zeitlin

View Dreams of a Life
Dreams of a Life
Watch from £2.13

Dreams of a Life 2011 12A

Carol Morley's drama-documentary investigates the tragic death of a woman whose body lay undetected for almost three years.

94 mins United Kingdom

View American Gangster
American Gangster
Watch from £2.98

American Gangster 2007 18

Ridley Scott’s heavyweight crime drama follows the rise and fall of drug-runner Frank Lucas, commandingly portrayed by Denzel Washington.

169 mins USA Director. Ridley Scott

View Bustin' Loose
Bustin' Loose
Watch from £2.98

Bustin' Loose 1981 15

Richard Pryor sets out on the road to redemption, as an ex-con ferrying a busload of troubled kids on a wild cross-country adventure.

94 mins USA Director. Oz Scott

View Car Wash
Car Wash
Watch from £2.98

Car Wash 1976 PG

Richard Pryor, Bill Duke, Antonio Fargas are among the ensemble cast for the cult comedy set in a California car wash.

97 mins USA Director. Michael Schultz

View Blue Collar
Blue Collar
Watch from £2.98

Blue Collar 1978 18

Richard Pryor and Harvey Keitel star in Paul Schrader’s great, gritty 1970s drama, one of the rare Hollywood films to tackle American labour.

109 mins USA Director. Paul Schrader

View Brewster's Millions
Brewster's Millions
Watch from £2.98

Brewster's Millions 1985 PG

Richard Pryor plays the everyman who inherits a vast estate with a massive catch: he’ll have to spend $30million in 30 days in order to inherit it all.

97 mins USA Director. Walter Hill

View The Wiz
The Wiz
Watch from £2.98

The Wiz 1978 U

NYC becomes Oz in the cult, urban reimagining of the family favourite, featuring an all-African American cast including Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

127 mins USA Director. Sidney Lumet

View Imitation of Life
Imitation of Life
Watch from £2.98

Imitation of Life 1959 12

Douglas Sirk’s final Hollywood film is a masterpiece of melodrama, for which Juanita Moore became the fifth African-American Oscar-nominee.

125 mins USA Director. Douglas Sirk

View Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead
Watch from £2.98

Night of the Living Dead 1968 15

Duane Jones took the first black lead role in an American horror for George Romero's ground-breaking zombie horror.

95 mins USA Director. George A. Romero

View Sidney's Chair
Sidney's Chair
Watch from £0.85

Sidney's Chair 1995

The international legacy of Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier is humorously tackled in this short about two teens gate-crashing his London film shoot.

21 mins United Kingdom Director. Roberto Bangura

View Attack the Block
Attack the Block
Watch from £2.98

Attack the Block 2011 15

Long before The Force Awakens, John Boyega led the line in this smaller but no-less exciting homegrown sci-fi.

87 mins United Kingdom Director. Joe Cornish

View Baby
Watch from £0.85

Baby 2010

A young woman attracts the attention of a street criminal after she prevents his gang from pick-pocketing.

25 mins United Kingdom Director. Daniel Mulloy

View Second Coming
Second Coming
Watch from £3.83

Second Coming 2014 15

What if an immaculate conception took place in a South London household? Idris Elba stars in a subtle, thought-provoking and original family drama.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Debbie Tucker Green

View The Glass Shield
The Glass Shield
Watch from £3.83

The Glass Shield 1994 12

The first black recruit in his squad, rookie cop J.J. Johnson (Michael Boatman) struggles to adapt to life on the force, in this thrilling drama from acclaimed director Charles Burnett (Killer of Sheep).

104 mins USA Director. Charles Burnett

View Trespass
Watch from £2.98

Trespass 1992 15

Rap legends Ice Cube and Ice-T share a screen for the first time as gang members facing off against firemen hunting for a stash of gold.

101 mins USA Director. Walter Hill

View Gridlock'd
Watch from £2.98

Gridlock'd 1996 18

Tupac Shakur’s penultimate film is his most impressive; a darkly humorous drama in which he takes a daring role as a heroin addict.

91 mins USA Director. Vondie Curtis Hall

View 20 Feet from Stardom
20 Feet from Stardom
Watch from £2.98

20 Feet from Stardom 2013 12

This moving documentary shines a spotlight on the backing singers behind some of the great musical hits of the 21st century.

91 mins USA Director. Morgan Neville

View Midnight Breaks
Midnight Breaks
Watch from £2.98

Midnight Breaks 1988

Big Audio Dynamite’s Don Letts made his acting debut in this gripping, gritty 1990 drama of dreads, drugs, and music business corruption.

102 mins United Kingdom Director. Laurens C. Postma

View Deliver Us from Eva
Deliver Us from Eva
Watch from £2.98

Deliver Us from Eva 2003 12

LL Cool J plays the ultimate player, hired to seduce the sister-in-law from hell.

