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Ida image

Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski

The Best Film winner at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival is an exquisitely shot, moving drama about a Polish nun exploring her family past, from UK-based director Pawel Pawlikowski.

The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands image

Directed by Walter Summers

This dramatic reconstruction of two decisive naval battles from the First World War is one of the finest films of the British silent era.

Mr. Turner Red Carpet Highlights image

At its festival premiere, director Mike Leigh, Timothy Spall and producer Georgina Lowe discuss their life of the great Romantic painter J.M.W. Turner.

Duke of Burgundy (Q&A) image

“I kind of steal from everything.” Director Peter Strickland discusses his intoxicating drama The Duke of Burgundy.

Filmed in Supermarionation image

Directed by Stephen La Rivière

The definitive documentary chronicling how Gerry and Sylvia Anderson pioneered their trademark animation style, ‘Supermarionation’.

Ping Pong Summer image

Directed by Michael Tully

In Maryland, 1985, teenager Rad is forced to face down the bullies in a table tennis tournament, with only his best friend and the expertise of his mysterious Mr Miyagi-esque neighbour for guidance.

Nankin Road, Shanghai image

An extraordinary window on to the cosmopolitan heart of Shanghai - Nanjing Road - over a hundred years ago.

Visit to China image

This stunning colour film features the only known pre-war footage of Seoul as well as Beijing, the Great Wall, the Marco Polo Bridge and many other famous landmarks.

Blue is the Warmest Colour image

The epic, passionate and strikingly naturalistic Palme d'Or-winning romance.

Only Lovers Left Alive image

Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton star as ageless, blood-drinking lovers in Jim Jarmusch’s clever, funny and sexy vampire tale.


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