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A place to meet the world's top films and their creators, the London Film Festival represents global cinema at its deep, diverse best.

A place to meet the world's top films and their creators, the London Film Festival represents global cinema at its deep, diverse best. image

Discovery is central to the London Film Festival: finding talent, revealing rarities and chancing upon documentaries, shorts, classics or restorations. This Collection, taken from the last five years of premieres, shows the depth of excellence in cinema. It also features candid, exclusive interviews with writers, directors and others who discuss their contributions to the art of filmmaking.

Film festivals at their best, I think, are a window and also a mirror. A window through which we can see the world and a mirror in which we can see ourselves. Paul Greengrass


Most popular

The Kid with a Bike  image

Directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne

The Dardennes' powerful, award-winning drama tells of a troubled and volatile young teenager abandoned by his dad and 'adopted' by a hairdresser

We Need to Talk About Kevin image

Directed by Lynne Ramsay

Tilda Swinton gives a BAFTA-nominated performance as the mother of a teenager who commits a high school massacre. With Ezra Miller and John C. Reilly.

The White Ribbon image

Directed by Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke's Cannes prizewinner, set in a pre-WW1 German village, explores the oppressively strict social conditions that gave rise to Nazism

Journey to Italy image

Roberto Rossellini's acerbic but finally very moving masterpiece about marital crisis boasts great performances from Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders

Elena image

Directed by Andrey Zyvagintsev

Andrei Zvyagintsev (The Return) relates a taut, caustic tale of need and greed leading to desperate deeds; a bleak study of contemporary Russian mores

Two Years at Sea image

The unconventional life of Jake Williams who lives in isolation in the Cairngorms, Aberdeenshire.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives image

Apichatpong's Cannes prizewinner, about an ailing man revisiting his past, is a measured, lyrical evocation of mysterious beauty and quiet humanity

Tulpan image

Directed by Sergey Dvortsevoy

Sergei Dvortsevoy's feature debut is a deliciously droll tale of a Kazakh sailor out to win a wife and set himself up as a shepherd on the steppes.

Shell image

In a remote part of Scotland, teenager Shell develops an intense relationship with her reclusive father.

Dogtooth image

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

Yorgos Lanthimos' scary, witty tale of a dysfunctional Greek family is original, ingenious and sadly relevant as a study of parent-child relationships

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