106 mins USA Director. Gary Hardwick

View Eve's Bayou
Eve's Bayou
Watch from £2.98

Eve's Bayou 1997 15

Samuel L. Jackson stars in this seething slice of Southern Gothic, about the travails of a Louisiana family bedevilled by infidelity, incest and witchcraft.

109 mins USA Director. Kasi Lemmons

View Girlhood
Watch from £3.83

Girlhood 2014 15

In the tough suburbs of Paris, sixteen-year-old Marieme decides to reinvent herself when she joins a girl gang.

113 mins France Director. Céline Sciamma

View A Screaming Man
A Screaming Man
Watch from £2.13

A Screaming Man 2010 PG

Haroun's tale of tension between a father and son working at a hotel pool in war-torn Chad has the emotional power and stark inexorability of tragedy

92 mins France Director. Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

View Something New
Something New
Watch from £2.98

Something New 2006 PG

A high-flying black professional finally finds the man of her dreams, only for her family to disapprove because he’s a white guy.

100 mins USA Director. Sanaa Hamri

View Daddy's Little Girls
Daddy's Little Girls
Watch from £2.98

Daddy's Little Girls 2007 12

Idris Elba’s kickstarted his Hollywood film career as a mechanic trying to win back his kids’ custody, in this melodrama from black auteur Tyler Perry.

100 mins USA Director. Tyler Perry

View The Best Man
The Best Man
Watch from £2.98

The Best Man 1999 15

Malcolm D. Lee set the standard for middle-class black comedy with this smart, chic feature about a best man whose indiscreet novel scuppers the wedding plans.

115 mins USA Director. Malcolm D. Lee

View King Solomon's Mines
King Solomon's Mines
Watch from £2.13

King Solomon's Mines 1937 U

The first adaptation of H. Rider Haggard’s famous novel, featuring Paul Robeson as a usurped king accompanying Allan Quartermain on an African adventure.

77 mins United Kingdom Director. Geoffrey Barkas, Robert Stevenson

View Sanders of the River
Sanders of the River
Watch from £2.13

Sanders of the River 1935 U

Alexander Korda’s colonial epic was disowned by its star Paul Robeson, but became a pivotal film in his fight for screen representation.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Zoltan Korda

View Body and Soul
Body and Soul
Watch from £2.98

Body and Soul 1925 PG

Paul Robeson made an auspicious film debut in a twin-role, in this key work from pioneering black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux.

USA Director. Oscar Micheaux

View The Proud Valley
The Proud Valley
Watch from £2.98

The Proud Valley 1940 PG

Deeply moving mining drama that provided the legendary American singer/actor Paul Robeson with his best British film role.

77 mins United Kingdom Director. Penrose Tennyson

View Song of Freedom
Song of Freedom
Watch from £2.98

Song of Freedom 1936

A black London docker becomes a famous opera singer in this stirring musical drama starring Paul Robeson

80 mins United Kingdom Director. J. Elder Wills

View One Love
One Love

One Love 2003 12

The legendary Don Letts directs this reggae romance about a rasta musician whose affair with a gospel-singing preacher’s daughter causes a stir in Kingston.

100 mins United Kingdom Director. Don Letts, Rick Elgood

View Black Girl
Black Girl

Black Girl 1965 15

The first major work by African master Ousmane Sembène, about a Senegalese maid’s despair, brims with both New Wave vitality and African heart.

65 mins Senegal Director. Ousmane Sembène

View Bullet Boy
Bullet Boy

Bullet Boy 2004 15

Ashley Walters impresses in the hard-hitting Hackney drama that’s still one of the best of Britain’s black urban crime films.

90 mins United Kingdom Director. Saul Dibb

View Birthright

Birthright 1938 PG

Oscar Micheaux directs the story of a Harvard graduate whose attempts to establish a rural school runs into opposition from both races.

73 mins USA Director. Oscar Micheaux

View The Blood of Jesus
The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus 1941 PG

Spencer Williams feverish melodrama about a woman’s flirtation with Satan was independently produced out of Texas with an amateur cast and a budget of $5,000.

56 mins USA Director. Spencer Williams

View Within Our Gates
Within Our Gates

Within Our Gates 1920 12

Oscar Micheaux’s startling silent classic – the earliest surviving feature from an African-American director – presents a fascinating black counterpoint to Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

73 mins USA Director. Oscar Micheaux

View For Queen and Country
For Queen and Country

For Queen and Country 1989 15

Denzel Washington stars as a British paratrooper who returns to the London council estate of his youth, only to find his wartime service counts for nothing.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Martin Stellman

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