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View The Possibilities Are Endless
The Possibilities Are Endless
Watch from £3.83

The Possibilities Are Endless 2014 12A

A moving and haunting account of singer Edwyn Collins’s long and difficult recovery from a stroke.

83 mins United Kingdom Director. James Hall, Edward Lovelace

View Two Days, One Night
Two Days, One Night
Watch from £3.83

Two Days, One Night 2014 15

Academy Award-winner Marion Cotillard’s collaboration with Cannes Festival-favourites Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne is a stunning, tense drama about a woman’s race against time to save her job.

Director. Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne

View 20,000 Days on Earth
20,000 Days on Earth
Watch from £3.83

20,000 Days on Earth 2014 15

The myths and minutiae of musician Nick Cave are explored in the course of this fictional portrait, following 24 hours in the life of a cultural icon.

93 mins United Kingdom Director. Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard

View Piccadilly
Watch from £2.98

Piccadilly 1929 PG

The glitter of Jazz Age clubland meets the Far East (of London) in this stunningly restored silent classic, starring Anna May Wong.

92 mins United Kingdom Director. E.A. Dupont

View Woman Wheelers
Woman Wheelers
Watch for free 10 mins

Woman Wheelers 1929

Women cyclists go for gold! Singer Gracie Fields presents the grand prize at South London's premier women's cycling event.

10 mins United Kingdom

View Egypt and Her Defenders
Egypt and Her Defenders
Watch for free 10 mins

Egypt and Her Defenders 1914

Cairo street scenes, the pyramids, the majestic Nile and a visiting Lord Kitchener in a gorgeous tinted travelogue.

10 mins United Kingdom


View The Fugitive Futurist
The Fugitive Futurist
Watch for free 12 mins

The Fugitive Futurist 1924

An on-the-run inventor claims to have invented a camera which looks into the future, showing a grim destiny for London landmarks like Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.

12 mins United Kingdom Director. Gaston Quiribet

View Upstream Colour
Upstream Colour
Watch from £2.98

Upstream Colour 2013 12A

Shane Carruth’s startlingly original and beautifully conceived drama follows two lovers as they recover from infection by a mind-altering parasite.

96 mins USA Director. Shane Carruth

View The Tunnel
The Tunnel
Watch from £2.98

The Tunnel 1935 U

The construction of a transatlantic tunnel linking Britain and America hits trouble in an entertaining slice of speculative fiction.

94 mins United Kingdom Director. Maurice Elvey

View High Treason (silent version)
High Treason (silent version)
Watch from £2.13

High Treason (silent version) 1929

A terrorist plot plays out on a backdrop of towering skyscrapers, bullet-railways and silver lamé in this vintage vision of London's future.

85 mins United Kingdom Director. Maurice Elvey

View Pumzi
Watch from £0.85

Pumzi 2010

Kenya’s first science-fiction film takes a dazzling trip into a post-apocalyptic world in which water has almost run out.

21 mins Director. Wanuri Kahiu

View Fantastic Planet
Fantastic Planet
Watch from £2.98

Fantastic Planet 1973 PG

René Laloux and Roland Topor’s surreal, psychedelic sci-fi animation imagines a world in which humanoid creatures are kept as pets by a race of giants.

72 mins France Director. René Laloux

View E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
E.T.  The Extra-Terrestrial
Watch from £2.98

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 U

Devotion meets imagination in Spielberg's ultimate crowd-pleaser, part of our new Sci-Fi Collection.

115 mins USA Director. Steven Spielberg

View Under the Skin
Under the Skin
Watch from £3.83

Under the Skin 2013 15

An alien Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s astonishing, mind-bending mixture of existential sci-fi and inner-city realism.

United Kingdom

View The Day the Earth Caught Fire
The Day the Earth Caught Fire
Watch from £3.83

The Day the Earth Caught Fire 1961 PG

The BFI’s new HD remaster of the British sci-fi classic. A journalist discovers that the Earth has been knocked off its axis and is moving ever closer to the sun. Is the Earth doomed?

United Kingdom Director. Val Guest

View Videodrome
Watch from £2.98

Videodrome 1983 18

James Woods and Debbie Harry star in David Cronenberg’s mind-melting sci-fi about media domination.

87 mins Canada Director. David Cronenberg

View The Man Who Fell to Earth
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Watch from £2.13

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 18

Nicolas Roeg’s cult sci-fi stars David Bowie as an alien attempting to amass a fortune to save his home planet, but unable to escape his decadent earthly lifestyle.

133 mins United Kingdom

View Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451
Watch from £2.98

Fahrenheit 451 1966 12

In the near future books are banned and reading is outlawed, forcing rebels to commit literary classics to memory.

112 mins United Kingdom Director. François Truffaut

View Serenity
Watch from £2.98

Serenity 2005 15

Whedon needs no education: one of the great natural storytellers shifts Firefly to film…

119 mins USA Director. Joss Whedon


View Frances Ha
Frances Ha
Watch from £2.98

Frances Ha 2012 15

Greta Garwig shines as the scatty late-twentysomething trying to get her life and career in order, in Noah Baumbach’s acclaimed comedy.

86 mins USA Director. Noah Baumbach

View The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
Watch from £2.98

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone 2013 15

Avid Stone Roses fan Shane Meadows records the reunion of the pivotal 1990s rock band, in this heartfelt and inspiring documentary

97 mins United Kingdom

View The Double
The Double
Watch from £3.83

The Double 2013 15

Richard Ayoade’s stylish and sinister adaptation of Dostoevsky’s story stars Jesse Eisenberg in a dual-role as a timid office clerk confronted by his confident, scheming doppelganger.

United Kingdom

View Under the Skin
Under the Skin
Watch from £3.83

Under the Skin 2013 15

An alien Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Glasgow in Jonathan Glazer’s astonishing, mind-bending mixture of existential sci-fi and inner-city realism.

United Kingdom

View The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands
The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands
Watch from £8.50

The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands 1927 PG

This dramatic reconstruction of two decisive naval battles from the First World War is one of the finest films of the British silent era.

105 mins United Kingdom Director. Walter Summers

View Only Lovers Left Alive
Only Lovers Left Alive
Watch from £3.83

Only Lovers Left Alive 2013 15

Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton star as ageless, blood-drinking lovers in Jim Jarmusch’s clever, funny and sexy vampire tale.

123 mins United Kingdom Director. Jim Jarmusch

View Blue is the Warmest Colour
Blue is the Warmest Colour
Watch from £3.83

Blue is the Warmest Colour 2013 18

The epic, passionate and strikingly naturalistic Palme d'Or-winning romance.

179 mins France

View The Lunchbox
The Lunchbox
Watch from £3.83

The Lunchbox 2013 PG

Mismatched lunchboxes lead to an unlikely romance in this exquisite Indian drama, brimful of tantalising food and elegantly delivered wisdom.

104 mins

View Nymphomaniac Vol. I
Nymphomaniac Vol. I
Watch from £3.83

Nymphomaniac Vol. I 2013 18

Volume 1 of Lars von Trier’s explicit, controversial film about a woman recounting the history of her sexuality in episodic style.

117 mins Denmark

View The Stuart Hall Project
The Stuart Hall Project
Watch from £2.98

The Stuart Hall Project 2013 12A

Composed of film, music and photographs from the archives, a fascinating portrait of the life and times of the founder of cultural studies and the New Left Experience.

98 mins United Kingdom

View The Great Beauty
The Great Beauty
Watch from £2.98

The Great Beauty 2013 15

Paolo Sorrentino's dazzling, Oscar-winning portrayal of an ageing writer who becomes bored of his life of decadence.

141 mins Italy

View Frank
Watch from £3.83

Frank 2013 15

Michael Fassbender is the man inside the papier-mâché head, in this fictionalised reimagining of the story of northern entertainer Frank Sidebottom.

Ireland Director. Lenny Abrahamson


View Lizars, Edinburgh
Lizars, Edinburgh
Watch for free

Lizars, Edinburgh 1904

Can you identify this Edwardian comic, playing a gossiping Rajah?

United Kingdom

View Trick Cyclist Alf Tabb
Trick Cyclist Alf Tabb
Watch for free 6 mins

Trick Cyclist Alf Tabb 1972

Could you ride one of Alf Tabb's tiny home made bicycles? £5 says you can't.

6 mins United Kingdom

View Plenty of Time for Play
Plenty of Time for Play
Watch for free 15 mins

Plenty of Time for Play 1935

Step into the heady, high-tech future of... 1955 - a world of plastic clothes, video phones, and vacuum tube emails.

15 mins United Kingdom

View Balloon Accident at St Cloud
Balloon Accident at St Cloud
Watch for free 1 mins

Balloon Accident at St Cloud 1914

An aeronautical accident is caught on camera at a Parisian 'Aéro-Parc'.

1 mins United Kingdom

View Cocaine
Watch from £0.85

Cocaine 1922

A decadent, controversial tale of London's seedy underbelly, where an elegant Chinese club host enslaves the weak with white powder.

80 mins United Kingdom Director. Graham Cutts

View Arrest of Goudie
Arrest of Goudie
Watch for free 4 mins

Arrest of Goudie 1901

Crimewatch Mitchell and Kenyon style, in the first ever film to recreate a true crime.

4 mins United Kingdom


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